A 68 year old Kansas woman went into anaphylaxis soon after getting her first shot of the Moderna vaccine. She was rushed to the hospital, but she died the next morning. That was last March, and they are just now releasing the autopsy results which show that the vaccine definitely killed her. Why did it take them a year to release it?


And if you read the article, you’ll see that the CDC admits that there have been other vaccine-related deaths from anaphylaxis, and that that the Covid vaccine has killed at least 9 people from thrombocytopenia. Keep in mind that many thousands of vaccine-related deaths have been reported, but the CDC rejects most of them as coincidences. But, when a person is stable and not dying, and they get the shot, and soon thereafter they fall ill, and then they die, that is way too strong an association to dismiss as coincidence.

And, I consider it a very monstrous thing that they keep pushing a vaccine that they know has killed people. And I am very well aware of how they rationalize it in their piddly little minds. They think it’s a numbers game, that since so many more will die if the population isn’t vaccinated that it’s “worth it” to sacrifice a few to save the many.

Except: those few aren’t their lives to sacrifice. The only life they have a right to sacrifice is their own. And let’s look at the facts: they admit that the vaccine does not prevent Covid infection; nor does it prevent the spread of the disease. The only benefit that they even claim for the vaccine any more is that it reduces the severity of the illness if you get it. And don’t think for one second that I accept that because I don’t.  And why should I when I’ve heard of so many cases of vaccinated people who have died of Covid? Dying is the most severe outcome there is, right? And if that can happen to the vaccinated, not extremely rarely, but quite often and widely, what benefit is there left to cling to? Answer: so pitifully little, it might as well be nothing. And I believe it is nothing. I believe that the vaccine is only doing harm.  

Look: if the vaccine can’t stop the virus from the onset, why assume that it can stop the virus later? Remember: supposedly, the vaccine arms you with the antibodies IN ADVANCE. So, If you have the antibodies in advance, why should you get sick at all? I’m sure that if put on the spot, they’d be able to come up with some glib talking point about that. But, that’s my point: that glib talking points is all they have. And they have an army of “experts” who spew those glib talking points, day in and day out.

But, the point is that to pressure people to take the vaccine and even mandate it when they know that it has killed people shows you that they place no value on individual human lives. If you have to die from the vaccine, and if others after you have to die from it, they don’t care. They may say that that it’s too bad, but believe me, they’re not feeling bad. They are not losing a wink of sleep over that Kansas woman. That rolls off them like water off a duck’s back.

The son of the Kansas woman says that he’s going to sue. I wonder if he knows that he can’t sue Moderna. They are immune. They have no liability. All he can do is sue the federal government. And the federal government will just print up some more money, because that’s how they get money, and they’ll give it to him. And they’ll print up some more for others like him. And the vaccination campaign will just go on. It won’t miss a beat. It won’t even slow down.    

The first rule of Medicine is supposed to be: do no harm. But, that’s a joke because most of what Medicine does is harm, and all that they do with vaccines is harm.

And don’t kid yourself:  this isn’t going away. There will always be a new outbreak or a new variant or a new virus. I’m not saying you can’t have good days, and I think you should let yourself have good days whenever you can. But, we are no more going back to life as it was before Covid than we are to passbook savings accounts that pay 5% interest.