This is from an article on Yahoo News, and I want to show you how vacuous this doctor’s response is. It’s a good question, but there is nothing but spin in her answer.

Why do some people who are in the same household get COVID-19, and others don’t? Can it be compared to the flu?

Dr. Lucy McBride: It can be useful at this moment of the pandemic to start to think about comparing the flu and coronavirus. Not that they are equivalent at all, but you might have a case of flu in the family, in the household, and some people might get infected and others might not. Similarly, you may have a COVID case in your family, and some people in the family might get COVID and some might not. And whether or not a single person will get infected and/or sick after an exposure in the household hinges directly on the amount of virus that is put out by the COVID-positive person.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: How can she speak of the amount of virus put out by the COVID-positive person? Presumably, as the person breathes and when they speak, there is virus in their expelled air and in whatever invisible aerosol they emit. But, they have never found virus that way. They find virus by going deep into the nasal cavity and collecting deep mucus there. And they don’t find virus, but rather, just bits of RNA, which they presume are from the virus. And then they amplify it, and if it matches their primers, they say you’ve got the virus. But supposedly, in real life, infection is happening from whole, live viruses being emitted from a person’s mouth in their expired air or in what comes out invisibly when they speak. So, if she thinks there is whole live virus there, why can’t they find it there? Why can’t they have a person just expire into something and then find whole, live virus in that suspension? They are saying that that is what is happening, so why can’t they demonstrate it? What do you think would happen if they analyzed the air that is exhaled by a Covid-positive person? Do you think they would find whole, live virus in that air? The point is that she has a model in her head, but that’s all it is: a model. It isn’t based on anything real.


Dr. Lucy McBride: Besides the amount of virus put out by the Covid-positive person, we have to consider the conditions in that space, and the immune system and vaccination status of the person who is being exposed.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: She is being disingenuous here because vaccination status has no bearing on whether you get infected. It’s just as easy to get infected if you are vaccinated than if you’re not. They admit that. The only claim they make is that you’re likely to have milder symptoms if you’re vaccinated- not that you won’t get infected. As far as the conditions in the space, such as if it’s a large room with wide-open windows or a small room with no windows, yeah I get the difference. But, if you live with someone in a house or apartment, the conditions are about the same for everybody. There isn’t that much difference. In other words, it’s more of a hypothetical variable than a real one, and it’s disingenuous of her to list it.    

Dr. Lucy McBride: So, you can have inhaled a small viral load from the infected person; you can have inhaled a large viral load. In other words, you may have inhaled a different amount of virus. You also have a unique response to the virus based on your underlying health conditions, your immune system, and the other factors at play. For example, if in the home you are exposed in a large room where the windows were open, that's going to be perhaps a different level of exposure than someone who is sleeping in the same room as the COVID-positive person. You may, for example, have had three shots and you're a young, healthy person, and you may not get as sick as a result. We know that vaccinated people get typically less sick than people who are unvaccinated or have underlying health conditions.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: So, that is where she brought up about the open windows, which I say is mostly a speculation, a product of her imagination. The small vs. large viral load is completely theoretical because they have never found any virus in expired air. But, she finally made a valid point in saying that the state of a person’s health has a great bearing on whether they are going to get Covid or not.  But, what she said about the vaccine is meaningless because it only concerns severity and not whether you will get infected, and that’s according to their narrative.  

Dr. Lucy McBride: So remember that it's not automatic that someone will get infected in the household. Yet household transmission is the most common problem. And the reason we see widespread transmission of a particularly contagious variant is because within the same house, people often aren't masked and they're in close quarters.

Dr. Ralph Cinque: That’s right; it’s not automatic that someone will get infected- in the household or anywhere else. And that’s true whether you are vaccinated or not. There are plenty of people who are unvaccinated and who surely have been exposed to Covid (including me, since I never wear a mask except when I am forced to, and my home is a Covid-free zone where we act like it doesn’t exist. I have guests in my home frequently- practically all the time- and I never wear a mask and I don’t require them to wear a mask. Some of them arrive at the front door wearing a mask, and I tell them there and then that they don’t have to do it, and only rarely has anyone continued to wear one. And there have been no Covid outbreaks here-unless we’re all asymptomatic carriers but don’t know it.

Look: the point is that there is a narrative here, and a person like Dr. McBride does not know a God-damn thing. She is just spewing the narrative. She is spewing the narrative like she claims people are spewing the virus. She doesn’t know anything. All she knows is the paradigm that she was told to tell. She knows the party line. And she is paid to spew it. And her piddly little mind conjures up the script as she tries to make sense of it. But, it makes no sense. If virus were being passed in expelled air, then they would be able to find virus in expelled air, and I mean whole, live virus, which they have never done. It really is time to reject the whole Covid narrative and the brain-dead doctors that spew it.   


I was at the bank today, and there was a sign on the door that said that face masks are strongly encouraged for all customers and required for all employees. So naturally, I went in without a mask. But, I noticed that I was the only customer without one. Every other customer wore a mask.  And I began thinking about all the people who have done that throughout this pandemic but still got Covid. We are talking about millions of people.

Then I started thinking about the flu, that even though we have been dealing with that our whole lives, there was never a mask-wearing campaign for it. I’ve had the flu a few times, but it’s been a while. The last time I had it was very early in the millennium, like 2001 or 2002. So, that’s 20 years ago, at least. So, even though the flu has occurred every year, and I was surely exposed to it each and every year, I didn’t get it. And my avoiding it did not come from wearing a mask.

The old-time naturalists used to say that when you have a cold or flu, that it amounts to housekeeping, that your body is shedding something, clearing out something, that that is the essence of it, not infection. Then, we found out that there are virus-like vesicles that every cell in your body sheds all the time called exosomes.  It is very hard to distinguish exosomes from viruses. Dr. Andrew Kaufman, who is probably the leading voice of dissent within Medicine concerning Covid, says that there is no Covid-19, that the virus does not exist, and that what they are finding in people are their own exosomes, plus the RNA from a plethora of microorganisms that reside in everyone.

But again, recalling from my own experience, that many years and most years I don’t get the flu, despite certain exposure. Why? It’s because it wasn’t my time. My body was just not on the precipice of it.  Exposure, if it’s involved at all, is certainly not enough. If it’s not your time, it’s not your time; and you’re not going to get the flu, regardless of how many people cough on you. I sincerely believe that. In other words, you’ve got to be rundown to be susceptible. And as I think about the times I did get the flu, I recall that I was rundown before I got it, that I was under stress, that I wasn’t getting enough rest and sleep,  that I was off.

Then, it is also my experience that after recovering from the flu, I feel great. I feel renewed. I feel recharged. It does seem that I benefited, constitutionally, from going through it.

So, I think the old-time naturalists were right in their perspective. They spoke in very general terms about “toxins” without knowing exactly what they were talking about, but the idea that colds and flu are a bodily reset that ultimately restores balance seems valid.

What is of paramount importance is to cooperate with the process and not do anything suppressive. You should rest and sleep to the max. As far as taking things like Vitamin C, zinc, Echinacea, etc., I’ve never done that because I see it as a process that I have to go through, and I’ve always recovered fully and without complications without taking anything. I have faith in my body, and that’s true even if I came down with something that got called “Covid.”   


First, I want to show you that I know what I’m talking about. I’ll be 71 next month.

Now that I’ve shown you that, the next thing I want you to know is that I do no abdominal exercises. None. No sit-ups. No crunches. Nothing.

I do exercise. I hike. I bike. I swim.  I do pull-ups. And I do a little bit of resistance training, but nothing strenuous. I don’t go to the gym. Just light stuff that I can do at home. At my age, I don’t want to hurt myself lifting heavy weights. What for?

It is unnecessary to do specific exercises for your abdominal muscles. For one thing, you use them when you breathe, and you are breathing all the time. For two, you use them to support your abdominal organs, and you’re doing that a lot of the time. Not all the time. When you are lying down, you’re not doing it because you don’t need to do it. Gravity isn’t working against them. But any time you are standing or even sitting, your abdominal muscles should be working to hold your organs where they belong. Finally, your abdominal muscles are accessory muscles in other exertions that you do. So, with all that activity going on all day long, your abdominal muscles should be getting plenty of exercise. You shouldn’t need to do anything beyond that, and I don’t.

But, besides having good, toned abdominal muscles, it also helps if you don’t have a lot of abdominal fat. In other words, if you have good toned abdominal muscles but also quite a lot of abdominal fat, the fat may obscure the nice tone that you have in your muscles. So, getting rid of excess abdominal fat is very important. And it’s important not just because you are going to look better, but because abdominal fat is associated with disease. Fat on the abdomen and plaque in the arteries go together, hand in hand. Fat on the abdomen goes along with insulin resistance, pre-diabetes, and diabetes.  Moreover, an association has been found between excessive abdominal fat and cancer.

And although I’m OK with the way I am, I could be leaner. I’ve got some fat there. If I pinch around, I have no trouble finding it. But, I assure you that if I had any more fat there, I would be concerned about it and determined to get rid of it.

So, what do I do? I eat a plant-based diet: fruits, vegetables, salad greens, raw nuts and seeds, and various kinds of cooked beans. I eat black beans, pintos, garbanzos, lentils. I go for vegetable soup with red kidney beans. I also eat some whole grains, particularly oatmeal, and less often brown rice or quinoa. But, I’m not as big on grains as I am on the other foods.

And I do use some extra virgin olive oil, sparingly. I know that many plant-based doctors are completely against it, but I think they’re wrong, and I think the reasons they give are wrong. For instance, Dr. Neal Barnard says the reason EVOO is bad is because besides having that great monounsaturated fat, it also contains some saturated fat. Big deal. That’s not a problem. It’s also true of nuts and seeds. Demonizing saturated fat is ridiculous. Your body needs it. It can make it, but it makes it because it needs it.

Many protective effects have been attributed to EVOO, but I’m not going to list them because I don’t want to seem over-zealous about it. But, I will point out that there are scientific conferences held every year where doctors and scientists meet to hear and exchange about the latest research on the health benefits of extra virgin olive oil. This is one from 2018 in Spain.

However, I do agree that the whole foods, such as nuts ands seeds, are nutritionally superior to any kind of oil, including olive oil. If I were stranded on a desert island, and there was nothing to eat except bottles of EVOO that drifted ashore, I wouldn’t consume it. I would not put my body on a diet of just olive oil. That would be far more stressful than fasting. Fasting my body can adapt to, but a diet of olive oil alone my body cannot adapt to. So, if there were nothing to eat but olive oil, I wouldn’t eat. I’d fast. But, if instead of that, there was a grove of avocado trees, so I had nothing to eat but avocadoes, I’d eat them. I know I couldn’t live on them forever, but I could live on them for a while, and I’m sure they would sustain me well. But, the irony is that I rarely buy avocadoes any more, and the reason is that the quality has deteriorated so much. Avocado used to be a delicacy. You could put a scoop of avocado in your mouth and savor its unique and complex flavor as it evolved and transitioned in your mouth. But, today’s avocadoes are bland and one-dimensional- a shadow of their former selves. So, I don’t buy them like I used to because they’re expensive and usually disappointing. Maybe it’s different for people who live in areas where avocadoes grow, where they have been cultivated properly.

And I’m strict about limiting my food consumption to mealtimes. I don’t snack. Many days I just eat two meals, lunch and dinner. And the days that I do eat in the morning, it is always a very light meal, such as, just watermelon. I don’t eat solid food 3x a day. I don’t need to. It would be too much.

But, I like getting out to walk, bike, and swim. It makes me feel good physically and mentally. And on the days that the weather is glorious, then I have to do it. Of course, of the three, walking and swimming are completely totally natural. Functionally and posturally, what could possibly be better and more natural than walking? Nothing. Swimming is that way too, particularly when you swim the crawl. You don’t hear that term used often because it’s become known as the freestyle. But, the crawl is a better term for it because it’s the equivalent of crawling through the water, and it comes as natural to a person as crawling does to a baby. Biking isn’t as good, biomechanically, because your back is bent and your head is extended back, and you tend to stiffen your neck while you’re riding, which isn’t good. The recumbent bikes are biomechanically better, but I ride a standard one. But, I do my best to stay elongated and not stiffen up too much. I’m aware of the problem.

So, between the food and the exercise, I’m doing pretty good keeping fat off my abdomen. I could be doing better, but relatively speaking, I’m doing well, and that’s without doing any abdominal exercises. It should not be necessary to do them, and there is nothing natural about doing them. Do wild animals do them? No. Of course not. And they don’t get flabby bellies.




That isn’t me talking, but rather, the author of this article. Please read my comments first.

He was triple-vaxxed; masked to the extreme; and living like a hermit. Finally, he decides to go to an office Christmas party in which everyone had to be tripled vaxxed and have a negative Covid test within 24 hours.

That was a Thursday night. The next night, Friday, he and his wife ate in restaurant. Two days later, he had a scratchy throat and felt chilled. His rapid Covid test showed that he had it.

He got a monoclonal antibodies infusion at the hospital on Day 5, but his illness lasted 12 days, and it was 14 days before he tested negative.

Symptomatically, he described it as a sore throat, night sweats, rashes, loss of smell, and chest heaviness.

He still credits the vaccine for keeping him alive, when there is no reason to think the vaccine did him any good at all. Yes, his case wasn’t that severe. He was never gasping for breath. He didn’t have to go on a ventilator. But, that’s true of many people who get Covid and aren’t vaccinated. And many people don’t experience any illness at all- whether or not they are vaccinated. Senator Rand Paul tested positive for Covid on a day that he did a gym workout and went for a swim. He never got sick, and that was long before vaccines existed.  And there are many people like that. So, this guy has no right to claim to know that, had he not been vaccinated, that he would have suffered worse. And it may be just the opposite, that the vaccine weakened him.

The mind-bending that is going on is crazy, and I mean the willingness to look at everything that happens through the warped lens of the Covid narrative, in which anything short of death means that the vaccine saved you. It is a false deduction based on false premises and false conclusions.

Did he even have Covid? Or did he have something that would have been called something else prior to Covid? I’m not at all sure, since I don’t believe in the test's validity. 

What I do know is that long before Covid, people have had the tendency to get sick with flu-like illness, and I believe they are sweeping those people into the Covid category- in droves. But regardless, to continue to believe in the merit of the vaccine despite the torrent of cases like this guy is crazy. The vaccine is worthless, and it's long-term harms are yet to be elucidated.      



Dr. Michael Greger is a plant-based M.D. who devotes himself to writing and blogging about the plant-based lifestyle, and he calls his operation  Recently, he answered a question about “long Covid” in which he urged all his listeners to get vaccinated. It starts at 16 minutes in this video:

He said that having gotten his second dose the day before, that in 13 days, he is going to be “pretty much immune from Covid-19.” That is a totally false and unwarranted statement. First, they don’t claim that the vaccine prevents infection. And if it doesn’t prevent infection, how can you claim to be immune from it? Second, plenty of vaccinated people have gotten Covid-19, and the number who have died from it is not a tiny, trivial number. According to the CDC, in just one week, from October 11 to October 18, 2021, the number of “breakthrough deaths” (meaning Covid deaths among the fully vaccinated)  was 10,857. That was in just one week!

I admit that it sounded incredible, even to me. So, I wanted to make sure of it, and yes, it is what the CDC reported. And in response to it, their lapdogs got to work spinning it, saying that it doesn’t take into account age and demographics.  They said that as more people get vaccinated, it’s expected that deaths among the vaccinated will increase because if everyone were vaccinated, then all the deaths would be among the vaccinated. But, that is a totally ludicrous argument because the vaccine is supposed to protect.

Here is one apologist, and he starts by admitting that the appalling figures are correct.  And he goes on to state that 37% of Covid deaths were among the fully vaccinated.

So, based on the CDC’s own claims, the vaccine does not protect you from getting infected and sick from Covid. Their ONLY claim of benefit is that reduces the risk of getting seriously ill or dying from it. Yet, they admit that over one in three Covid deaths are among the vaccinated.

And let’s remember who the CDC is and what they do, which is push vaccines with a vengeance. They push for annual flu shots. So, if Dr. Greger is willing to follow their advice about Covid, does he also get an annual flu shot?

The only thing we can be sure of about their figures is that they massage them, as much as possible, to sell the vaccines. Why would you trust an organization that gets the annual flu deaths as high as 60,000 by including among them those who died from bacterial pneumonia?

The point is that the figures they are offering for Covid are lousy and very troubling, but they are not even trustworthy.   

But, here’s what you know: You know that Covid vaccination does not prevent infection or transmission, and you know that serious and fatal cases among the vaccinated have occurred and in great numbers. 10,857 deaths in a week is a very great number. And the clincher is: no matter how they spin it, and no matter how much worse they claim it is for the unvaccinated, you have nothing to be impressed about. Taking a vaccine is EXTREMELY risky. It would have to be OVERWHELMINGLY effective to even consider taking it. And it is patently obvious that the Covid vaccines are NOT overwhelmingly effective.

You realize that, in life, it is almost always better to err on the side of caution. And in this case, the side of caution is to leave your body alone and not put something into it that is known to be dangerous and toxic.  And if you are a health person who takes care of himself, why don’t you believe in yourself and what you are doing? Why are you afraid of a virus? Why are you willing to live like that, cowering over a virus? In my life, I wear a mask when I have to, but that’s it. I never wear it at home. I never require anyone to wear a mask in my home. If they want to wear a mask, they can. But, I won’t wear one for them. And if they aren’t happy about that, they can get the hell out. And any place that masks are optional, such as in stores in Texas, I don’t wear one. Why should I when they admit it's ineffective? If it were effective, then if you wore it all the time, you wouldn't need the vaccine, right? Why should you need both? And let's face it: there are plenty of people who have gotten vaccinated and worn the mask diligently and still been diagnosed with Covid. 

I rely on my general health to protect me. I’m not claiming that I couldn’t get sick. But, I am saying that the narrative that there’s this lethal virus that jumps on healthy people and crushes them or kills them is false.  I have enough confidence in my good health to believe that the worst that could happen to me would be some limited thing and not anything life-threatening. I would get over it. And I would not be subject to getting "long Covid." I am no more the type to get "long Covid" than I am to get fibromyalgia.  I have much more fear of the vaccine than I do of the virus. And what Dr. Greger is doing is putting all caution aside over an admittedly experimental vaccine whose long-term effects are completely unknown, and all because he’s scared shitless of a virus. And really, what he is doing is just submitting to authority. This isn't about knowledge.  When it comes to Covid, he doesn't have any. He just has a few more talking points than you do. It's about deferring to authority and accepting the cult's dogma.  

Dr. Greger, you are a disgrace. My advice to you is: get a backbone. 





A new study has found a correlation between high calcium intake and increased risk of arteriosclerosis. And I am not surprised. The most accurate test for arteriosclerosis is the coronary calcium test. The amount of calcium that should be in your heart muscle is zero. It’s a muscle; not a bone. So, when they find calcium in there, it’s a sure sign of heart disease.

I have no interest in taking calcium supplements, and it doesn’t worry me. I think it’s wrong to think that osteoporosis is caused by too little calcium. Osteoporosis starts with a loss, not of calcium, but of the protein-matrix of the bone. After that goes, the calcium goes too.  But, it starts with losing the protein. That should tell us that osteoporosis is the equivalent of sarcopenia, which is the age-related loss of muscle protein. They are essentially the same pathological process and provoked by the same conditions.

So, what conditions am I talking about? Well, it comes down to anabolism and catabolism. Anabolism is the building up process, and catabolism is the breaking down process. As we get older, anabolism suffers. We just don’t build-up and repair as we did when we were young. But, there is still plenty of catabolism going on, and maybe more than ever.

Anabolism suffers in part due to the reduction in anabolic hormones, principally testosterone in men and estrogen in women. And the reduced physical activity of old age also hurts.

The amount of calcium in the diet is not that big a deal because if the diet is lower in calcium, the body will try harder to absorb what calcium is there. The best dietary sources of calcium are greens like kale and broccoli and bok choy, nuts like almonds, fruits like figs and oranges, and beans and soy are also good sources. That’s what I rely on, and I consider them all preferable to milk and milk products.

But, is it working for me? Am I getting enough calcium to maintain my bones? I think I am, and here’s why. One, I have lost very little height. Maybe a small fraction of an inch, but that’s it. And that’s fantastic for someone who is almost 71. Two, I’m doing well with my teeth, and teeth are just specialized bones. And three, I’m retaining my muscles and my strength. I don’t seem to have sarcopenia. And as I said at the beginning: sarcopenia and osteoporosis go together. So, if I don’t have sarcopenia, I probably don’t have osteoporosis either.

So, what am I doing besides eating those plant foods I mentioned? One, I do exercise regularly. I’m not a fanatic about it. I don’t go to extremes. But, I hike, bike, and swim, and I also do some light weight training. But, nothing heroic. Nothing that is going to cause injury.

Then, I take 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3 every day, which helps to maximize calcium nutriture. I also take Vitamin K2, which helps to keep calcium in the bones and out of the arteries. And, I also take 25 mg of DHEA every day, which helps keep my testosterone level high, which supports my anabolism, including my bone anabolism.

And from doing all that, I feel that I am keeping my bones in good shape and without having to take calcium supplements.  

To be fair, I will tell you that I have never had a bone density scan done. But, based on the things I am doing, I am confident that if I did one, it would show a good result.

And this wary attitude I have about calcium, I have had for a long time: decades. It’s nothing new.

Finally, do people need 1500 mgs of calcium every day, as they claim? I doubt it. I probably get about 500 mgs, and I think it’s enough. I am not losing any sleep over my calcium intake and my bones.

I keep hearing the word “experts” thrown around in relation to Covid, but how can there be experts about something that has never happened before? Expertise comes from prior experience with something, but no one has prior experience with Covid.

There have been pandemics before but never on the scale of Covid. And if you go back too far, say to World War 1 and the Spanish Flu pandemic, never mind the Black Plague of the Middle Ages, it’s very hard to be certain of anything about those scourges because there’s a party line about them that is spewed as a matter of course. It’s a verbatim thing. There’s an historical logline for them, and that’s it. We have no way of confirming anything.

But, in the modern era, there have been outbreaks before Covid, such as SARS1, MERS, and EBOLA, but none of them reached the scale of Covid. The closest thing to Covid that I recall is the swine flu pandemic of 1976, for which they rolled out a vaccine very quickly. But, the vaccine was harming people and killing a few, and they quickly terminated the program. And shortly after that, the swine flu pandemic just petered out. So even that was nothing compared to Covid.

The strange thing about Covid is first it’s pathologic range, where it can cause any kind of symptom; can affect any organ or bodily system; and manifest in just about any way whatsoever. If you have x syndrome and a positive Covid pcr test, then they are more than willing to attribute your x syndrome to Covid.

Another weird thing is their willingness to recognize new variants of Covid. When before this was there a virus known to mutate as often and readily as this one does? And the way the Omicron variant arose is truly frightening. The whole thing started with one female doctor in South Africa and one 30 year old male patient who had mild symptoms. As soon as he presented himself, this doctor decided, on the spot, that it was probably a new Covid variant. So, she sent his scraping in to the South Africa CDC with that guidance, and they very eagerly accepted her guidance that it probably was a new Covid variant. And within just a few days, the whole medical world was enlivened with the idea that a new Covid variant had been discovered. But, I have to wonder, what if that 30 year old male patient with mild symptoms had just stayed home and waited it out, if he hadn’t gone to see that female doctor? Would the Omicron ball ever have started rolling? I can’t answer that, and nobody else can either. But, I find it frightening that “they” think that a new version of the virus could pop up in South Africa and spread around the world as rapidly as they claim it did. You would think that there were packed flights from Johannesburg to every major city in the world every day.

