Perhaps you realize that, even before Covid, my attitude towards conventional Medicine stunk out loud. But since Covid, it has only gone from bad to worse.

But, let’s start with pre-Covid. I pretty much hated Medicine even before Covid.  Large swaths of it I considered to be dangerous; a menace to health. For instance, take cardiologists: what good are they? They throw deleterious drugs at people- and all the drugs they use are dangerous and harmful. And their entire approach to heart problems is just gimmicks. A person has swollen legs from heart failure, so they put them on a diuretic to try to dry up their legs. But, it's just a gimmick, and it NEVER works very well. Sure, it may reduce the fluid a little, but not much. It certainly doesn’t cure the problem. And remember: the legs don’t swell from the lack of a diuretic. It’s just a way of imposing pharmaceutical tinkering on a person that has no hope of restoring normality and is sure to cause havoc and complications. You're just digging yourself in deeper when you do that sh_t. 

Cholesterol high? Then put them on a drug that disrupts cholesterol production by the liver and causes other nasty harms. And all you get for that worthless havoc is a prettier cholesterol number. All you have to show for it afterwards is a more attractive blood test. Are you healthier? Not in the least, and you are probably sicker.

Drugs to lower blood pressure? They all work by disrupting or impairing some normal mechanism. Having high blood pressure isn’t normal, but taking their drugs is only going to put you further away from normal. Perhaps in a hypertensive emergency, where all the signs point to an imminent stroke, you have no choice. But, I am referring to your garden variety hypertension, where on an annual visit, your doctor says, “140/90. I know you’re not feeling anything, but your blood pressure is starting to creep up. So, let’s get you started on medication, and don’t worry about it, because you’re just at that point in life. It happens to everybody, or nearly everybody. No big deal.” If your doctor tells you something like that, you need to instantly get up, get your stuff, and get the hell out of there. And never go back to him again.

Gastroenterologists? Oh God, are they worthless. With their proton pump inhibitors which, like the blood pressure drugs, are a life sentence. Even the desired and intended effect of destroying stomach acid is a bad thing, never mind all the other harmful effects. With their miserable and dangerous drugs for chronic constipation and irritable bowel. With their dangerous regimens for inflammatory bowel disease and Crohn’s. I had a beloved cousin who had Crohn’s disease since he was a teenager, and he was under medical care his whole adult life, until he finally died of intestinal cancer.

I had a guest at my health retreat who had high blood pressure for many years and was treated by one of the top cardiologists in Atlanta- and then he went on to develop heart failure. But don't worry: the cardiologist had drugs for that too. But, did he ever consider the possibility that his treatment of the high blood pressure is what led to the heart failure? Of course not. 

Then, there are the orthopedists. I have a guy at my health retreat right now, in his 50s, an athlete, and I mean he has been athletic his whole life; a big burly guy. He’s into field sports: shot put, discus, and javelin throwing. Well, he developed a shoulder problem, and he went to see a leading orthopedist in Dallas who took one look at his x-ray and told him that he needed a total shoulder replacement. Fortunately, the guy was smart enough to get out of there. That was years go, and as he showed me, he’s still got some restriction in his shoulder. He can’t raise his arm much overhead. But, he can live with it. He's getting by. It certainly doesn’t warrant having a total shoulder replacement. Do you realize how radical and drastic that is?

And then there is the whole vaccination racket, which brings us back to Covid. Now, let me tell you something, and I hope you will take this to heart. Do you know what your doctor knows about vaccinations, even If he administers them all day long? What he knows are a few more talking points than you know. That’s it. It’s just as much a matter of faith for him as it is for you. He believes in it because it’s a dogma that he’s been taught his whole life. It’s supposed to be science, but really, it’s more like religion.

And now to Covid: What I have seen over these past 10 months is the capitulation of medical doctors and whole medical community to the CDC and it’s “pandemic.” It’s a pandemic based on a bogus test, in which they admit that if you cycle it enough times, that ANYONE can test positive for Covid. And be aware that people have been added to the Covid roles just for being suspected, without even getting a positive test. Doctors have taken people with established heart disease who died of heart-related problems, who, because they tested positive for Covid before they died, were said to die of Covid. They recently took an 18 year old boy who died of sudden cardiac arrest, who repeatedly tested negative for Covid, but when they finally got a positive test, they decided that it was accurate, and therefore, he died of Covid too. He never even had respiratory symptoms. 

