You know about the Covid outbreak in the White House, with the number of cases currently at 34 people. It’s quite incredible, if you think about it because it’s been widely reported that they have strict protocols there, with masks available to anyone who needs it, and sanitizer stations all around. A big deal has been made about Trump not wearing a mask during the announcement of his Supreme Court nominee, but let’s keep it in perspective. Right now, for instance, my movie His Stretch of Texas Ground is being shot in Texas, the sequel to my first movie, My Stretch of Texas Ground, and strict Covid protocols are being followed on the set. It’s masks, social distancing, temperature taking, hand sanitizing, etc. But, when it’s time for the actors to act, the masks come off, and they do whatever they have to do, whether hugging, kissing, fighting, or whatever. Then, once the scene wraps, the masks go back on.

But, getting back to the White House, remember that Trump, he’s not like you or me. He lives in cloistered environment. He doesn’t have to go to the supermarket to buy food, and he doesn’t have to go to Walmart to buy household supplies. So, his exposure to social closeness to the public is zero. I presume the idea is that his luck ran out at that Rose Garden gathering because there was a lady there who tested positive. But, when you think about the mathematical odds; the fact that he lives in a highly protected and controlled environment compared to the rest of us,  HOW ARE ANY OF US AVOIDING GETTING COVID IF HE GOT IT?

So, am I suggesting that he never really had it? I think it’s possible. He only had mild symptoms. He was only hospitalized for 3 days, even though he is in a high-risk group. I just don’t know what really happened to him. I don’t think there is anything they report that can be taken without suspicion.

But, we need to think about the future. Currently, there are great expectations that a vaccine will be available by the Spring, although some are pushing it to late Spring, like June. Then, presumably, everybody takes the vaccine; the vaccine works; and life goes back to normal. I hope you don’t believe that because I sure don’t.

What reason is there to think that a Covid vaccine will be any more effective than the flu vaccine? And the flu vaccine is not very effective, which even the CDC admits.

They claim that last year, the flu vaccine was 37% effective against Influenza-A. That would mean that for every 3 unvaccinated persons who got the flu, 2 vaccinated ones also got it.  By their own admission, the flu vaccine works except when it doesn’t.  They could very easily do double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of the flu vaccine, but they refuse. What reason is there to think that the Covid vaccine is going to be any more effective than the flu vaccine?

And think about how the flu is still with us despite the vaccine. The last flu season was one of the worst on record. And that’s true even though compliance rate was high. About 60% of adults took the shot. That was a very good year. Often, it’s only 40%.

And there is already talk about the Covid virus mutating. So, does that mean that the Covid vaccine, like the flu vaccine, is going to have to be a yearly ritual?

And let us not rule out the possibility of disaster from the Covid vaccine, as was true of the swine flu vaccine in 1976. Safety cannot be established in short trials, not for drugs and not for vaccines.  Think about all the medical drugs that have been taken off the market because of disastrous side effects. All of them passed short-term safety trials. If they find out the hard way that the vaccine is harmful, then what? They’ll probably try another one. Meanwhile, as long as they keep relying on the PCR test, there are always going to be people who test positive for Covid. Inanimate objects have tested positive for Covid.

So, when is life going to return to normal? It’s not. That’s my prediction. I really think this could go on for years and probably will. So, better get used to the Covid world in which we live because it’s not going away any time soon, and in all likelihood, life is never going to get back to normal. We have crossed the Rubicon with this, and there is no going back.