I see a lot of concern about this on the internet. I think there is going to be a lot of pressure on people to take the vaccine. For instance, in the Military they will require it. Hospitals will also probably require it. As it is, hospitals usually require doctors and nurses to get annual flu shots, so if they’re doing that, they’re likely to add-on Covid. Then, the other place they’ll surely lower the boom is public schools, that you can’t attend one without getting a Covid shot.  

I am reminded that here in Austin, Texas, where I live, there is the Waldorf School, a very expensive private school that retains many students, and it seems that vaccination avoidance is a big reason why they go there because vaccination is optional, and 90% of their students aren’t vaccinated, and that includes the children of medical doctors. There is a big anti-vax community in Austin.

So, private school or home schooling may be the only options for parents who don’t want their kids to be Covid-vaccinated.  

The only way they could get me to take a Covid shot is if the Gestapo burst into my house, held me down, and jabbed a needle into my arm. Short of that, it’s not going to happen. But, I don’t think it’s going to come to that. How could there be any pretense of freedom in America if they did that? So, I think they will exert pressure as hard as they can, as well as use psychological manipulation and propaganda to push the populace to comply. But, despite that, there will be plenty of people who won’t do it, and far too many for them to even consider outright coercion. That’s what I predict.

But, I might as well give you an update on my latest thinking on Corona. I haven’t changed my mind about that flaky PCR test, which is so shaky and arbitrary and fraught with potential for false positives, that I consider it useless. Now, there is the new antibody test in which they are claiming that if you test positive for Corona antibodies, it is a good thing. It means you’ve gone through the infection, although in most cases asymptomatically, and now you’re immune. But why? In AIDS testing, if you test positive for HIV antibodies, it means you have the infection. Having HIV antibodies is bad. You want a negative HIV antibody test. Likewise in hepatitis, you want a negative antibody test. But, in Corona, they're saying you should want a positive antibody test. What is the explanation for that inconsistency? And it’s not just inconsistent, it’s topsy-turvy; it is contradictory. I’m sure that if pressed they would come up with an explanation, but I assure you that it would just be a rationalization, and they would rather not talk about it. 

So, the bottom line for me is that: the antibody test is just as bogus as the PCR test.

But, what about the disease itself? Am I saying that’s bogus too?

In many cases, yes. I’m sure that many people have died of heart disease, lung cancer, or whatever they had apart from Corona. They are at the point now where they are diagnosing anything and everything as Covid-19. It doesn’t have to be SARS. It doesn’t have to be respiratory. The original designation, Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome2 needs to be changed to “any illness or the lack thereof accompanied by a positive Corona virus test.” Or, for short: “Something or nothing with indication by a positive test.” SONWIPT, pronounced sun-whipped. So, are you SONWIPT?

The whole idea that this virus can go anywhere, do anything, mimic anything, and cause anything in the whole wide world of pathology is fanciful to the extreme. Have you ever heard of such a thing before? I haven’t. What is going on here is a blind, cult-like allegiance to a God-damn test.

But, let’s go back to the beginning, to how it started, as a respiratory syndrome: a severe acute respiratory syndrome. Is there something to that?

Well, even in those cases, some of those people may have had ordinary colds and flus that are being called Corona, either with or without testing. And remember that when they do a Corona test, they don’t usually do an influenza test in addition. What would they say if a person tested positive for both Corona and the flu? I don’t know, but I suspect they would just call it Corona.  Erring on the side of Corona is official policy.

But, there is one thing that gives me pause, and that is: the weird hypoxia they are reporting, where the person has the ability to breathe OK, in terms of their lung function and muscular action, but they aren’t absorbing oxygen very well. And, so their oxygen saturation plummets. They’re saying now that it is due to blood clots in the vascular beds that perfuse the alveoli. Are the clots due to the virus itself? Or are they due to the “cytokine storm” in response to the virus? They don’t know. And I certainly don’t know. I just wish that I could see some of these patients or talk to a doctor who has. 

There are two doctors who own a chain of Urgent Care centers in Bakersfield CA, and they have recently gone public saying that the lockdown should end, and they have taken flak for it. But, they were asked about the extremely low oxygen saturation levels like those found in New York, and whether they've seen them, and they said no. They said that the lowest they've seen is in the low 90s. And, they are very connected to the hospitals in Bakersfield, which they say are practically empty. So, what explains the vast difference in Covid cases, clinically and numerically, between New York and Bakersfield?  








I see that there is a lot of grain-bashing on the internet. It’s a food that people love to hate, whether because they are paleo, keto, carnivorous, raw food, or something else. For me, I see whole grains as a whole natural plant food, and that can’t be all bad. There has got to be a lot worse things that you can eat than whole grains.

However, if God came down and said that of the 5 classes of plant foods (fruits, vegetables, nuts (including nut-like seeds), beans (including dried peas and lentils), and grains) that I could only have 4, that I had to exclude 1, then I would exclude the grains and just eat the fruits, vegetables, nuts, and beans.

So, why exclude the grains? Well, I wouldn’t consider excluding fruits, nuts, or vegetables because they are primordial foods which can be eaten raw or in the case of some vegetables, with simple, easy cooking methods. It would definitely have to be grains or legumes, and I would rather keep the legumes than the grains. I consider legumes much more natural food for humans than grains.

But, how can I say that knowing that legumes are full of phytates, lectins, hemagluttens, digestive inhibitors, etc.? Because proper cooking neutralizes  those things, to a very great extent.  And Vitamin C counteracts phytic acid, so when you eat a large green salad and a bowl of steamed vegetables with your beans, you’re in the pink.  

But, don’t beans give you gas? Let’s be frank; lots of things can give you gas. It’s not as though you are guaranteed not to get gas so long as you don’t eat beans.  I get some gas; just a little; not a lot. It’s not a huge problem for me. And I don’t notice that it’s particularly worse when I eat beans. And, I regularly eat beans; I’m used to eating them; and I’m sure my bacterial flora is adapted to eating them. And that helps a lot. Beans are staple foods in cultures all over the world. In Italy, where my family stems, it’s lentils, chickpeas, and Tuscan beans. In Austin, where I live now, Tex-Mex is big, and almost all the restaurants here serve black beans as a side. Throughout the Caribbean, it’s red beans, which is a small red kidney bean. The point is that beans didn’t become staple foods in so many different cultures for being gassy. If you can’t eat beans, maybe the problem is with you and not the beans.

I think of beans as a dried vegetable because that’s how they start out, as a podded vegetable. For example, did you know that you can eat pinto beans as a  green bean? And they are delicious! They are much tastier than the green beans you find in the store. They come with a string. That’s where the expression “string bean” comes from. Young people don’t know about it because commercially they stopped growing string beans a long time ago. So, you have to pull the string off pinto bean pods in preparing them. But, it’s worth the trouble because they really are good eating.

Right now, I am growing black-eyed peas in my garden,  and I eat them as vegetable. I don’t dry them and shell them. Well, I do some but only to save seed for the following year. When it comes to eating, I eat them fresh; I just steam them up; and I eat everything. I eat the pod; I eat the pea; I eat it all. It’s all edible. I let them develop until it looks like a row of bulging biceps, but it's still green. Then, I harvest them and steam them for 10 minutes, and they really are good. And in that form, they deliver a lot of protein, because there is a well- developed seed there, but because they are still green, you’re also getting Vitamin C, beta carotene, lutein, and a lot of other nutrients. And they are very hardy. I’ve never had any pest problems, and they grow fast. You can see the growth from one day to the next, and that’s easy. Sometimes, I can see the growth from morning to evening. It’s fun to grow blackeyed peas because you can see the vitality pushing out of the ground.

I am so spoiled getting my blackeyed peas this way that I don’t eat them the usual way at all. But, I do eat pinto beans, black beans, lentils and other beans the usual way.  Did you know that lentils are one of the first crops cultivated by humans? The same goes for chickpeas. They go back to the Neolithic.

So, to my thinking, a legume is the dried seed of a podded vegetable, and vegetables are primordial foods for humans. But grains, on the other hand, are makeshift foods. They are the seeds of grasses, and obviously, humans don’t eat grass; we aren’t grazers. And it’s likely that human interest in grains, such as wheat and rye, started because cows could graze on them. So, we started growing them for our livestock, and then figured out ways to consume them ourselves.   

You know, of course, that some people are sensitive to the gluten in wheat, and for some, it is devastating. I once saw a severe case of Dermatitis Herpetiformis, and it was extreme, with oozing blisters, to where we had to wash the guy’s sheets every day. They treat that condition medically with a drug called Dapsone, which is an antibiotic; but, it is also anti-inflammatory, so that’s why they use it. But, it is quite toxic, and he didn’t want to take it, and I didn’t want him to take it. He ended up fasting with me for 28 days, and his rash cleared up beautifully. I estimate 90%. And he was a very strong faster too; amazingly so.

So, wheat does a number on some people, but on the other hand, they say that the Roman Army conquered the world on a diet of wheat and barley, and the Jewish slaves built the Egyptian Pyramids for the pharaohs also on a wheat-based diet. You can see it in The Ten Commandments. So, wheat intolerance is not universal. I don’t say that everyone has to avoid wheat completely, although there is no good reason to eat a lot of it.

Rice, of course, is the most widely eaten food in the world.  For millions of Asians, rice is half or more of their diet. And it’s almost always white rice. The milling of rice goes back to ancient times. Basically, it went straight to white rice. Why do you think that is? I can think of several reasons: 1) the milder, sweeter flavor was more appealing 2) the milder flavor also combined better with other foods without overwhelming them, and 3) the softer texture made white rice much easier to chew and masticate.

And I would like to dwell on that third point. I believe that humans have an instinctual sense about how long foods should be chewed before swallowing. And I suppose it’s not just instinctual but also cultural to some extent. But regardless, it is a programmed thing.  And, the fact is: we don’t expect to have to chew foods as much as brown rice needs to be chewed. If you were to examine the brown rice that people swallow, you would see that it is only partly broken down. There are still big chunks of kernels in it that aren’t going to be digested. And for adults, it doesn’t matter too much, and it may even assist them with weight loss. But, the problem is when parents feed whole brown rice to young children. Kids chew foods even less than adults do. So, if you’ve got this young child who is taking a few chomps on her brown rice and then down the hatch, that girl is going to starve. And doctors have reported a lot of growth retardation in children being fed macrobiotic diets high in brown rice.

So, when it comes to young children, if you want to give them brown rice, it should be a brown rice noodle or brown rice hot cereal that is already pulverized. Otherwise, it is not likely to turn out well. 

And I have had two dentist-friends tell me that brown rice wears down the teeth more than any other food, where they can spot a brown rice eater on sight. It reminds me of how the ancient Egyptians added sand to their bread flour which ground their teeth down to nubs. I’m not saying that brown rice is as bad as that, but you get the picture.


It’s not just the amount of fiber, but the kind. Beans are very high in fiber, but it’s mostly soluble fiber, and it softens a lot from soaking and cooking. The result is that you can liquefy cooked beans in the amount of time that a person expects to chew. But not so with the insoluble fiber of brown rice. That is some hard stuff.

Then, there is the concern that rice is high in arsenic, and especially brown rice.

So, the bottom line for me is that I don’t eat a lot of rice. Occasionally, I’ll fix some brown rice, but not that often. And when I eat it, I think about the need to chew it and pulverize it completely before swallowing and longer than my instinct would dictate.

Quinoa is a rice-substitute that a lot of people have gone to. It contains toxins known as saponins, but fortunately, they will rinse off if you make a point of it. And quinoa is one of those foods that if you know how to fix it, if you know how to complement it with the right culinary herbs and vegetables and seasonings, you can produce some very tasty dishes. I’ve had quinoa dishes made by great vegan chefs that are absolutely fabulous, and I mean out of this world. But, it does take some know-how.

So, what grains do I eat at home? I eat oatmeal, and I make it fancy with banana, raisins, and homemade nut butter. People like my oatmeal. They often say it’s the best they’ve ever had. I will eat whole grain bread sometimes. Lately, I have been eating this Ezikeal pita bread. These are the ingredients: 


Organic 100% Stone Ground Whole Wheat Flour, Water, Fresh Carrots, Barley Flour, Millet Flour, Lentil Flour, Spelt Flour, Soy Flour, Fresh Yeast, Sea Salt.


And I keep some organic whole wheat linguini around, but I don’t cook it very often. And If I’m going to eat wheat, I won’t eat it at more than one meal.  I don’t want to push my luck.


But, the bottom line for me is that I value beans much more than I do grains, and if I had to give up one or the other, it would definitely be the grains. And if anyone asks me if they have to eat grains, I say, “No, you don’t. You can be completely well nourished without them.”  






I notice that there is a lot of interest online in restricting eating hours so that there is a rather long fasting interval every single day. So, if you don’t eat from, say 8 PM in the evening until Noon the next day, that’s 16 hours of abstinence every day. And it’s significant.

Of course, the effect would not begin immediately because the food you ate until 8 pm would take a while to digest and be absorbed. But, if your body is done with that by midnight, then it’s 12 hours of uninterrupted stable blood sugar, low insulin, etc. So, what are the advantages?

First note that many people who follow the one meal a day plan, where they are eating all day long.  And that, I think, is very bad. It’s bad for blood sugar control, weight control, and it’s also bad for digestion. You want to give your body a digestive task, a “meal” if you will, and then leave it alone for at least 4 hours so that it can work on it, adjust its secretions and its peristalsis to it, and efficiently handle the whole thing. But, if you eat a meal and then you start eating again soon afterwards, it may be like throwing a monkey wrench in there. There are numerous gastroenterologists for whom half their practice consists of patients with vague digestive symptoms that they label spastic colon or irritable bowel, but often, it’s just a matter of erratic and excessive eating. These patients may need to just eat less and eat less often.