And let’s talk about this idea of a virus mutating. You realize that mutations are thought to be the engine of evolution. But, the rate at which the Covid virus has reportedly mutated greatly exceeds that. But when before has the idea of a virus mutating so often and so rapidly been part of the landscape? I can’t think of any.

And everything they claim about it involves indirect determinations. And it starts with the very basis by which they claim you have Covid. Their testing does not test for a virus. It tests for a small segment of DNA that they decided is indicative of the virus. Yet, they are aware that the duplication process, if cycled enough times, will generate a positive test result in anybody.

And let’s talk about the vaccines. The vaccines supposedly stimulate your body to make antibodies to the Corona virus or to the “spike protein” of the Corona virus. But, for some reason, even if you get the intended immunological response and produce the antibodies, that the antibodies don’t prevent you from getting infected. So apparently, it doesn’t generate enough antibodies to prevent infection. But presumably, it does generate enough antibodies to prevent you from getting as sick as you would otherwise get. But, does that really make sense? 

But, considering that the vaccine does not prevent infection or transmission, why is it important for everyone to get it? If the only thing the vaccine does is reduce the severity of your episode, why does it really matter? If it has no bearing on whether you can infect someone else or be infected by someone else, what difference does it make? Why harp on the need for vaccination when it has nothing to do with the spread of the disease? 

And even though Covid has been compared to colds and flu, it’s apparent that there is nothing whatsoever seasonal about it. It is presumed that Covid is going to always be with us, that it will never be gone. Just as people are expected to get a flu shot every year, it’s very possible, even likely, that regular and permanent Covid shots are going to be part of the medical landscape forever more.

The Covid narrative has certainly changed a lot, hasn’t it? It really did start off as a respiratory syndrome. Fever, headache, shortness of breath. Fever, headache, shortness of breath. That’s what we heard. But, very quickly, we started hearing about Covid diarrhea, Covid toes, Covid kidneys, Covid liver; Covid heart attacks, Covid dementia, and more. The Covid virus could go anywhere in the body and do anything. And, they told us that the bodily damage was due not just to the virus itself but to the body’s immune response to it, that the “cytokine storm” instituted by the body caused as much destruction as the virus itself.

We were told that masking works, but people who are vaccinated, boosted, and masked still get Covid.

And even though almost everybody who dies of Covid dies in the hospital, people still want to go there if they think they have Covid.

Then, we have the people who are vaccinated and boosted who still get Covid, and they are quick to thank the vaccine because otherwise, they’d surely have gotten it worse. But, how can they possibly know that? It’s not as though they have an alternative version of themselves who did not get vaccinated and got it worse. Of course, it’s just an assumption. It is something they want to believe and are encouraged to believe. 

More than anything else, the Covid cult is a cult of authority. You have no way of knowing that anything they are telling you about it is true. And don’t think for a second that you have any basis to evaluate “the science” behind what they are saying.  And the same goes for your doctor. All he or she knows more than you do is a talking point or two. So, whether it’s you or your doctor, it comes down to a cult of authority. And the respect that you and he may have comes down to respect for the institutions that make the pronouncements, such as the CDC. But, everything they say is derived from the very murky and cultish “science” of Virology in which doing things that cause “cytopathic effects” is equated with “isolating a virus.” It’s a cult in which computer algorithms spew out viral genomes based on pre-set assumptions and arbitrary guidelines that are programmed into the computer.  It’s very much a garbage-in/garbage-out situation. And through it all, it involves the trappings of science since it involves machines and computers and painstaking methodologies. But, it is much more about dogma and rituals than it is about science. Virology is a pseudo-scientific cult and always has been.

