I want to express my outrage about the horrific killing of Muammar Gaddafi. First, I cherish freedom, so I have no love for dictators- of any stripe. But, I also know that it is illegal to abuse a prisoner of war.  The Geneva Conventions state that prisoners of war must be “treated humanely.”

If you click the following link, you will see excerpted frames from the mobile phone video showing Gaddafi being sodomized with a stick by one of our NATO-backed rebels:




I don’t claim to know what Gaddafi’s crimes were. But, I know a crime when I see one, and this was definitely a crime.  I would call it bestial except that there is no beast capable of such savagery- only humans.

The lack of outrage and condemnation of this atrocity by our government and media tells me that the decadence of our leadership has reached a new low.  I curse them. I curse them. I curse them.