I keep hearing the word “experts” thrown around in relation to Covid, but how can there be experts about something that has never happened before? Expertise comes from prior experience with something, but no one has prior experience with Covid.

There have been pandemics before but never on the scale of Covid. And if you go back too far, say to World War 1 and the Spanish Flu pandemic, never mind the Black Plague of the Middle Ages, it’s very hard to be certain of anything about those scourges because there’s a party line about them that is spewed as a matter of course. It’s a verbatim thing. There’s an historical logline for them, and that’s it. We have no way of confirming anything.

But, in the modern era, there have been outbreaks before Covid, such as SARS1, MERS, and EBOLA, but none of them reached the scale of Covid. The closest thing to Covid that I recall is the swine flu pandemic of 1976, for which they rolled out a vaccine very quickly. But, the vaccine was harming people and killing a few, and they quickly terminated the program. And shortly after that, the swine flu pandemic just petered out. So even that was nothing compared to Covid.

The strange thing about Covid is first it’s pathologic range, where it can cause any kind of symptom; can affect any organ or bodily system; and manifest in just about any way whatsoever. If you have x syndrome and a positive Covid pcr test, then they are more than willing to attribute your x syndrome to Covid.

Another weird thing is their willingness to recognize new variants of Covid. When before this was there a virus known to mutate as often and readily as this one does? And the way the Omicron variant arose is truly frightening. The whole thing started with one female doctor in South Africa and one 30 year old male patient who had mild symptoms. As soon as he presented himself, this doctor decided, on the spot, that it was probably a new Covid variant. So, she sent his scraping in to the South Africa CDC with that guidance, and they very eagerly accepted her guidance that it probably was a new Covid variant. And within just a few days, the whole medical world was enlivened with the idea that a new Covid variant had been discovered. But, I have to wonder, what if that 30 year old male patient with mild symptoms had just stayed home and waited it out, if he hadn’t gone to see that female doctor? Would the Omicron ball ever have started rolling? I can’t answer that, and nobody else can either. But, I find it frightening that “they” think that a new version of the virus could pop up in South Africa and spread around the world as rapidly as they claim it did. You would think that there were packed flights from Johannesburg to every major city in the world every day.

And let’s talk about this idea of a virus mutating. You realize that mutations are thought to be the engine of evolution. But, the rate at which the Covid virus has reportedly mutated greatly exceeds that. But when before has the idea of a virus mutating so often and so rapidly been part of the landscape? I can’t think of any.

And everything they claim about it involves indirect determinations. And it starts with the very basis by which they claim you have Covid. Their testing does not test for a virus. It tests for a small segment of DNA that they decided is indicative of the virus. Yet, they are aware that the duplication process, if cycled enough times, will generate a positive test result in anybody.

And let’s talk about the vaccines. The vaccines supposedly stimulate your body to make antibodies to the Corona virus or to the “spike protein” of the Corona virus. But, for some reason, even if you get the intended immunological response and produce the antibodies, that the antibodies don’t prevent you from getting infected. So apparently, it doesn’t generate enough antibodies to prevent infection. But presumably, it does generate enough antibodies to prevent you from getting as sick as you would otherwise get. But, does that really make sense? 

But, considering that the vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission, why is it important for everyone to get it? If the only thing the vaccine does is reduce the severity of your episode, why does it really matter? If it has no bearing on whether you can infect someone else or be infected by someone else, what difference does it make? Why harp on the need for vaccination when it has nothing to do with the spread of the disease? 

And even though Covid has been compared to colds and flu, it’s apparent that there is nothing whatsoever seasonal about it. It is presumed that Covid is going to always be with us, that it will never be gone. Just as people are expected to get a flu shot every year, it’s very possible, even likely, that regular and permanent Covid shots are going to be part of the medical landscape forever more.

The Covid narrative has certainly changed a lot, hasn’t it? It really did start off as a respiratory syndrome. Fever, headache, shortness of breath. Fever, headache, shortness of breath. That’s what we heard. But, very quickly, we started hearing about Covid diarrhea, Covid toes, Covid kidneys, Covid liver; Covid heart attacks, Covid dementia, and more. The Covid virus could go anywhere in the body and do anything. And, they told us that the bodily damage was due not just to the virus itself but to the body’s immune response to it, that the “cytokine storm” instituted by the body caused as much destruction as the virus itself.

We were told that masking works, but people who are vaccinated, boosted, and masked still get Covid.

And even though almost everybody who dies of Covid dies in the hospital, people still want to go there if they think they have Covid.

Then, we have the people who are vaccinated and boosted who still get Covid, and they are quick to thank the vaccine because otherwise, they’d surely have gotten it worse. But, how can they possibly know that? It’s not as though they have an alternative version of themselves who did not get vaccinated and got it worse. Of course, it’s just an assumption. It is something they want to believe and are encouraged to believe. 

More than anything else, the Covid cult is a cult of authority. You have no way of knowing that anything they are telling you about it is true. And don’t think for a second that you have any basis to evaluate “the science” behind what they are saying.  And the same goes for your doctor. All he or she knows more than you do is a talking point or two. So, whether it’s you or your doctor, it comes down to a cult of authority. And the respect that you and he may have comes down to respect for the institutions that make the pronouncements, such as the CDC. But, everything they say is derived from the very murky and cultish “science” of Virology in which doing things that cause “cytopathic effects” is equated with “isolating a virus.” It’s a cult in which computer algorithms spew out viral genomes based on pre-set assumptions and arbitrary guidelines that are programmed into the computer.  It’s very much a garbage-in/garbage-out situation. And through it all, it involves the trappings of science since it involves machines and computers and painstaking methodologies. But, it is much more about dogma and rituals than it is about science. Virology is a pseudo-scientific cult and always has been.

And one has to seriously wonder how many Covid patients they have outright killed. How many people who died on ventilators were outright murdered? Since it was admitted early-on that Covid sufferers have no trouble moving their chest cage to breathe, what rationale was there to ventilate people, besides the $39,000 payout from the federal government? Why didn’t they just put them on oxygen?  Why did doctors persuade patients who were conscious, talking, and not complaining of respiratory distress to let them ventilate them? Why isn’t that considered malpractice and a crime?

And why is it that they keep telling us that just because a harm surfaces right after vaccination, such as myocarditis, it doesn’t necessarily mean the vaccine caused it?  I get it that something that follows something else wasn’t necessarily caused by it, but on the other hand, it’s often the case. The way the temporal association works is that first comes the cause and then comes the effect. And if it’s something unusual like myocarditis, and it occurs soon after vaccination, then the chances are very great that it was caused by the vaccine. The false cause logical fallacy is just a warning to be careful; it is not a license to be stupid. The fact is that temporal correlation often does indicate causation. And the burden of proof should be on the one denying it, not the one pointing it out. If you take a statin drug, and your muscles start aching, it looks like the drug caused it. In that case, the drug isn’t innocent until proven guilty; it is guilty until proven innocent. And the same goes for a healthy young man with no history of heart problems who develops myocarditis soon after Covid vaccination. It is craven and devious to say otherwise. It is intellectually dishonest and morally corrupt.

We really are battered by the Covid dogma, and it is an appalling manipulation of our minds. If ever there was a time to say no to Authority, this is it.