They say Trump has been campaigning 16 hours a day. Didn't he have Covid recently? Wasn't he in and out of the hospital in 3 days? And just think: he's in a high-risk group for serious Covid for being old (70s) and borderline obese. And yet, he sailed right through it. But, we're supposed to believe that a healthy, robust 18 year old athlete got hit with it, and it went straight to his heart and caused cardiac arrest, killing him.

What sense does that make? It makes no sense.. There isn't even a theoretical explanation for it, and they're pretty good at coming up with theoretical explanations. They love spewin' 'em.

And it looks like Trump isn't going to be a "long-hauler." Again, how are all these young people turning into long-haulers but not Trump? Well, I have been reading about the long-haulers, and I am seeing a similarity to other conditions, what I call basket conditions. I mean things like "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" and "fibromyalgia."

Another example is Chronic Lyme Disease. I've encountered quite a few people who have been told they have that even though they've never been within 50 miles of a deer tick in their lives.

So, it looks like "long-haul Covid" is going to be the new basket disease of the 2020s.

Medicine loves labels, and they love coming up with new disorders. But, Covid is going to be like the Amazon River, collecting tributaries from most of South America, collecting so much water, that it pushes its plume 250 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, Covid will be the Amazon of diseases.