I am referring to the Covid insanity that is going on. A 49 year old nurse who was vaccinated was dying of Covid, and she did die, but her dying wish was for everyone to get vaccinated. But, she was dying despite being vaccinated! What does it take for failure to register with people?


Here’s a couple who had Covid at the same time and died in the hospital, just minutes apart, holding hands. They too were both vaccinated, and the wish that came from their daughter was for everyone to get vaccinated.


And if you read the article you will see that the wife started getting sick, then she had a Covid test, which was positive. But then, it was repeated 10 days later, and it was negative. They presumed it was a “false negative” since she was still sick. You see, the PCR test NEVER results in false positives, but it can easily result in false negatives. That’s the official dictum, and no one dare dispute it.

In Singapore, where 82% of the total population are vaccinated, and 90% of the population older than 12 are vaccinated, they just had their worst Covid day in over a year.


I will tell you honestly that I don’t think the vaccine is doing anything positive for anybody. And even though they keep saying that the “breakthough” cases are rare, that can’t be true because if it were true, then we’d rarely hear about breakthough cases. But, we hear about them every day.  

I presume, since you read my blog, that you mostly agree with me. But, perhaps you think that the vaccines aren’t very good, but they are helping a little. But, if you think that, why would you take the vaccine? Why would it be worth it to you to risk taking the vaccine for a slight reduction in Covid risk? Just tonight, I heard about a new group that has been set up for people who experienced severe tinnitus (ringing in the ears) after getting the vaccine. A high school athlete went viral from his hospital bed after experiencing debilitating myocarditis. And now, his doctors are telling him to not engage in vigorous spoirts for the rest of this school year.  And he is devastated about that. And what he said from his hospital bed was that he only got the vaccine because he was forced to do so in order to participate, and the mandate wasn’t fair.

Now, there is talk about vaccinating even young children and giving boosters to all. And I am going to remind you that if your children gets sick from the vaccine, and even if your child was to die, they are not going to care, and they are not going to stop. They will keep making excuses. They’ll say that it’s sad, but it’s part of the cost to make medical progress. Think about the many. That’s what they’ll say.

I also heard today from a woman who told me that her best friend got Covid and tried to manage it at home. But then, she started getting short of breath, so she rushed to the hospital. There, she was told that her oxygen saturaton was 99%, which is perfectly normal. Her dyspnea must have been psychogenic.

Covidism is now a sacrament in the religion of Modern Medicine.