I have had a keen interest in the JFK assassination for a long time, and from responses I have received from other articles I have written about it,  I know that many of you share my interest. And one reader who responded to a previous article of mine pointed out something in the famous Altgens photo of the assassination that is truly mind-boggling. There is now visible proof that Lee Harvey Oswald was completely innocent of killing President Kennedy. 


Instead of posting it here, I am just going to give you the link to the site on which it was published: www.lewrockwell.com. Lew Rockwell is a former Congressional aid  and campaign manager of Congressman Ron Paul, and Lew is presently the head of the Ludwig Von Mises Institute at Auburn University in Alabama.  His website is the most widely read libertarian website in the world, and it has also been listed as one of the most heavily-trafficked alternative news sites in the world.  Here is the link to my article on Lew's site:



There is also a video version which you can watch on youtube. I'll give you the link. You will be doing me a favor if you watch it. 




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