That may sound sarcastic, but it is the reality. When an “expert” was asked to compare a cold and Omicron symptomatically, he went down the list, and most of the symptoms overlapped. But:

“The one symptom you can experience with Omicron and not a cold is loss of smell. However, many people with the coronavirus don’t lose their sense of smell and Barrett says it’s not a ‘useful tool to differentiate between the two.’ With both infections giving off similar effects, self-diagnosing is not a safe option. When experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms, the only way to know for sure is to get tested.”

But wait. We know that some people test positive for Covid without having any symptoms at all. So, why couldn’t they be an asymptomatic Covid carrier who happens to have a cold?

And the fact is that any time your nasal passages are inflamed, as they are in a cold, your sense of smell can be affected because that’s where the olfactory nerves are, and when they are inflamed, they don’t work as well. But, it’s not something that people often think about. How often do you think about your sense of smell and how often you are smelling something?  

The whole bit about loss of smell distinguishing Covid is bull. This is from the Cleveland Clinic: “Anosmia may be caused by an infection, such as a cold or flu.” I suspect that was written before Covid.  

But, with the Covid mania people have become focused on it, so they’re looking for it. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

Then, I found another article which said that if you get tested, stay at it.

“The first few Covid tests may be negative, but if you have Covid, the tests are likely to become positive within a few days.” 

So, even having a few, which means several, negative tests, they want you to keep doing it in the hope of getting a positive test. But, why should a person do that? They have, what seems to be, a cold. So, they should just rest and sleep as much as they can, and fast or eat very lightly, and lay low. What difference does it make what the label is? Why should it matter to you? It’s something that your body has to work through- no matter what you want to call it. The proper treatment is just what I said. Being obsessed with testing is not something that the cold sufferer needs.

I have also seen it stated repeatedly that if you have cold symptoms, that you’ve probably got Covid. But, how could they possibly know that? Did colds go out of style? Did the Covid virus beat up the cold viruses? 

Last year was a record low for the flu, and I have a strong feeling that it will be the same this year. They are in a frenzy to diagnose Covid.

It’s alarming to me that so many “experts” repeat this stuff, when they don’t know anything. They are just repeating the mantra. Remember that this is a virus that, that though it travels from person to person through the air, they can’t catch a single one of them. The test they are doing does not test for a whole Covid virus. It is looking for a very tiny sequence of bases, 100 out of 30,000, that they say is the signature of the virus. Yet, they admit that if you repeat the cycles enough times. that anybody and everybody will test positive.

If I had cold symptoms, I would not be the least bit interested in getting a Covid test. I would just assume that I have a cold and act accordingly.

The bottom line for me is that if the only difference between Omicron and a cold is a positive Covid test, and the test is bogus, (and it is) then it’s a perfect storm to drum up thousands, maybe millions of new Covid cases, based on both an illusion and a delusion.    

Why do people want medical help for this when almost all of the people who have died from Covid have died in the hospital? What makes them want to go there? It's because they are panicked, as they were trained to panic.  Well, I would not panic, and I would not go to the hospital. I have never in my life sought medical attention when I had a cold or flu, and I recovered every time. I would not participate in this mad science game that they are playing.