A federal judge in Pennsylvania has ruled that the governor’s lockdown measures are unconstitutional, that certain lines can’t be crossed, that people have the right to assemble, to move freely, and earn a living. In Ohio, a lawsuit against the governor is underway that is citing not only Constitutional arguments but medical, scientific ones, demonstrating that the Covid PCR test, on which the claims about case loads, deaths, and epidemiology are based, is flaky. It is arbitrary. It is fraught with windows for error. And, if you run enough cycles, ANYBODY will test positive for Covid.

Then I learned something that is really disturbing. Do you recall that a few months ago, we were hearing voluminous tales about Covid-induced extreme hypoxemia, also called Happy Hypoxia? That’s because the patient wasn’t in distress. Remember how we were told that shortness of breath is a cardinal sign of Covid? It turns out that that’s not true. Many patients have no shortness of breath at all. Quite a few have no respiratory symptoms at all. But, doctors were reporting frighteningly low oxygen levels, like in the 70s. Normal is 98 or 99. And yet, these people were moving around freely, talking normally, and showing no signs of distress. Yet, a doctor talked them into undergoing anesthesia; then being drugged to paralyze their muscles; and then having a ventilator installed to breathe for them. THAT’S IN A PERSON WHO WAS NOT IN DISTRESS. So, what was going on? It turns out that those pulse oximeters aren’t very accurate, that at low readings, they can go haywire and give bogus readings. They are admitting that now.

Fact: They killed untold thousands of people with those ventilators. It wasn’t Covid that killed those patients; it was Medicine.

The federal government announced that they would pay for Covid patients, even if they had no insurance. They set $13,000 as the payout for hospital treatment, but if you included ventilating the patient, you got $39,000. And this was at a time when hospitals were losing millions from the loss of elective procedures. Hence, the pressure to err on the side of ventilating.  In a doubtful state, ventilate.

We now know that the death rate from Covid is a tiny fraction of 1%, and that’s even when you include all the people who died not from Covid, but with Covid.  And remember that what Covid is, at its essence, is a positive Covid test and nothing more. It is also admitted now that 40 to 45 percent of Covid sufferers suffer no symptoms at all.  On what basis then can you declare that those people are sick? It’s just a test, for Goodness sake. A man-made test. Moses didn’t bring it down from Mt. Sinai.

And now for the big lie. The media has been saying that asymptomatic positives have lungs that look as bad as those with symptoms. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE! They would have symptoms if their lungs were that bad. It’s not as though there is no association between symptoms and pathological tissue changes. The two go together.

Rising case numbers are due to increased testing. The vast majority of positive testers have either no symptoms or extremely mild symptoms. I heard a guy on television say that he had a mild sore throat for a couple days, but he still had to quarantine for 14 days. A relative of mine who is away at college had a fever for about 24 hours, and that’s it. But, her Covid test was positive, so she had to quarantine for 14 days too, which in her case meant being confined to her dorm room. When you consider everything, including the fact that the test they are relying on to declare these cases Covid is flaky as hell; the inventor of it even said it cannot be used for this purpose; and very simple steps can easily demonstrate how unreliable it is.  For instance, all you have to do is repeat it. If you get a positive Covid test, just have it repeated at another lab. It will probably come back negative.

What is going on is insane. Now, they are once again pushing the flu vaccine, even though its track record absolutely stinks. It will protect you--unless it doesn’t. They refuse to do double-blind/placebo controlled-testing of the flu vaccine- even though they very easily could. And there really is no excuse that they don’t.

They have already had to halt one of the Covid vaccine trials because of adverse effects. And be aware that it often takes longer than the test period for the deleterious effects of drugs to manifest. If you think about all the drugs that have been taken off the market because of adverse effects, including lethal ones, they all went through and passed drug trials in order to get on the market. The truth is that the public at large- the ones who start taking new drugs- are the real guinea pigs.

I am much more fearful of Medicine than I am of Covid.  And I’m 70 years old.