I have said before that this Omicron craze started with one woman doctor in South Africa who had a patient come in, whom she just presumed had Covid, but his symptoms were different from what she was used to seeing. They were milder and briefer. She said he got better in a couple days. But, after assuming that he must have Covid, she went on to assume that it must be a new Covid variant. So, she collected a sample from him and sent it in to the South Africa CDC, and what they did was sequence it.

In the medico-illusory world in which we live, the mechanics of their arcane testing is hard to understand. But, in the test, they take the sample, and they do not identify any particle in it, and remember that it’s a hodge-podge of stuff, some stemming from you and some being foreign, and then they start duplicating. But, what are they duplicating? They are duplicating short strings of DNA that correspond to the “primers” that they put in.  And typically, they put in 3 primers. To get a positive test, all 3 primers have to duplicate. In the case of this patient of the woman doctor, they found that one of the primers was not duplicating.

Now normally, that would indicate a negative test because they are all supposed to duplicate. But, in this case, they already decided that this man had Covid, and that it was a new variant. So, they went on with their insane fantasy and decided that a portion of the virus, had mutated so tremendously, so radically, that one of the primers did not duplicate. So, something that previously would have been called a negative test, they were now calling a positive test, and the hallmark of Omicron.

And that made it very easy to mine the world for Omicron cases; just tell the operators that if you do the PCR test and the spike protein primer fails, that isn’t failure; that’s success.  You just found a case of Omicron.  

The blatant insanity of this, and the very deep-seated and very evil corruption of it is frightening.  They didn’t discover anything except that their own mouthwatering lust to find a new boogeyman for the world to tremble over has no limits. These people are like addicts. They get a rush from this. “Yes! A new variant!”

And now, in response to all this, Moderna has announced that they expect to have a new Omicron-specific vaccine ready by early next year. And remember that next year is just 8 days from today.

So basically, what they have done is lower the bar on the PCR test so that more positive test results can occur. And it’s no surprise that many of the people testing positive have either no symptoms at all or mild cold-like symptoms, like the man in South Africa who started it all.

And I have to wonder about that guy. Why the hell did he go to a doctor when he had extremely mild symptoms that cleared up in 2 days?  So, I think to myself: imagine if he had just stayed home; put the efffin’ television on to distract himself while he was getting over it; and then gone on with his life. This whole Omicron craze could have been avoided.

But, alas, it probably just would have delayed it. Someone else would have come in, and it would have been more or less the same thing. Or, what if that woman doctor had retired last year? But then again, there are surely others like her. The bottom line is that when you’re looking for some imaginary thing as lustfully as these people are, the chance that they’re going to find it is close to 100%. In this case, they pounded the square peg into the round hole one way, but if necessary, they would have done it another way- whatever it takes to keep their beloved plandemic going.