Medicine is a menace. They are a menace for what they think and for what they do. And I realize that they do some good things. They do some fabulous things. I mentioned months ago that I underwent inguinal hernia repair in January, and it went extremely well. I am completely satisfied. I am as good as new down there. And the surgery was a piece of cake. However, I did it my way. I didn’t go to a conventional surgeon who would have put a plastic mesh in me. I flew to Florida and had a doctor trained in the Desarda technique, out of India, where they divide the external oblique aponeurosis to create a new pelvic floor with it. And it worked like a charm. I healed very quickly. I was practically back to normal in two weeks. I feel solid and secure down there, and my post-surgical pain was minimal. If I moved a certain way, it might stab a little, but I experimented and found a comfortable position, and if I maintained it, I was fine. I easily got through it without drugs. But, even this surgeon, as good as he was, got carried away with the drugs. He prescribed painkillers, antibiotics, and anti-inflammatories, and I didn’t take any of them. And I healed very fast and very thoroughly.

Then recently, 10 days ago to be exact, I had an accident on my bicycle. I rode into a protruding metal spike on a parked trailer. I’m not saying that it wasn’t my fault because I should have been paying attention. But, the first thing I knew, it was gouging the hell out my leg, and I mean deeply; I mean past the skin down to the fascia. The tissue spurted out of me. I almost fell off the bike, but fortunately I didn’t. So, I got off and inspected it, and I realized it was bad. I didn’t see anyone around. I was tempted to knock on a door and ask to be driven home- or to the hospital. But, I didn’t. I just took my shirt off and tied it around the wound, like a tourniquet. Well, not as tight as a tourniquet because I didn't rupture an artery, but tight enough to curtail the bleeding. And then I started slowly riding home. I had about 2 miles to go. But, someone had seen me from a window, and he jumped in his truck and came after me, which was very nice of him.  He put my bike in the back of his truck and drove me home.

So, I got in the tub and ran the water on it, trying to flush it out. I did, and I could see that it was really deep. So, I bandaged it with gauze and cling-wrap, and then I headed to the nearest Medi-Clinic. It took 18 stitches to sew me up: 3 internal and 15 external. And believe me, I am grateful because it really looked bad. They wanted me to take a tetanus shot, but I declined. They wanted me to take antibiotics, but I declined. And they wanted me to take painkillers, but I declined. And the healing went very well. I got the stitches out today, and it looks knit. I'm going to have a scar there, but who cares because I am whole and intact again. And I am riding my bike again too but with a lot more attention to what's ahead. My point is that they helped me, but I skipped the parts that I didn’t need.

But honestly, I am, for the most part, scared sh_tless of MDs, and the less I have to do with them the better. I would never think of going in for an annual physical. Forget it. I’m 70 years old, and as long as I’m feeling good, I am leaving well enough alone. 

But don’t get me wrong, I wouldn’t take it to the point of foolishness. If I had a skin cancer that could be easily excised, I would let them do it, especially today because they have such excellent techniques, such as the Mohs method. If I had cataracts, I would certainly consider getting a lens implant. But, it would have to be good and ripe. I wouldn’t rush into it. And that's something I probably will need if I live long enough. If I had a full-blown bacterial pneumonia, I suppose I would take an antibiotic, but I have never had pneumonia in my life, not even a mild case.

I am never going to get any joint replacement surgeries. That I’ve decided. I’ll hobble around if I have to, but I just won't do it. A coronary bypass? No way ever, although honestly, it’s not in the cards for me. Ralph Cinque? Come on; don't be ridiculous. The heart surgeon should only wish his arteries were as good as mine. Chemotherapy for cancer? No. I am not doing that either. I've seen too many people who have. 

So, there is a heck of a lot in Medicine that I wouldn't do even if it were free to me. But, what Covid has taught me is the extent to which Medicine is a religion, and it’s a greater extent than I previously thought. There is a dangerous homogeneity in Medicine, where most doctors think and act the same and follow the book. And that’s what bothers me the most, that most doctors are automations; they are not capable of independent thinking.  They spew their talking points and repeat their mantras, but they aren't really thinking.

Staying free of medical clutches- that's my goal.  It's my life plan as I enter my 8th decade. And the Covid pandemic has only made me more certain that largely avoiding Medicine will increase my chances of having a great 8th decade- and beyond. They’ll be no Covid vaccine for me- nor any other kind of vaccine. Modern Medicine is something I mostly want to to avoid, and I believe my life will be better for it.  Of course, I believe in taking care of myself with proper nutrition, exercise, and life habits, and I am doing that. There's the rub.