I apologize for my preoccupation with this, but with everything going on, it’s hard to look elsewhere. Today, the Koreans announced that those who get the Corona virus and recover from it do NOT become immune, that they can get re-infected again, and quite soon.  However, even the Chinese, going back to January, said that people can go through it, recover from it, test negative, and then, inexplicably, test positive all over again.  

Then, a New York study tested every pregnant woman in two hospitals who were there to give birth and found that 29 out of 200 tested positive, though only 3 had any clinical symptoms of illness from it or known exposure and were quite shocked.

Now get this: 60% of the passengers on the Greg Mortimer, an Antarctica cruise ship docked at Montevideo, Uruguay, tested positive for the Corona virus, and not one of them was symptomatic. Every single one was asymptomatic. That was on April 7.  That’s 128 out of 217 passengers. 

Are you seeing a pattern? I suspect that you could take any group of people, either in the same space, or dispersed widely but with something in common, such as red hair, or men with mustaches, or people with a last name beginning with “C” and I strongly suspect you’ll find similar results.

That the whole world is ignoring the limitations of and the inherent unreliability of this PCR test is the most Twilight Zone-like-real-life experience I have ever had, and I’ve been around for 70 years.

But, aren’t there really sick people, and haven’t some of them died? Yes, of course. I don’t doubt that. But, many of those who died died WITH Corona not FROM Corona. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Corona Fuhrer, said that if someone dies of a heart attack after testing positive for Corona, he certainly doesn’t think the cause of death should be listed as heart attack. But, why not? It takes years, even decades, to build up enough arterial plaque to have a heart attack. It doesn’t happen in a fortnight. I think the cause of death should be listed as heart attack.

But, what about the people who have died, specifically, of respiratory arrest, after developing acute respiratory symptoms and testing positive for Corona? All right, those deaths you can attribute to Corona, but how many are we talking about? What percent of the total?

And even that number is far from clean because they are admitting now that 82% of the people put on ventilators have perished. What I mean is that they are admitting that the ventilating contributed to their deaths. But, what choice was there, because if a person is suffocating, if their blood oxygen has fallen dangerously low, what else can you do? I’m not an ER doctor, and I suppose that my opinion about it isn’t worth any more than the janitor’s. But, please look at it in a horse sense kind of way: If you know that doing something has brought death to 82% of those who had it done to them, it should give you pause. Right? It should mean that you’re only going to do it if you are 100% certain that the person is about to die, such that an 82% chance of dying actually looks pretty good in comparison.  

However, we have heard of cases in which they have actually convinced conscious, responsive patients to consent to being vented. Hold on. Time out. With the fatality numbers we’re looking at, anyone who is conscious and responsive is getting enough oxygen to their brain to be conscious and responsive. Right? So, why not just give them oxygen by nasal canula?

Then, they are telling us that what’s killing people is “cytokine storm” where the body secretes too many inflammatory chemicals that bring on a destructive kind of inflammation that can cause organs to fail, be it the heart, liver, kidneys, or any other. 

However, it is mostly the elderly who are dying. Both in Italy and the UK, the average age of death from Corona is 79.5. But, it is well known that the elderly are less able to generate acute symptoms, including fever and inflammation. This is from an article from the Scripps Institute in San Diego, and it was written before the Corona crisis. It concerns the cause of death in prior epidemics and pandemics, including the Spanish Flu of 1918.

“This little-understood phenomenon (cytokine storm) is thought to occur in at least several types of infections and autoimmune conditions, but it appears to be particularly relevant in outbreaks of new flu variants. Cytokine storm is now seen as a likely major cause of mortality in the 1918-20 “Spanish flu”—which killed more than 50 million people worldwide—and the H1N1 “swine flu” and H5N1 “bird flu” of recent years. In these epidemics, the patients most likely to die were relatively young adults with apparently strong immune reactions to the infection—whereas ordinary seasonal flu epidemics disproportionately affect the very young and the elderly.

That was written in 2014, but now they’re saying that the elderly, who do not, as a rule, have strong immune reactions, are dying of “cytokine storm” from Covid-19.

Hmmm. I wonder to what extent they are actually testing for “cytokine storm” in individual patients.  Reportedly, you can test the level of specific cytokines in the blood, such as Inteleukin-6. There is also C-reactive protein, which is not really a cytokine, but it is often used as a proxy for the amount of inflammation in the body, and that’s been the case for decades. Then, they are saying that a steep rise in serum ferritin (which is the main iron transport protein in the blood) is another proxy for cytokine storm.

It’s all very strange though because this virus, apparently, affects many people with no symptoms at all. Senator Rand Paul lifted weights and went swimming on the day he was tested, and though his test came back positive, he never developed symptoms. And it’s true of many.

What exactly is going on and why there is such a mysterious divergence in symptoms and outcomes, which ranges from no symptoms at all to death?  I don’t have a handle on it.  But, what bothers me is that I am reading the same glib talking points, over and over, and it isn’t providing the kind of illumination I am looking for. I'll keep looking.