“Miami-Dade County Commission Chairman Jose ‘Pepe’ Diaz said he and his chief of staff Isidoro Lopez, who also received a vaccine against COVID-19, came down with flu-like symptoms earlier in the day and later tested positive for the virus.

RC: They were quick to point out- as they always do in these cases- that “breakthrough infections” are rare, but they do happen. But, it’s a mantra we’ve been hearing a lot lately, and it’s starting to sound like the tired refrain from a tired old song.

And they have no basis to make any claims about how rare it is because they are not following-up and testing everyone who was vaccinated. And since Covid infections can be asymptomatic, there is no telling how many vaccine recipients would test positive.  

This whole claim of protection is both an illusion and a delusion. Think about it: the vast majority of people don’t get Covid. The vast majority of unvaccinated people don’t get Covid. But, that doesn’t stop them from assuming that every vaccinated person who doesn’t get Covid must have been “protected” by the vaccine.  

Do you realize that all of the quick tests for Covid have been declared unreliable? Only the “gold standard” PCR test is considered foolproof, but it is anything but. How could it be when it has declared swabbed fruit positive for Covid?

And remember that they only announced this because he is a prominent public person. If he was just some guy who worked at the grocery store, we wouldn’t be hearing about it. And if breakthrough infections are so rare because the vaccine is so effective, then what are the odds that both he and his Chief of Staff would succumb? And remember that they both developed symptoms.

We’ve already heard about enough cases like this to dismiss completely the claims of efficacy for the vaccine. And realize that this guy called a press conference over it, which is why we’re hearing about it. Think about all the people who can’t call press conferences. Don’t you think it’s true that they are only reporting the cases that they have to report? They know full well that reporting cases like this casts further doubt in the minds of those who are resisting the vaccine. And it sounds like about a third of American adults are resisting. And they are the smart third; believe me.

If you’ve never gotten Covid in the year and a half that it’s been going on, why do you think that is? I hope you don’t think it’s because you were lucky enough not to be exposed to the virus or because you have been super-diligent about the protocols: wearing your mask, social distancing, etc. Because: plenty of people who came down with it said that they were super-diligent about all that.  So, why after 18 months of living in a Covid world without getting sick would you think that you need a vaccine?

And if you believe you did get Covid, then, theoretically, you built up antibodies the natural way. Isn’t that good enough? So, what do you need the vaccine for? So, no matter who you are, why should you get the vaccine?  Some people have, apparently, dropped dead from it, and a great many have gotten acutely ill from it. I realize that many have gotten it without incident, but who knows what’s going on inside their bodies? Who can say that they aren’t a ticking timebomb?

Read about the brave actor Rob Schneider who rails against the Covid vaccine and says, “Just say no.” And he does this at great personal cost to himself and his career.