Dr. Michael Greger is a plant-based M.D. who devotes himself to writing and blogging about the plant-based lifestyle, and he calls his operation NutritionFacts.org.  Recently, he answered a question about “long Covid” in which he urged all his listeners to get vaccinated. It starts at 16 minutes in this video:


He said that having gotten his second dose the day before, that in 13 days, he is going to be “pretty much immune from Covid-19.” That is a totally false and unwarranted statement. First, they don’t claim that the vaccine prevents infection. And if it doesn’t prevent infection, how can you claim to be immune from it? Second, plenty of vaccinated people have gotten Covid-19, and the number who have died from it is not a tiny, trivial number. According to the CDC, in just one week, from October 11 to October 18, 2021, the number of “breakthrough deaths” (meaning Covid deaths among the fully vaccinated)  was 10,857. That was in just one week!

I admit that it sounded incredible, even to me. So, I wanted to make sure of it, and yes, it is what the CDC reported. And in response to it, their lapdogs got to work spinning it, saying that it doesn’t take into account age and demographics.  They said that as more people get vaccinated, it’s expected that deaths among the vaccinated will increase because if everyone were vaccinated, then all the deaths would be among the vaccinated. But, that is a totally ludicrous argument because the vaccine is supposed to protect.

Here is one apologist, and he starts by admitting that the appalling figures are correct.  And he goes on to state that 37% of Covid deaths were among the fully vaccinated.


So, based on the CDC’s own claims, the vaccine does not protect you from getting infected and sick from Covid. Their ONLY claim of benefit is that reduces the risk of getting seriously ill or dying from it. Yet, they admit that over one in three Covid deaths are among the vaccinated.

And let’s remember who the CDC is and what they do, which is push vaccines with a vengeance. They push for annual flu shots. So, if Dr. Greger is willing to follow their advice about Covid, does he also get an annual flu shot?

The only thing we can be sure of about their figures is that they massage them, as much as possible, to sell the vaccines. Why would you trust an organization that gets the annual flu deaths as high as 60,000 by including among them those who died from bacterial pneumonia?

The point is that the figures they are offering for Covid are lousy and very troubling, but they are not even trustworthy.   

But, here’s what you know: You know that Covid vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission, and you know that serious and fatal cases among the vaccinated have occurred and in great numbers. 10,857 deaths in a week is a very great number. And the clincher is: no matter how they spin it, and no matter how much worse they claim it is for the unvaccinated, you have nothing to be impressed about. Taking a vaccine is EXTREMELY risky. It would have to be OVERWHELMINGLY effective to even consider taking it. And it is patently obvious that the Covid vaccines are NOT overwhelmingly effective.

You realize that, in life, it is almost always better to err on the side of caution. And in this case, the side of caution is to leave your body alone and not put something into it that is known to be dangerous and toxic.  And if you are a health person who takes care of himself, why don’t you believe in yourself and what you are doing? Why are you afraid of a virus? Why are you willing to live like that, cowering over a virus? In my life, I wear a mask when I have to, but that’s it. I never wear it at home. I never require anyone to wear a mask in my home. If they want to wear a mask, they can. But, I won’t wear one for them. And if they aren’t happy about that, they can get the hell out. And any place that masks are optional, such as in stores in Texas, I don’t wear one. Why should I when they admit it's ineffective? If it were effective, then if you wore it all the time, you wouldn't need the vaccine, right? Why should you need both? And let's face it: there are plenty of people who have gotten vaccinated and worn the mask diligently and still been diagnosed with Covid. 

I rely on my general health to protect me. I’m not claiming that I couldn’t get sick. But, I am saying that the narrative that there’s this lethal virus that jumps on healthy people and crushes them or kills them is false.  I have enough confidence in my good health to believe that the worst that could happen to me would be some limited thing and not anything life-threatening. I would get over it. And I would not be subject to getting "long Covid." I am no more the type to get "long Covid" than I am to get fibromyalgia.  I have much more fear of the vaccine than I do of the virus. And what Dr. Greger is doing is putting all caution aside over an admittedly experimental vaccine whose long-term effects are completely unknown, and all because he’s scared shitless of a virus. And really, what he is doing is just submitting to authority. This isn't about knowledge.  When it comes to Covid, he doesn't have any. He just has a few more talking points than you do. It's about deferring to authority and accepting the cult's dogma.  

Dr. Greger, you are a disgrace. My advice to you is: get a backbone.