Despite having the highest vaccination rates in the country, with over 70% fully vaccinated, with over 80% having at least one dose, and vaccination rates among the elderly at 99%, Vermont is experiencing its worst Covid surge ever, with over 300 new cases a day.

So, how do they account for it? How do they spin it? They said that because of the high vaccination rate, people got complacent about wearing masks (even though masks have never been proven effective). But, recall that at the start of the vaccination campaign, we were told that vaccination was the way to end the pandemic, so that we didn’t have to wear masks any more. Then, they’re blaming the change of seasons, saying that the cold weather is pushing people indoors. Of course, they're also blaming Delta. Then, they point out that since Vermont got started vaccinating so early that the protection is wearing off, so all those people need boosters.

In just about any other area of life, these results would generate the simple conclusion that the vaccines have failed, that they are ineffective, that they don’t work. And keep in mind that they have already admitted that the vaccines do not prevent infection. They admit that the vaccinated get infected and spread infection easily. VIRAL LOADS ARE THE SAME WHETHER YOU’RE VACCINATED OR NOT.

So, what benefit is there to the vaccines? All they have left to cling to is the claim that the vaccines prevent SERIOUS illness, the kind that requires hospitalization.

However, that is NOT what the vaccine trials showed. What they showed, reportedly, was that rates of mild infection among the vaccinated were less than the unvaccinated. But, that’s all forgotten now. Now, it turns out, according to them, that the true benefit of the vaccines is in preventing serious illness- and that’s despite the fact that Covid deaths among the vaccinated are far from rare.

I mean: if after being vaccinated, you can still get Covid bad enough that it kills you, isn’t that as serious as it gets? It doesn’t get any worse than that, right? If that’s possible, and if it’s happening at a rate that is being reported regularly, then what is there left to cling to to hold onto the belief that the vaccine is protecting you at all?  Virtually nothing.

And for the life of me, I can’t understand why people who think they have Covid want to go to the hospital. Virtually 100% of the people who are dying of Covid are dying IN THE HOSPITAL. Being in the hospital is not saving them. Medical treatment is not saving them. Maybe it’s killing them.

Remember, it was the medical profession that was putting Covid patients on ventilators even though the death rate from being on the ventilator was 97%. It was the medical profession that was talking people into going on ventilators, including people who were NOT visibly struggling to breathe, not complaining of air hunger. Still, they told them, “Let us knock you out, paralyze your breathing muscles, and have a machine force air into your lungs, because, you see, you need the rest.” And people said, “OK.” Doctors were doing this even though there was nothing mechanically wrong or lacking in their patients’ chest movements- their excursion was fine. Still, they were knocking them out and putting them on ventilators.  How much of it was spurred by the fact that the government was paying $39,000 every time they ventilated someone?

It’s a very twisted game they are playing. If you are in the hosptal for anything, they are going to test you for Covid. And remember that anybody can test positive for Covid. In other words, a person who seems to be in perfect health can test positive for Covid. It happens all the time. Also, there is a correlation between the frequency of testing and the generating of a positive test result. In other words, if you keep testing, no matter who you are, eventually, you are going to get a positive test result.

I’m not going to use the example of a coin flip because that’s a 50/50 chance. But, let’s say you had a spinning wheel, and it had numbers from 1 to 10. So, every time you spin the wheel, you’re going to get one of those numbers. And let’s say it’s decided that the number 7 is bad. Well, if you keep spinning that wheel, sooner or later it’s going to land on 7. You’re going to get that positive test result if you just keep testing.  It’s the same way with the Covid test, but it may be more like 1 in 20 than 1 in 10.

Again, the only thing they have left to claim ANY benefit from the vaccine at all is to claim that the vaccine lowers the risk of hospitalization and death. But remember, no matter what you are in the hospital for, if they do a Covid test, and it’s positive, then you’ve got Covid, and Covid is what’s ailing you. Not your longstanding heart condition but Covid. So, wanting to prove the effectiveness of the vaccines, all they have to do is test, test, test, particularly among the unvaccinated. And every time they get a positive test, it’s Bingo.

What I’m saying is that in a rational world, this vaccine program would have been declared a failure long ago. But, we don’t live in a rational world. We live in a world of dogmatism and stupidity, and at the highest level, including among the supposedly learned, who just repeat the brainwashed mantra, ad infinitum.