Why would the body want high blood pressure? Because it may need it in order to circulate the blood.


You know that blood moves from large wide vessels to small, narrow vessels. Think of it like a 4 lane highway being reduced to 2. What happens then? Traffic crawls. Right? But, the situation is made even worse if the person has plaquing in his or her arteries. Then, it takes even more pressure to get the blood through it.


And there’s a special situation involving the kidneys. There, specialized capillary networks known as glomeruli are designed to be porous so that the liquid portion of the blood (meaning not the cells and not the proteins) can pass through the pores forming the initial urinary filtrate. But again, if you have a lot of plaquing, then it may take more arterial pressure to get the process going. And that is why the kidneys have so much control over blood pressure. Some of the popular pharmaceutical treatments involve neutralizing hormones that are secreted by the kidneys, such as angiotensin. But, it’s the body that is secreting those hormones, and it’s not doing it by mistake. It think it needs the higher pressure. And it isn’t wrong.

Most of the pharmaceutical treatments for high blood pressure involve thwarting something that the body is trying to do. So, you really are going to war with your body when you take those drugs. 

And  it’s all so very arbitrary and capricious. You could go to a big medical building with a slew of doctors. The only thing they are going to agree on is that you need drugs to treat your hypertension. But, which drugs? And which combination of drugs? It’s all a can of worms.

Blood pressure rising should be taken as a sign that your arteries aren’t in good shape. In other words: they are diseased. And they’re still going to be diseased even if you do take drugs. They may become more diseased from your taking drugs.

Unless it is a medical emergency, where your blood pressure is so high that you are on the verge of having an imminent catastrophic blowout, I think it’s best to skip the medical approach. Don’t take any drugs. Instead, start doing things- in your life- to make the condition of your arteries better. In other words, start trying to reverse the damage.

And if you succeed and your arterial blood flow improves, then your body will turn off the mechanisms that are causing the higher pressure. In other words, your blood pressure will become lower naturally and spontaneously- without any forcing measures. And you will be so much better off.

So, I think it raises a serious question: Are the millions of people who are taking blood pressure drugs on a routine basis, are they being helped or hurt? Are they actually better off for doing what they are doing?

I doubt it.