Stock markets around the world tumbled in response to the news. Is it anything we should take seriously and act upon? No, it is not. And I would like to remind you that what they claim is that whole live Covid viruses are transferred from one person to another just from talking or even just breathing in proximity. So, it should be very easy to obtain whole Covid viruses, all 30,000 base pairs. If they travel through the air from one person to another, then you should be able to intercept them en route. So, why can’t they do it? Why do they have to settle for tiny fragments of RNA that they assume came from the Covid virus and duplicate that? To this day, they have never come up with a single complete Covid virus.

And the same applies to the variants. They are not finding a whole virus variant. Again, it comes down to pieces of RNA. You see, they let a computer program tell them what the hodge-podge of genetic fragments in a person’s sputum should look like and how it should be proportioned. And if what they find deviates from what the algorithm says, then, wahlah, it’s a new variant. If I said the process was arcane, it would be a gross understatement.

And remember that when they say they have “isolated the virus” what they mean is that they have done things to induce a certain pathological effect on a group of cells in a petri dish, using a very complex mixture, and if they see the pathological effect, they say that, in so doing, they isolated the virus. It isn’t isolation at all. I am reminded of the Prego tomato sauce commercials, where the Italian chef is stirring the sauce, and when someone asks him, does it have this, does it have that, he keeps repeating, “it’s in there.”. And that’s what they’re telling us that the Covid virus is in there, even though they can’t separate it from everything else.

Of course, most people know nothing about this and have no ability to grasp it. All they know is that “scientists” determined it, and since “science” is the bedrock of modernty, it must be true what the scientists say. But, scientists are human beings, and like all human beings, they are subject to being programmed, to being indoctrinated, and the whole of medical education is an indoctrination.

What science has become is a dogma in which beliefs are held firmly, and all data that comes in are then interpreted according to those beliefs.

Science is NOT supposed to be biased, but medical science is the most biased thing in the world.

For example, there is the belief that the Covid vaccines are effective. So, when a surge breaks out in a community that’s heavily vaccinated, or perhaps almost completely vaccinated, they will scramble to come with something, anything to explain it and avoid concluding that the vaccines don’t work. For instance, they’ll say that the problem is that though the vaccines protect, the reason cases are soaring among the vaccinated is because they need a booster, that the protection they previously had wore off.

Even if one were willing to accept that, what good is a vaccine whose benefit wears off in months? Is this going to be a new way of life now, for people to get vaccinated for Covid every six months? Do you want to live like that? Why would anyone want to live like that?

But, it’s just an assumption- the most attractive assumption they could think of. Seriously, how can they speak of the protection wearing off when they never established there was any protection in the first place? They assumed people were protected, and now they’re assuming that the protection is wearing off.

Or, they’ll suggest that in a heavily vaccinated state like Vermont where Covid is surging, it must be the small percentage of unvaccinated who are driving it. But, for that to be true, then the occurrence rate in the small group of unvaccinated must be a multiple of what it was before in order to shift the total into record territory. But, there is no basis to believe that.

Ireland is 90% fully vaccinated, and it just had its greatest Covid surge.

What, are they going to blame the 10% who are unvaccinated? Are they completely out of their minds?

In Los Angeles, the most vaccinated areas now have the highest Covid rates.

What is happening right now is frightening. And I’m not talking about what the theoretical virus and its theoretical variants are doing. I’m talking about the well-oiled religion of Covidism spreading its hallowed dogma and bogus science everywhere- into all the halls of force and authority and power, as well as into the fearful minds of people.

And whether you agree with me or not, I hope you’re smart enough to realize that there is no reason to think that the discovery of new variants is finished. As long as they keep looking for them, they’ll find them. And as long as they keep doing the PCR test, people will continue to test positive for Covid. As long as they keep doing what they’re doing, this “pandemic” will go on forever.