Dr. Andy Kaufman is a board certified psychiatrist, and I know that doesn’t sound like a specialty that would lend expertise about a viral illness, but he also has a degree in Molecular Biology from MIT, and he has done clinical research in other fields of Medicine, including hematology and oncology. So, he is broadly educated and widely experienced. 

And, as I listen to him, he certainly comes across as being very knowledgeable, and intelligent. Yet, what he says is certainly extreme. He challenges medical orthodoxy to the nth degree about Covid.

But, please give him a listen because I think it’s valuable to do so, whether or not you agree with him. That’s because, like it or not, he makes some very important points and asks some very important questions. For instance, the fact is that, to this day, the Corona virus has never been isolated, even though they speak as though it has been. For two, all claims about the death rate from Covid-19 are worthless because, as he puts it, “you don’t know the bottom number.” Since a great many people, reportedly, contract the Corona virus without getting the slightest bit sick from it, it means that anyone could potentially have it.  And that means that you would have to test every person on Earth before you could know how many infected people there are. And that obviously has not been done or anything close to it. However, it’s worse than that because that assumes that you have a valid test, but you don’t. The inadequacies and faulty assumptions underlying the RT-PCR Covid-19 test have been detailed by David Crowe, Jon Rappaport, and others, including Dr. Kaufman, but he stresses that the problem in methodology long precedes this. The whole medical field of Virology has been plagued, from the start, with the kind of dogmatism that would make religions blush. 

Dr. Karufman goes into vaccines and the refusal in Medicine to do double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of them, presumably because it would be “unethical” to do so, to deny anyone a vaccine. But, that is ridiculous. For instance, what about vaccines for adults, such as the Shingles vaccine? Obviously, a lot of adults don’t get that vaccine and aren’t going to get it. So, why couldn’t they do a double-blind, placebo-controlled study of it?  And even with children’s diseases- and that’s the kicker because how could you deny any child the protection of vaccines- they could still do studies because there are parents who willfully do not vaccinate their children. So, those children aren’t going to be vaccinated anyway. So, why not compare those children to vaccinated children, and I mean scientifically?  Granted, it would not be a blind study, but that doesn’t mean that it would have no value. You could test for the incidence of the disease that is supposedly being prevented, but just as important, you could test for incidence of other diseases and general health outcomes. There has been some attempt outside Mainstream Medicine to do this. For instance, there is this study, which shows a lower incidence of common maladies and chronic problems in unvaccinated children compared to vaccinated. 


But, getting back to Dr. Kaufman, he is a psychiatrist, and he looks at the mental  fixations of medical experts who are glued to a paradigm that is a colossal “group-think” of the worst kind, where the dogma starts, and everything that happens afterwards is interpreted according to the dogma- and if they have to pound square pegs into round holes, so be it. For instance, there is the question as to why an infective agent causes little or no illness in the vast majority of people (where, apparently, the number who don’t manifest any illness at all outnumber the ones that get a little bit sick because, as I type this on June 18, they are telling us that the virus is still spreading rapidly, and especially in states that have reopened "too soon," such as my state Texas, but how are these new cases coming about? How are people contracting it? Surely, the vast, overwhelming majority are unaware of having been around anyone with Covid or anyone with respiratory symptoms, which means that, presumably, that they got it from someone without symptoms.  

In other words, with all the quarantining, social distancing, sanitizing, etc., it not only means that the “sickless sick” (to coin a phrase) are the motor of spread of this disease, but that the face masks, etc. are not effective.

And remember that all this supposedly started at “A” seafood market in Wuhon, China, and then spread, from there, person to person, to everywhere on Earth. The implausibility of that is staggering. 

But, to me, the scariest thing is not Covid-19 but the medical response to it. Dr. Kaufman goes into the ventilating, and clearly they have killed a lot of people with those machines. And, Dr. Kaufman explains that they often they have to persuade conscious people to submit to that treatment- to allow doctors to anesthetize them, then administer drugs to them to paralyze them, so that a machine can forcibly ram oxygen in and out of their lungs. And the really perverse thing is that often these people have not been in that much distress. They have not been that dyspneic. They are being asked to volunteer to go on a respirator, you might say, electively. 

Well, I will tell you flat-out that anyone who is able to sit and think and listen and talk (and remember that talking is a modified form of expiration) doesn’t need to be on a ventilator. The risks of ventilating are extremely high. The vast majority of Covid patients put on a ventilator have died: over 90%.

Dr. Kaufman goes into this and more. Again, he strikes me as a very intelligent man and a very courageous one. He explains that there is nothing solid about any of the claims made about Covid-19, and the idea that the whole world needed to shut down over it, is just plain insane.

So please listen to Dr. Kaufman and share this video: