A woman who was double-vaccinated, boosted, and who wore a medical-grade mask to the max still came down with Covid. That should have caused her to question the whole Covid narrative.

You’ve heard of the religious folks who go out to the desert because they think God is sending a spaceship down to whisk them away before the Great Tribulation. Of course, the spaceship never shows up. But, does that shake their faith? Not at all. They come up with a reason why it didn’t happen and go on waiting. I don’t mean in the desert. They go home and back to their lives and jobs, because, you know, they have to eat. But, mentally, they’re still waiting.

You’ve heard the expression: to pound a square peg into a round hole. Well, that’s what has been going on repeatedly throughout this whole Covid affair.   

Even though she lives in a small apartment in New York City with her husband and children, none of them caught it from her.  But, Omicron is supposed to be 4X more transmissible than the original virus, which was much more transmissible than colds and flus. And one of her children is unvaccinated because of his young age. Yet, he didn’t get Covid from her. So why?

This woman is not a doctor, but it would mean nothing to me if she was.

She said that some people shed the virus more than others. Shed the virus? They have yet to find a whole Covid virus in anyone. They have yet to demonstrate the presence of whole, live Covid virus in the expired air of anyone. Even when they dig deep into a person’s nasal passages, they only come up with fragments of RNA. How can they talk about “virus shedding” when they have never proven that it occurs? They just assume that it does.   

Then, she said that maybe her unvaccinated preschooler got the infection earlier but asymptomatically, and so he built up the antibodies, and that’s why he didn’t catch it from her. But, just because one can conceive of that, what reason is there to believe it? A hypothetical that is completely devoid of substance is just a flight of fancy, and that’s all that is.

And keep in mind that she admitted that she didn’t even try to isolate herself in their 800 square foot apartment.  

If this woman wasn’t mentally debilitated by the tsunami of Covid spewings, she would have realized that the vaccine didn’t do jack shit for her. She would realize that the Covid tests are worthless, especially since millions of well people have tested positive. And when a well person tests positive, you don’t start by questioning whether they are really well; you start by questioning whether the test is valid.

It must have been a mild illness for her because she never said a word about her symptoms. Nothing. In all probability, she had a cold or flu, and probably a mild one, since she didn't complain about how bad it was. So, why didn’t her family catch it? No explanation is needed because we all know from common experience that that often happens. The only thing “Covid” about her experience is the test; that ridiculous, bogus test.

But, I think you should read this because every thought that came out of her head was a delusion, and she is no different from the people waiting in the desert for the space ship.