Dr. Bailey, who goes by “Dr. Sam” is a medical doctor in New Zealand, and she blogs about Covid and other things. It’s apparent that she is very involved in “lifestyle medicine” as the core of her practice and with an emphasis on eating fresh fruits and vegetables of the highest quality, and other sound health practices. In other words, she is one of us. And I will add that she looks very healthy.

I have been following her since before Covid, but I think it’s fair to say that she has become one of the leading and most vocal doctors in the world against the Covid narrative, and she has connected with other leading doctors in the movement, such as Dr. Andrew Kaufman in the U.S. and Dr. Stefan Lanka in Germany, to name two. There are many others.

But, in this latest video of hers, Dr. Sam tackles head-on on the explanation of what is really going on if the SARS Covid-19 virus is an invented fiction. I am providing the link to that, but I would like to make a few comments of my own first.

Early on in this “pandemic” I was fortunate to meet the Canadian researcher David Crowe, who has since passed away and not from Covid. I think it’s fair to say that back then, in 2020, he did the most to rale against the use of the PCR test for Covid. He repeatedly said that “it’s not a binary test,” that anyone can test positive for Covid if you cycle it enough times. That was the first thing that alarmed me about the narrative.

But, the second thing that alarmed me was the way they claimed that even people who are totally asymptomatic, if they test positive for Covid, that they are sick, and just as sick as the people who are symptomatic- they just don’t know it. For example, they got this young female doctor, who I seem to recall was from Lubbock, Texas, to claim that, from x-rays she’s seen, that people who have Covid but without symptoms, that their lung x-rays look just as bad as those who are clinically sick and even hospitalized.   

But, it makes no sense to think that there is no correlation between the presence and severity of symptoms and the clinical findings on a chest x-ray. In other words, if there is a lot of pathology in the lungs, how could it exist without producing any symptoms?

And it’s important for me to stress that we are talking about no symptoms at all. For instance, on the day that Senator Rand Paul had his PCR test for Covid (which was positive) he went to the Senate gym and did a weightlifting workout, followed by a swim. You can't tell me his lungs were riddled with disease when he did that.  As far as I know, he never got sick. So, did he have a disease, or was it a false positive test result? Even though Medicine acknowledges the existence of false-positive test results for other things, they don’t acknowledge it for Covid- even though Covid has had the highest percentage of apparent false positive test results of any known condition. 

So, what I am suggesting to you is that this claim that the lungs of asymptomatic Covid people look as bad as severely ill Covid patients and worse than two pack a day smokers (which is another claim), is nothing but a lip-flap. In other words, it’s a lie.

In her video, Dr. Sam makes the astute observation that there is only one  criterion for the diagnosis of Covid, and that is, a positive PCR test.  That is considered the most reliable test, often called the “gold standard” (and it makes me want to barf when I hear that). It does not test for a virus. It tests for little snippets of RNA about which they make two claims, both of which are unsubstantiated. And they are that they claim to know that those snippets are from the Covid-19 virus, and that they are the signature of the virus, that no other living thing, large or small, has. or could have, those sequences.

But why, if the virus exists, can’t they find a whole one? Why is it always snippets? If whole viruses are coming out in the expired air of the infected- and they absolutely have to claim that, since millions of people test positive who haven’t been around anyone who was coughing or sneezing- then why can’t whole viruses be found in their deep exudates?

They really can’t find a whole virus. And their claim to isolate the virus is based entirely on a presumption- the presumption that if adding a person’s exudate to a cell culture- along with a bunch of other things that are toxic- if that causes the cell culture to decline or die, then the virus must have done it. That is not isolation! It’s just a presumption!  

But, what makes this video by Dr. Sam so valuable is that she dives into explaining what is really going on with the excess deaths, because no one doubts that a lot of people have died. But, what did they die of?

Dr. Sam explains that the vast majority of Covid deaths have been in the old- and not just the old, but the old with chronic co-morbid conditions- and I mean things that can kill you. But, she also says that doctors have done things to hasten these deaths, and she gave the example of dosing old people, diagnosed with Covid, with the benzodiazepine drug Midazolam, which is dangerous to give to old people. You’ll see that she points out that mortality rates vary a lot, that in some European countries there has been no increased mortality during this pandemic, and in others just a slight rise in total mortality. But, in the UK they have had a significant rise in overall morality. But, is it from the virus or from what they’re doing, such as administering Midazolam wily nily?

She didn’t bring it up this time, but I will mention again that they have undoubtedly killed hundreds of thousands, and probably more, with the ventilators. That they would continue administering something that was resulting in death in 97% of the people getting it- that is effffin’ murder. If you don’t know to stop doing something that results in death almost 100% of the time, then something the f__K is wrong with you.

Dr. Sam says that most of the symptomatic cases of Covid (and there are millions of asymptomatic cases that are just test results) are people who have colds and flus. And these people would be much better off if they just stayed home. Instead of panicking and going to the hospital, just stay home. And there is absolutely no distinguishing, pathognomonic feature of Covid. Loss of taste and smell? Forget about it because you can easily get that from the regular flu or even a cold if it’s a bad one. There is absolutely nothing that you can point to. What makes it Covid is that God-awful mucus test and nothing else.

There is no symptom that is the defining symptom of Covid; yet, any symptom can be Covid.  In other words, if you have Symptom X and a positive Covid PCR test, then Medicine is entirely willing to claim that your Symptom X was caused by Covid and is a symptom of Covid. Covid is ANYTHING that can be linked to a positive PCR test. The virus does this. The virus does that. The virus goes here. The virus goes there. And that is some sick shit they are spewing.

So, please watch and listen to brave Dr. Sam. I can just imagine the hassles she gets from the New Zealand medical establishment.