The Covid circus keeps revolving and evolving. As I see it, they are now diagnosing millions of cases of colds and flu as Omicron. There is no such thing. It is nothing but a theoretical construct; a computer simulation. The whole thing began with the glittering hope of finding a new variant. One female doctor in South Africa gave birth to the idea, and once she voiced it, the Cult of Medicine picked up the ball and started running with it.  Everything they think they know about it is built from far-flung assumptions and a sordid imagination. And first, last, and always, it is a campaign of salesmanship and mind control.

Everything we see and hear about Omicron is designed to influence the way we think. They admit now that the case numbers have been derived by testing everyone who is in the hospital- for any reason- for Covid, and to keep testing them again and again for Covid. And once they get a positive test result, then they become another Covid case that triggers another payment from the federal government to the hospital. You can see the incentive that hospitals have to play along with the scam. And all the while, there is the belief that money is something the federal government can print to infinity- without any limits- and pay for everything and everyone.

And all the while, the message continues to be spewed to get vaxed, get vaxed, get vaxed. If you scroll down this page a few posts, you’ll see that I reviewed the history of vaccination and reported that the first “scientific” vaccination was said to be in 1796 by Dr. Edward Jenner when he injected pus from a milkmaid’s hands into the blood of an 8 year old boy to inoculate him against small pox. That may have been the first “scientific” vaccination (although, for the life of me, I can’t understand how it was the least bit scientific) but today, January 1, 2022, I am seeing an article that lambastes people for doubting vaccinations even prior to that. This is from USA Today. It says that skeptics doubted the efficacy of vaccines long before Covid, despite health gains. And what they cited was from 1736, so over half a century before the scientific Jenner. And what they said was that Benjamin Franklin long regretted his decision not to inoculate his 4 year old son who died of small pox.

But wait. What are they claiming? Are they actually claiming that a vaccine from 1736 was valid and scientific? That it saved people from small pox? That it protected them? Considering that the whole “science” of “virology” wasn’t even born yet, on what basis is there any reason to believe that the constituents of that 18th century vaccine were anything but harmful? They didn’t know what they were doing back then, right? So, how could it have been beneficial?

Let’s remember how archaic Medicine was. Even as late as the mid-19th century, medical doctors were bleeding people to release the evil vapors. They were advising people with high fevers to refrain from drinking water. And that was over 100 years after 1736. So, is there any reason to vouch for whatever they were passing off as vaccines in 1736? Are they insane? How dare they pretend that there was anything scientific going on?