He qualified that by adding “this year” which tells me that he has no doubt that more shots will be needed next year and beyond and probably forever. Then, Dr. Gregory Poland of the Mayo Clinic said today that “your great-great-great-great grandchildren will be getting immunized against Covid” that it will never be eradicated.

I am now convinced that there is no Covid virus. They have never found a whole Covid virus. What they have found are tiny scraps of RNA in people’s mucus, and then using a computer program, they have abstractly linked these scraps together and let the software generate hypothetical parts that are missing until they have what they claim to be the genome of the virus. Then, to prove that it exists, they do cytopathic tests in which they add a sample from a Covid patient to cells, along with a lot of other stuff such as antibiotics, and then when the cells sicken, they assume that it’s from the virus. Then, amazingly, they apply the word “isolation” to that. They have the audacity to claim that the things they did to make a cell culture sick amounts to isolation of a virus.

Remember what they are claiming. They are claiming that the emanations from a person’s mouth are traveling through the air from one person to another, and because those emanations contain whole, live viruses, and in large amounts, they are infecting others. But, also remember that people don’t go up and cough and sneeze on each other. Even before Covid, they didn’t do that. How many Covid sufferers report that someone coughed on them? That is so rare, it is practically nonexistent. Almost always, it is presumed to be incidental exposure, where there was nothing going on between the two people except proximity. Nobody coughed or sneezed on anyone or blew their expired air into another’s face. Supposedly, this is happening through the normal interface that occurs between people in public. For instance, you’re waiting on line at the supermarket, and the person in front of you or behind you has Covid, so they give you the virus. But again, even in that situation, he or she doesn’t violate your personal space, and they aren’t breathing on you or coughing or sneezing on you. As they exhale, their spent breath mixes right away with the ambient air, which dilutes any viruses it contains. By the time any elements from their breath gets to you (if it does at all) the viral load would be minimal and probably insignificant. And for sure, the viral load starting out would have to be extremely high in order for you, at say 5 feet away, to receive anything.

And that’s why I say that it should be possible to find whole, live viruses, and a lot of them, in people’s expired air. It should be possible to intercept those viruses when they are traveling from one person to another.

So, you have the person expire into a receptacle that traps their spent air which supposedly contains the virus. You could even have them cough into it.  Collect those droplets. Knock yourself out. And then you look for the virus. And that’s whole, live virus because it would have to be whole and live in order to infect another person.

But, they have never done this, and it’s because they can’t do it, and the reason they can’t do it is because there is no virus there.

What is happening now, especially with the fictitious Omicron, is that regular colds and flus are being called Covid. And keep in mind that there was “viral pneumonia” being diagnosed long before there was Covid. Bacterial pneumonia tends to very localized and usually limited to just one lung. So, if they find a more generalized pneumonia that affects both lungs, they tend to call it viral. But, the point is that there is nothing about “Covid” that truly distinguishes it from the pneumonias that came before. Fever, headaches, coughing, shortness of breath all can occur with regular pneumonias, and for that matter, so can loss of taste and smell. And frankly, much of the loss of taste is due to the anorexia, while the loss of smell is due to the inflammation in the nasal passages where the olfactory nerves reside. So, every bit of that can happen with regular, non-Covid pneumonia.

The same is true of the “ground glass opacity” which can be seen with other lung conditions besides Covid.  Many people show some ground glass opacity in their chest x-rays without being acutely ill at all.  You could just take people off the street and x-ray them and you may find it, especially if they are smokers or live in polluted places.

Now, they are trying to make hay out of the death of Hana Horkad, a popular Czech singer. She refused to be vaccinated- unlike her sons and husband who were. And even though they were vaccinated, they all got Covid. So, they got Covid, but she didn’t. But, she decided that she was not going to withdraw from them, that she was going to continue to live with them and interact with them normally as they recovered from their mild illnesses. But then she got sick similarly and went through it and seemed to recover.  And on the day she died, she was feeling fine and getting ready to go out for a walk. But then her back started hurting, so she decided to lie down. Then, as she was resting, she started choking and died.

That’s the story, but what was she choking on? She was 57 years old and overweight. So, who knows, she may have had a heart attack. People don’t just choke to death for no reason. At that point, she was NOT acutely ill with pneumonia.

So, there is no basis to believe that story, and there are many like it.

The Covid dogma is just a dogma and nothing more. People are getting sick for all the reasons they have always gotten sick, and the stresses of Covidism, including the vaccine, are adding to it. And remember that people with Covid are dying under medical care in the hospital. They are mostly dying in the hospital and not at home. 

It's been reported that, due to the pandemic, people have gained weight, which means they have been eating more and badly. They have increased their drinking and their drug use. Many have stopped exercising. There has been a rise in domestic turmoil and domestic violence. There has been a rise in clinical depression due to pressures and hardships arising from the pandemic. All of this is very stressful and debilitating, and it can easily trigger a flu-like illness.  That's why I'm not surprised that so many people are getting sick. You don't need a virus to explain it.