You should definitely watch this: an ER doctor being interviewed on the street, talking about what he has seen from vaccinations, and why he doesn't get any, including the flu shot. He talks about the ridiculousness of all the tetanus shots that are given for all kinds of things for which there hasn't been an outbreak of tetanus in over 100 years. Yet, they are still giving the shots.

I am reminded of the old joke about the guy who was on a London train, crumpling up pieces of paper and throwing them out the window. The bloke next to him asked "What are you doing that for?" and he said, "to keep the elephants away." "But, there are no elephants" responded the other bloke. Said the first guy, "I know. Works like a charm, doesn't it?"

And after you’ve watched the video, do a Youtube search for VaXxed, and you’ll find plenty more, including doctors, nurses, and other medical professionals who don’t vaccinate themselves or their kids, including the famous Dr. Oz, who doesn't get the flu shot. 

Right now, in the winter of 2018, there is reportedly a terrible flu epidemic going on. They are reporting a lot of deaths, including the deaths of many children and young adults. But, when somebody seeks medical attention for the flu, don’t you think they must ask them if they received a flu shot? It would be crazy if they didn’t, right? So, why aren’t they telling us what percentage of those stricken got the flu shot? I am thinking that many of them did because if few did, or if none did, they would surely be telling us that.

And, they keep urging people to get the flu shot, that it’s not too late, even though they admit that they predicted and selected the wrong strains, that the predominant virus that is behind the current outbreak was NOT included in the current vaccine.

But, I wouldn’t get the flu vaccine or recommend it even if it supposedly had the right strain. The effectiveness of the flu shot has NEVER been tested- in all these years. They have NEVER done a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of the flu vaccine- or any other vaccine. They say it would be unethical to do it. That’s because some people would be denied the vaccine. But, plenty of people aren’t going to get the vaccine anyway- by choice. So, why not compare their incidence of infection and health outcomes to vaccine takers? That, they say, would be like comparing apples to oranges.

Vaccination is a cult. It is a pseudo-scientific cult. Really, it is a religion; a part of the religion of Modern Medicine.

I do NOT get vaccinated- for anything- and I would sooner leave the country, permanently, rather than submit to vaccination. And if it comes to it, I will. I’m not kidding. And if I were traveling, and the country I was going to required vaccinations, I just wouldn’t go to that country. Hey, there is no place I have to visit. Most places I’m not going to visit before I die anyway, so what does it matter?

Vaccination is an archaic superstition that has been turned into a racket, and I shall fight it to my last breath.