Dr. Steven Grundy is either very rich, or he has a company backing him with pervasive internet advertising.  His schtick is that lectins are bad. Lectins are proteins in plant foods that can potentially have harmful effects, but it’s more theoretical than real. The food highest in lectins are beans, but thorough cooking thoroughly deactivates the lectins. I’m a big fan of beans, and I eat them almost every day. And I’ll confess that it’s almost always out of a can. But, one advantage of that is that you know they have been cooked properly, and you don’t have to worry about the lectins.

Much smaller amounts of lectins occur in almost all plant foods. Dr. Gundry likes to give lectures holding up a tomato and asking if you think it’s good for you. Of course, the answer is that it isn’t. And that’s what got me thinking about Dr. Gundry because my garden tomatoes are pouring in right now, and I am eating them voluminously every day. The quality is so good. And I am not the least bit worried about the lectins.

Here’s a man who ate nothing but canned beans for 40 days. And he was very active physically during that time, so he ate a lot of beans. And on the 40th day, he competed in an ultra-marathon race. The race was so long, the runners had to eat solid food during the race to keep going. And he ate beans. Just beans. 

And he looked good too. He slimmed down, as I expected he would (regardless of how many cans of beans he ate). But, he appeared to just lose body fat. His muscles stayed firm.



It's amazing all he could do. What harm did he suffer from the lectins? None.

And if you check the medical databases, you’ll find scant evident of harm from lectins. The most notorious case involves the eating of raw or undercooked red kidney beans. You shouldn’t do that. But, I do eat red kidney beans. Whenever I go to the salad bar, I always take a scoop. The USDA says that they are the highest antioxidant food on the planet. They’re not going to hurt you if they’re cooked properly. And eating them can only drive down your risk of heart disease, cancer, and diabetes. And that’s what you have to worry about, not Dr. Grundy’s leaky gut obsession.

The bottom line is that Dr. Grundy is so deluded, you should pay him no mind. None at all. Run away from him. Just click him off whenever he pops up on the internet. And eat your plant foods, including beans. There are things to worry about in this world, but lectins aren't one of them.