That isn’t me talking, but rather, the author of this article. Please read my comments first.

He was triple-vaxxed; masked to the extreme; and living like a hermit. Finally, he decides to go to an office Christmas party in which everyone had to be tripled vaxxed and have a negative Covid test within 24 hours.

That was a Thursday night. The next night, Friday, he and his wife ate in restaurant. Two days later, he had a scratchy throat and felt chilled. His rapid Covid test showed that he had it.

He got a monoclonal antibodies infusion at the hospital on Day 5, but his illness lasted 12 days, and it was 14 days before he tested negative.

Symptomatically, he described it as a sore throat, night sweats, rashes, loss of smell, and chest heaviness.

He still credits the vaccine for keeping him alive, when there is no reason to think the vaccine did him any good at all. Yes, his case wasn’t that severe. He was never gasping for breath. He didn’t have to go on a ventilator. But, that’s true of many people who get Covid and aren’t vaccinated. And many people don’t experience any illness at all- whether or not they are vaccinated. Senator Rand Paul tested positive for Covid on a day that he did a gym workout and went for a swim. He never got sick, and that was long before vaccines existed.  And there are many people like that. So, this guy has no right to claim to know that, had he not been vaccinated, that he would have suffered worse. And it may be just the opposite, that the vaccine weakened him.

The mind-bending that is going on is crazy, and I mean the willingness to look at everything that happens through the warped lens of the Covid narrative, in which anything short of death means that the vaccine saved you. It is a false deduction based on false premises and false conclusions.

Did he even have Covid? Or did he have something that would have been called something else prior to Covid? I’m not at all sure, since I don’t believe in the test's validity. 

What I do know is that long before Covid, people have had the tendency to get sick with flu-like illness, and I believe they are sweeping those people into the Covid category- in droves. But regardless, to continue to believe in the merit of the vaccine despite the torrent of cases like this guy is crazy. The vaccine is worthless, and it's long-term harms are yet to be elucidated.