The medical world is sick.  Sick and twisted. It is a deranged profession, as they practice their pseudo-scientific religion. And the reality of that is nakedly clear, especially when you look at the eruption over Omicron.  

Are you aware that this whole thing, this whole worldwide clamor and obsession with Omicron started with one female doctor in South Africa? This is what she said, and it is frightening to think that this is what jarred the whole world into a frenzy:

"In 8-10 weeks, we had not seen any new COVID-19 cases. We were out of our third wave. So when around November 18, a patient came to me complaining of a viral infection, it didn't make sense. I tested him and found him and his whole family positive. All had the same type of symptoms, related to COVID like fatigue, body aches, scratchy throat, cough. No one really complained of a fever. This was not typical of the Delta variant, which we have seen a lot of cases of. I raised an alarm to the advisory committee. Our scientists looked at this and realized it's a new variant," said Dr. Angelique Coetzee. 

So, because a guy showed up with flu-like symptoms that did not include fever, she concluded it must be a new Covid variant. Then her “scientists” quickly agreed.

She was quick to point out though that, so far, all cases have been mild, with no severe symptoms or hospitalizations and with normal oxygen levels. And she said that recovery time was 2 to 3 days.

2 to 3 days? So, all this fuss over something with the severity of a very mild cold? 

Note that they already decided it was a new Covid-19 variant before doing any lab testing. Did they forget that people have been getting sick this way forever? With fatigue and malaise and scratchy throat and body aches?  It wasn’t new. Why couldn’t it have been a mild case of flu? Why did it have to be a new Covid variant?

Now, let’s look at the timeline. It was on Thursday, November 27 that Dr. Coetzee and her South African scientists announced their discovery, all starting with this one guy with a scratchy throat that cleared up in a couple days. The very next day, Europe announced its first case of Omicron in Belgium. Before the weekend was out, Australia, Britain, Canada, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy and other countries had all found cases.

How is that possible? This is insane. It’s like a sci-fi movie.

What it comes down to is: genome sequencing. You know that nucleic acids are comprised of long strands of nucleotides, and those units, the nucleotides, are considered the genetic alphabet. There are reportedly 30,000 nucleotides in the Covid-19 virus. A variant presumably has undergone changes in the sequence of nucleotides.

So apparently, very quickly, mad scientists came up with a new test to identify the newly mutated viral genome.  It was already decided and settled on that that’s what it was.

Now remember that in all forms of life, genes have to be replicated, and a mutation is a mistake in the replication. Supposedly, the whole process of “Evolution” is driven by mutations, which although they are mistakes, sometimes deliver good things, good adaptations, and all by accident. And then they get "naturally selected," and this is responsible for all the genetic diversity and evolution of the species on the planet. I don’t buy it, and neither do these guys:

But usually, the idea goes that the mutations occur over very long periods of time. This idea of viruses mutating in very short periods of time, like weeks or months, is unique. There is no other form of life that supposedly mutates that fast and that often.

It is very arcane, but basically, the way the PCR test works is that they take exudate from a person, which is a complex mixture of things; they apply reverse transciptase to it to convert the RNA to DNA. Then, they heat the DNA to separate the strands. Then, they cool it and apply the polymerase enzyme which causes duplication. But first, they have to decide what they’re going to duplicate. They’re not trying to duplicate the whole virus. So, they apply "primers," which are very short strands of DNA that basically tell the polymerase what part to duplicate. They assume that the whole virus is in there, but when it comes to duplication, they just try to duplicate chosen pieces; what they consider to be the signature pieces of the virus. So, for instance, if the whole virus is presumed to be 30,000 nucleotides long, they may try to duplicate a 100 nucleotide piece of it. But not just one 100 nucleotide piece; usually 2 or 3.

So, the primers cause duplication of specific very short strands that they consider to be the hallmarks of Covid 19. Then, other DNA fragments called “probes” are added, which are flourescent. These flourescent probes then combine with the duplicated material until there is enough flourescence to trigger the registering of a positive test result. So, the flourescence is like the bell going off. It’s the thing that says “Bingo.”

You know how dipstick urine tests involve a color change, say from orange to purple? Well, in this case, what they look for is not a color change but a change from non-flouresence to flouresence.

So, that’s the overview of the PCR test for Covid. When the South African scientists, drooling with excitement, started testing samples hoping to identify the new variant, they noticed that one of the probes wasn’t working at all. Apparently, that strand wasn’t being duplicated by the PCR test. So, that became the first hallmark of the new strain, that it didn’t contain the “S” gene that corresponded to that probe.  

I don’t think there is any point in trying to delve further into this technically. The fact is that they have never once isolated or identified a whole, intact, complete Covid-19 virus anywhere in the world. This whole time it’s been the presumption that the pieces they duplicate stand-in for the whole virus. And now because a certain piece isn’t getting duplicated, they’ve decided that that’s the hallmark of this new strain of the virus.

So, what is really going on? What’s going on is that a guy in South Africa had malaise and a scratchy throat for a couple days, and they are blowing it up into a global crisis. Super-fast, they have adjusted all their testing so that it’s Omicron, Omicron, Omicron wherever they look. The whole thing is nothing but an illusion.

There is no new strain. There is just a new paranoia. It’s just another feeding frenzy among the deluded “scientists” who are the Stepford Wives of the Covid industry.

I’ll be perfectly honest with you. I’ve done quite well. I haven’t had a fever in decades. The last time I got the flu was around the mellennium, and I was down for about a week. But, that’s the last time I got it, and this is nearly 2022. Since Covid began, I have not gotten it nor any colds or flus. Over the years, I've had some minor colds, but not severe enough to want to stay in bed. I have never had pneumonia in my life, that I know of.  I did have inguinal hernia surgery in 2020, and that worked out well. The maverick surgeon I went to in Florida really fixed me up, and I mean that I’m as good as new. And I healed fast too.

The point I’m trying to make is that, based on my experience, if I did get malaise and a scratchy throat, I would not be the least bit interested in finding out if I had “Omicron.” I would handle it as I have before. I would just let my body work through it, without suppressing symptoms. I would rest and conserve. I would sleep as much as possible. And if there was loss of appetite, I would respect that and not eat. I would allow myself to recover naturally and spontaneously. I would not take Ivermectin or antibody cocktails or anything else. And I would stay the hell away from doctors.   

What's going on today is not science. It is religion; a pseudo-scientific religion that is based on dogma, ritual, and phony tests that are designed to find exactly what they are looking for.