A woman in her 40s from New York contacted me about getting Covid. She had developed a hacking, dry cough and sore throat. No fever. No dyspnea. No loss of taste or smell. But, she had a Covid test and it was positive. So, she was told to quarantine. I don’t know if she was given any drugs. But it persisted, and then she went to an ENT. And he told her that what she had was laryngeal reflux. In some people, when they get acid reflux, instead of giving them heartburn, the acid rises up to their throat and does the damage there. So, he put her on Nexium, and it all cleared up. She asked him: What about the positive Covid test? And he bravely and wisely told her that it was probably a false positive. And it’s rather forbidden in Medicine to say that. The official dogma goes that there are no false positives; only false negatives.

Now, keep in mind that I do not approve of the Nexium. I do not consider it the right way to deal with the problem of acid reflux, and she is just creating other problems for herself by taking it. She could take the orange gels that have the D-limonene from orange peels. She could also take mastic gum and deglycerrated licorice. A lot of the damage happens at night, so she could raise the head of her bed.

But, she has undoubtedly gone down in the books as a Covid case. How many cases are there like hers? Probably millions.

And by the way, she went back to the original doctor and told him what happened. And he still wouldn’t question the accuracy of the test. He said that maybe she was an asymptomatic Covid case who simultaneously developed the acid problem.

Well, I’ve got news for him. Maybe the cases that do involve respiratory symptoms are asymptomatic Covid cases among people who got the flu. You see? Two can play that game.

What we are dealing with is an unprecedented phenomenon, in which supposedly a disease can manifest across a range that goes from no symptoms at all to death. They actually admit that a large percentage of people, reported as high as 40 precent, don’t get any symptoms at all from Covid, whereas others get severely sick and die. And there really is no accounting for it. Why did Donald Trump, an older man in his 70s who was clinically obese, get Covid and get over it in 3 days when he was in a high risk group?

Why are so many people with Covid, or at least who think they have Covid, going to the hospital?  Why don’t they consider the fact that practically everyone who dies of Covid dies in the hospital? It’s at the hospital where people who are conscious and not struggling to breathe are talked into going on deadly ventilators. “I really think you should go on the ventilator for a few days, Mr. Jones, and give your lungs a rest.” “OK, whatever you say, Doc.”

People are going to the hospital because they are panicking, and they are probably making their breathing worse by panicking. We are in the midst of a national panic, fueled by deluded doctors.