I, like everyone else, was shocked by the suicide death of actor and comedien Robin Williams, and I have to wonder why he did it. It obviously wasn't because of financial hardship or ruin- which is a leading cause of suicide worldwide. It wasn't because of any particular tragedy in his personal life that we know of.

Was it because of lost love? He was married, although I don't know what his relationship with his wife was like. But, even if he was having martial problems, millions go through it without committing suicide. Besides, he had three children, and I don't presume he was on the outs with them. He also had many close friends, and he had countless fans and admirers all over the world. So, it can't be that. His life definitely wasn't devoid of love.

Intractable health problems are a leading cause of suicide. I know he underwent coronary bypass surgery, so he had heart disease. But, in a recent interview, he said he was riding his bike a lot. and he was looking good. And, he was working at a feverish pace, so he obviously wasn't physically incapacitated.

His wife said he was diagnosed with an early stage of Parkinson's disease. I sure hope he didn't kill himself over that. My mother was diagnosed with Parkinson's disease 8 years ago, and it has barely worsened at all. And now she is 93.

Robin Williams abused alcohol and drugs for much of his life, although reportedly, it was under control of late.

However, it was also reported that Robin Williams suffered with clinical depression, and that is obviously a leading cause of suicide. But, another leading cause of suicide are the drugs that given to treat depression and other mental illnesses.

I imagine there were a lot of drugs going into Robin Williams. They must have had him on heart drugs for his heart disease, including a statin drug. Statins have been associated with clinical depression, both as a direct effect of the drugs and as an indirect effect of lowering cholesterol. Did they have him on high blood pressure drugs? Both beta blockers and calcium channel blockers have been linked to depression, and sometimes they prescribe both to heart patients. Between those drugs and the psych drugs and whatever other drugs he may have been taking on his own initiative which may have included alcohol which is a known depressant, it was very likely that the combined effect of all the drugs is what pushed him over the edge to suicide. That is my best guess at this time.

It is ironic that a commedien should be so depressed, but then again, they have been writing songs and operas about clowns who are in tears for a very long time.

Robin Willliams seemed to be a very nice guy, a really warm person. I think he was loved for that reason- as much as for his talent. Of course, I didn't know him, but if I had to say what probably drove him to suicide, my answer would be: the drugs.