It was recently reported that when cardiologists met in Washington DC for a long conference- so they were away from their practices, not treating people- that the fatality rate for heart disease fell. And it’s not the first time that’s happened. And it’s happened in other countries besides the U.S., including Israel.

The explanation goes that that the reduction in elective cardiac procedures, which can be fatal, saved lives. But, my take on it is that just about everything that cardiologists do is detrimental, and the world would be better off without them. Seriously.

Now, I realize that it would mean that some individuals would die from lack of care. But, what I’m saying is that a much greater number of people would live from a lack of care; that they kill more than they save.

So, let’s look at Cardiology in the aggregate. First, there is all the cholesterol treating, where they are drugging people just for having a high cholesterol number, and for no other reason, that is, for no other sign of heart disease except a high cholesterol number. Cholesterol is a vital substance with a broad array of functions, and you can’t possibly live without it. The idea that there is anything inherently toxic about having more cholesterol in your blood is ridiculous. But, let’s look at it mathematically. If your total cholesterol is say 210, you’re likely to be put on a statin. If it’s 160, you’re likely to be told that it’s about right. Why should a 25% reduction of the level of cholesterol in your blood make any difference to whether or not plaquing is going on in your arteries? If there is enough cholesterol in your blood to promote plaquing at 210, I guarantee you there’s enough there to promote plaquing at 160. Plaquing is a pathological process that involves inflammation and a lot more cholesterol. The idea that the quantitative level of cholesterol in the blood is what’s driving the pathogenicity is ridiculous. And the statin drugs that they use for it are very harmful. They promote diabetes and dementia, among other things. All this is malpractice on a massive scale.

What about coronary bypass operations? On angiogram, they see a complete blockage in one or more coronary arteries, so immediately they want to get the person under the knife. But wait! If the person is sitting there and not keeling over, and often not even having chest pain, then obviously, the body has found a way to get blood to that part of the heart. It’s called collateral circulation involving small vessels that don’t show up on an angiogram.

The coronary bypass operation is a Frankensteinian procedure where they split your chest open, stop your heart and lungs, where your blood is circulated through a heart/lung machine while the surgeon is operating. However, the lining of the heart/lung machine can’t prevent blood clots as well as the endothelium, and as a result little clots form, a lot of them, which go on to give you strokes.

Put it this way: I would never submit to that operation no matter what was going on with me and no matter what they told me. I would flip them the bird and walk out

Just recently we learned that elective stenting that is done to open blood vessels is a complete waste, that the death rate is as high or higher in those who get stented than in those who don’t get stented. Those who had sham operations did no worse than those who got the real thing.

What about arrhythmias? There are NO good arrhythmia drugs. You are better off living with your arrhythmia than taking any of them. A very common arrhythmia is atrial fibrillation, and that they usually treat with powerful blood thinners. But, keep in mind that it’s just a prophylactic thing. The way the blood swirls when you have a-fib increases the risk of clot formation, which is why they prescribe these blood thinners. However, plenty of people live with a-fib for years without taking blood thinners and without suffering; without having any catastrophes.

I don’t have a-fib, and hopefully, I never will. But, if I did have it, I certainly wouldn’t take any prescription blood thinners. I might take a baby aspirin. I’d be open to that; but nothing stronger. And obviously, I don’t need a doctor to get that. I can just buy it at Walmart for $6. And of course, I would eat a healthy plant-based diet: fruits, vegetables, greens, nuts, beans.  That’s it. The rest of their drugs they can shove.

What about treating high blood pressure? Well, it depends on how high it is. If it’s just say 20 points high, say in the 140s systolic, you don’t need to treat that with drugs. That should be a wake-up call to start living right, with your diet, exercise, weight control, ditching bad habits, etc. The only time to even consider taking drugs for blood pressure is if it is dangerously high, where it’s obvious that the symptomatic person is on the verge of a stroke. That’s just a tiny percentage of the people with hypertension. Most of them can access the lifestyle approach, and it will be much better for them than starting drugs. I’m talking about the middle-aged person for whom hypertension is diagnosed at a routine checkup, where there is no emergency, nothing dire going on, and perhaps nothing at all going on, and yet, the doctor starts the person on anti-hypertensive drugs with the intention of keeping them on them for the rest of their life. I cannot adequately express my outrage at that kind of medical practice.

So, Cardiologists! Take lots of vacations. Retire early. Take up golf. The less you have to do with people the better. Whether you know it or not, you’re a menace. I can live without your miracles. I can live a hell of a lot better with them.