One of the effects that Covidism has had on me is to cause me to question not only the Covid narrative, but the narrative for other viral diseases as well. Maybe the whole concept is flawed.

I recalled how a boatload of Argentinian fishermen, before they set to sea, were all tested for Covid, and they tested negative. But when they returned some weeks later, some of them tested positive, and some of them were symptomatic.

So then, I began searching for similar cases, involving other viruses, such as the common cold virus, and I hit the jackpot.

Six of 12 men wintering at an isolated Antarctic base sequentially developed symptoms and signs of a common cold after 17 weeks of complete isolation. Examination of specimens taken from the men in relation to the outbreak has not revealed a causative agent.

17 weeks? That’s 4 months! How could a person be infected with a cold virus for 4 months before it starts making them sick? That is not part of the narrative. The incubation period for a cold is said to be 24 to 72 hours.

If you want to read the whole article, you can. The gist of it is that they don’t know how this happened, but they’re sure it wasn’t an allergy, and they presume that one of the men must have harbored the virus for 4 months. They’re willing to think that because it’s checkmate if they don’t.

That interpretation is completely unsubstantiated and serves only to preserve the virus narrative. It’s only a supposition. What the bare facts really lead to is that one can get a cold without a virus. That’s what one who isn’t tethered to viral theory would think.  

Claiming that a person harbored a cold virus for 4 months is a problem, especially since it’s 8x longer than the course of the disease (assuming that a cold lasts for 2 weeks). What was going on during those 4 months? Was the virus taking over cells? It had to, right? Because it can’t live independently, right? And the body had to marshal a defense against it, right? And what, the person didn’t notice? They had a war going on inside them, and they didn’t notice?

The old-time naturalists, such as Herbert Shelton, used to say that a cold was a cleansing process, a detox, a radical shake-up of the internal environment to restore normality. I have to wonder if there isn’t more truth to that than what we’ve been told. There are these vesicles that contain genetic material that all cells shed called exosomes, and they are practically indistinguishable from viruses. Dr. Andrew Kaufman says they are indistinguishable.

I suggest you watch Dr. Kaufman’s video about this, and I hope that, like me, you will keep your mind open and start to question the whole virus narrative- at its core.