I was at the bank today, and there was a sign on the door that said that face masks are strongly encouraged for all customers and required for all employees. So naturally, I went in without a mask. But, I noticed that I was the only customer without one. Every other customer wore a mask.  And I began thinking about all the people who have done that throughout this pandemic but still got Covid. We are talking about millions of people.

Then I started thinking about the flu, that even though we have been dealing with that our whole lives, there was never a mask-wearing campaign for it. I’ve had the flu a few times, but it’s been a while. The last time I had it was very early in the millennium, like 2001 or 2002. So, that’s 20 years ago, at least. So, even though the flu has occurred every year, and I was surely exposed to it each and every year, I didn’t get it. And my avoiding it did not come from wearing a mask.

The old-time naturalists used to say that when you have a cold or flu, that it amounts to housekeeping, that your body is shedding something, clearing out something, that that is the essence of it, not infection. Then, we found out that there are virus-like vesicles that every cell in your body sheds all the time called exosomes.  It is very hard to distinguish exosomes from viruses. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who is probably the leading voice of dissent within Medicine concerning Covid, says that there is no Covid-19, that the virus does not exist, and that what they are finding in people are their own exosomes, plus the RNA from a plethora of microorganisms that reside in everyone.

But again, recalling from my own experience, that many years and most years I don’t get the flu, despite certain exposure. Why? It’s because it wasn’t my time. My body was just not on the precipice of it.  Exposure, if it’s involved at all, is certainly not enough. If it’s not your time, it’s not your time; and you’re not going to get the flu, regardless of how many people cough on you. I sincerely believe that. In other words, you’ve got to be rundown to be susceptible. And as I think about the times I did get the flu, I recall that I was rundown before I got it, that I was under stress, that I wasn’t getting enough rest and sleep,  that I was off.

Then, it is also my experience that after recovering from the flu, I feel great. I feel renewed. I feel recharged. It does seem that I benefited, constitutionally, from going through it.

So, I think the old-time naturalists were right in their perspective. They spoke in very general terms about “toxins” without knowing exactly what they were talking about, but the idea that colds and flu are a bodily reset that ultimately restores balance seems valid.

What is of paramount importance is to cooperate with the process and not do anything suppressive. You should rest and sleep to the max. As far as taking things like Vitamin C, zinc, Echinacea, etc., I’ve never done that because I see it as a process that I have to go through, and I’ve always recovered fully and without complications without taking anything. I have faith in my body, and that’s true even if I came down with something that got called “Covid.”