This is from an article on Yahoo News, and I want to show you how vacuous this doctor’s response is. It’s a good question, but there is nothing but spin in her answer.

Why do some people who are in the same household get COVID-19, and others don’t? Can it be compared to the flu?

Dr. Lucy McBride: It can be useful at this moment of the pandemic to start to think about comparing the flu and coronavirus. Not that they are equivalent at all, but you might have a case of flu in the family, in the household, and some people might get infected and others might not. Similarly, you may have a COVID case in your family, and some people in the family might get COVID and some might not. And whether or not a single person will get infected and/or sick after an exposure in the household hinges directly on the amount of virus that is put out by the COVID-positive person.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: How can she speak of the amount of virus put out by the COVID-positive person? Presumably, as the person breathes and when they speak, there is virus in their expelled air and in whatever invisible aerosol they emit. But, they have never found virus that way. They find virus by going deep into the nasal cavity and collecting deep mucus there. And they don’t find virus, but rather, just bits of RNA, which they presume are from the virus. And then they amplify it, and if it matches their primers, they say you’ve got the virus. But supposedly, in real life, infection is happening from whole, live viruses being emitted from a person’s mouth in their expired air or in what comes out invisibly when they speak. So, if she thinks there is whole live virus there, why can’t they find it there? Why can’t they have a person just expire into something and then find whole, live virus in that suspension? They are saying that that is what is happening, so why can’t they demonstrate it? What do you think would happen if they analyzed the air that is exhaled by a Covid-positive person? Do you think they would find whole, live virus in that air? The point is that she has a model in her head, but that’s all it is: a model. It isn’t based on anything real.


Dr. Lucy McBride: Besides the amount of virus put out by the Covid-positive person, we have to consider the conditions in that space, and the immune system and vaccination status of the person who is being exposed.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: She is being disingenuous here because vaccination status has no bearing on whether you get infected. It’s just as easy to get infected if you are vaccinated than if you’re not. They admit that. The only claim they make is that you’re likely to have milder symptoms if you’re vaccinated- not that you won’t get infected. As far as the conditions in the space, such as if it’s a large room with wide-open windows or a small room with no windows, yeah I get the difference. But, if you live with someone in a house or apartment, the conditions are about the same for everybody. There isn’t that much difference. In other words, it’s more of a hypothetical variable than a real one, and it’s disingenuous of her to list it.    

Dr. Lucy McBride: So, you can have inhaled a small viral load from the infected person; you can have inhaled a large viral load. In other words, you may have inhaled a different amount of virus. You also have a unique response to the virus based on your underlying health conditions, your immune system, and the other factors at play. For example, if in the home you are exposed in a large room where the windows were open, that's going to be perhaps a different level of exposure than someone who is sleeping in the same room as the COVID-positive person. You may, for example, have had three shots and you're a young, healthy person, and you may not get as sick as a result. We know that vaccinated people get typically less sick than people who are unvaccinated or have underlying health conditions.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: So, that is where she brought up about the open windows, which I say is mostly a speculation, a product of her imagination. The small vs. large viral load is completely theoretical because they have never found any virus in expired air. But, she finally made a valid point in saying that the state of a person’s health has a great bearing on whether they are going to get Covid or not.  But, what she said about the vaccine is meaningless because it only concerns severity and not whether you will get infected, and that’s according to their narrative.  

Dr. Lucy McBride: So remember that it's not automatic that someone will get infected in the household. Yet household transmission is the most common problem. And the reason we see widespread transmission of a particularly contagious variant is because within the same house, people often aren't masked and they're in close quarters.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: That’s right; it’s not automatic that someone will get infected- in the household or anywhere else. And that’s true whether you are vaccinated or not. There are plenty of people who are unvaccinated and who surely have been exposed to Covid (including me, since I never wear a mask except when I am forced to, and my home is a Covid-free zone where we act like it doesn’t exist. I have guests in my home frequently- practically all the time- and I never wear a mask and I don’t require them to wear a mask. Some of them arrive at the front door wearing a mask, and I tell them there and then that they don’t have to do it, and only rarely has anyone continued to wear one. And there have been no Covid outbreaks here-unless we’re all asymptomatic carriers but don’t know it.

Look: the point is that there is a narrative here, and a person like Dr. McBride does not know a God-damn thing. She is just spewing the narrative. She is spewing the narrative like she claims people are spewing the virus. She doesn’t know anything. All she knows is the paradigm that she was told to tell. She knows the party line. And she is paid to spew it. And her piddly little mind conjures up the script as she tries to make sense of it. But, it makes no sense. If virus were being passed in expelled air, then they would be able to find virus in expelled air, and I mean whole, live virus, which they have never done. It really is time to reject the whole Covid narrative and the brain-dead doctors that spew it.