And one has to seriously wonder how many Covid patients they have outright killed. How many people who died on ventilators were outright murdered? Since it was admitted early-on that Covid sufferers have no trouble moving their chest cage to breathe, what rationale was there to ventilate people, besides the $39,000 payout from the federal government? Why didn’t they just put them on oxygen?  Why did doctors persuade patients who were conscious, talking, and not complaining of respiratory distress to let them ventilate them? Why isn’t that considered malpractice and a crime?

And why is it that they keep telling us that just because a harm surfaces right after vaccination, such as myocarditis, it doesn’t necessarily mean the vaccine caused it?  I get it that something that follows something else wasn’t necessarily caused by it, but on the other hand, it’s often the case. The way the temporal association works is that first comes the cause and then comes the effect. And if it’s something unusual like myocarditis, and it occurs soon after vaccination, then the chances are very great that it was caused by the vaccine. The false cause logical fallacy is just a warning to be careful; it is not a license to be stupid. The fact is that temporal correlation often does indicate causation. And the burden of proof should be on the one denying it, not the one pointing it out. If you take a statin drug, and your muscles start aching, it looks like the drug caused it. In that case, the drug isn’t innocent until proven guilty; it is guilty until proven innocent. And the same goes for a healthy young man with no history of heart problems who develops myocarditis soon after Covid vaccination. It is craven and devious to say otherwise. It is intellectually dishonest and morally corrupt.

We really are battered by the Covid dogma, and it is an appalling manipulation of our minds. If ever there was a time to say no to Authority, this is it.



The Covid circus keeps revolving and evolving. As I see it, they are now diagnosing millions of cases of colds and flu as Omicron. There is no such thing. It is nothing but a theoretical construct; a computer simulation. The whole thing began with the glittering hope of finding a new variant. One female doctor in South Africa gave birth to the idea, and once she voiced it, the Cult of Medicine picked up the ball and started running with it.  Everything they think they know about it is built from far-flung assumptions and a sordid imagination. And first, last, and always, it is a campaign of salesmanship and mind control.

Everything we see and hear about Omicron is designed to influence the way we think. They admit now that the case numbers have been derived by testing everyone who is in the hospital- for any reason- for Covid, and to keep testing them again and again for Covid. And once they get a positive test result, then they become another Covid case that triggers another payment from the federal government to the hospital. You can see the incentive that hospitals have to play along with the scam. And all the while, there is the belief that money is something the federal government can print to infinity- without any limits- and pay for everything and everyone.

And all the while, the message continues to be spewed to get vaxed, get vaxed, get vaxed. If you scroll down this page a few posts, you’ll see that I reviewed the history of vaccination and reported that the first “scientific” vaccination was said to be in 1796 by Dr. Edward Jenner when he injected pus from a milkmaid’s hands into the blood of an 8 year old boy to inoculate him against small pox. That may have been the first “scientific” vaccination (although, for the life of me, I can’t understand how it was the least bit scientific) but today, January 1, 2022, I am seeing an article that lambastes people for doubting vaccinations even prior to that. This is from USA Today. It says that skeptics doubted the efficacy of vaccines long before Covid, despite health gains. And what they cited was from 1736, so over half a century before the scientific Jenner. And what they said was that Benjamin Franklin long regretted his decision not to inoculate his 4 year old son who died of small pox.

But wait. What are they claiming? Are they actually claiming that a vaccine from 1736 was valid and scientific? That it saved people from small pox? That it protected them? Considering that the whole “science” of “virology” wasn’t even born yet, on what basis is there any reason to believe that the constituents of that 18th century vaccine were anything but harmful? They didn’t know what they were doing back then, right? So, how could it have been beneficial?

Let’s remember how archaic Medicine was. Even as late as the mid-19th century, medical doctors were bleeding people to release the evil vapors. They were advising people with high fevers to refrain from drinking water. And that was over 100 years after 1736. So, is there any reason to vouch for whatever they were passing off as vaccines in 1736? Are they insane? How dare they pretend that there was anything scientific going on? 



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