So, whether you do the extended nighttime fast thing and eat just 2 meals a day, or if you eat 3 meals a day, don’t exceed that. Don’t divide your eating into more sessions than that. Having intervals of abstinence between meals is important, and you should respect it.


When I was in college at UCLA in the early 1970s, I worked at the County Courthouse in Van Nuys, California. It was a very boring job. I was mostly stamping things, filing things, and looking up things. And there were plenty of others, just sitting at a desk, doing some kind of paperwork that was boring as hell. So, they would make it tolerable by eating. People would bring in snacks and treats to share and pass around, and as I recall, it seems like they were eating all day. As you can imagine, it involved a lot of fat people, and also unhealthy people who complained about their aches and pains and swollen ankles, etc.

I realize that there are animals that pretty much graze all day, particularly those who eat a very low density diet, and that includes gorillas. But when it comes to humans, particularly adult humans, and particularly adult humans who are not trying to get larger and heavier, just eating at meals, either 2 or 3 a day is the best plan.

I have known people who have tried to get by eating just 1 meal day, and some claim to have done it for long periods. But, I don’t recommend that for the reason that it’s likely that the person will eat too much at once, and particularly if they know they won’t be eating again for 24 hours. It’s important to just eat until you feel “smug.” That’s a word with a dual meaning, and most often, people use it to mean stuck-up and full of oneself. But, the other meaning of smug is “comfortably satisfied.” So, you shouldn’t eat until you are stuffed. You shouldn’t wait to put your fork down until you know you can’t take another bite because you are literally stuffed.  Rather, you should stop eating when you are comfortably satisfied.

So, if you want to try the 2 meal a day plan, I think the best meal to skip is breakfast.  Most people are not that hungry in the morning anyway. In fact, some people have no appetite at all in the morning. So, why should they force themselves to eat? It’s ridiculous. There is nothing wrong with waiting until later in the day to start eating. And if your health is good, it should involve absolutely no impediment to having an active morning, whether working, playing, or exercising.


So if you wait until Noon to eat “brunch” and then have dinner at 6, you’ll be creating that long window of abstinence that daily fast which does benefit the body in many ways. I mentioned the stable blood sugar and low insulin levels. But, that’s not the only thing that remains stable. Most people, the way they eat, put in a big sodium load every time they have a meal. So, their kidneys have to swiftly clear that excess sodium out, and it’s a bit of a strain, believe me.  But better that they do it twice a day than three times.

Another thing that happens is that your digestive system gets a long time to repair and replenish itself. There are glands called holocrine glands that get destroyed when they release their secretions, and the whole gland has to be rebuilt. That takes time. So, it does help to let the body do that between meals.

And let’s remember too that reducing the frequency of eating is likely to reduce daily caloric consumption. And unless you are a skinny person who is trying to gain weight,  that is good, good, good, good, good.

So, the bottom line for me is: have either 2 or 3 meals a day and don’t eat between meals, and don’t eat at night after you’ve had your dinner. No noshing while you watch tv.  That’s a habit you just have to break.  But, there is no reason you can’t be flexible about breakfast. If you wake up with a roaring appetite, go ahead and have breakfast that day. But, on another day, if you realize that you really aren’t hungry that morning, wait until later to eat. There’s no reason not to make it as easy and painless as possible.

But, whatever you do: respect the intervals of abstinence between meals. Don’t be grazing all day long. Your stomach isn’t going to like it, and your peristalsis is going to go haywire.

This is nuts. We are living in the Twilight Zone. This is an interview of a female ER doctor in Atlanta who has the "Corona virus." She and her husband, who is also an ER doctor, were vacationing in Vail CO, and upon returning, they heard that Vail had become a "hot spot." A day or so later, she came down with sore throat, congestion, dry cough (mild), body aches, and fatigue. And her husband came down with the same thing. So, they presumed it was Corona, and partly because they had had their flu shots. So of course, it couldn't have been the flu because everyone knows that flu shots work like a charm. So, they sent off for some test kits and self-swabbed at home, and sent them in. Guess what the results were? Hers came back positive, while his were negative. But, their exposures had been identical; their symptoms were the same; timing was the same; and presumably both had been protected by the flu shot from the flu. 


So, she assumes that his negative is a false negative. But, in that situation, I should think she would question the validity of the whole test. Authorities have been saying that if you test too early in the infection that you may not have replicated enough virus to test positive. But, in his case, he contracted it presumably at the same time she did, and he came down with symptoms at the same time she did. So, if she tested positive, he should have tested positive. 


Nobody wants to question the validity of this test. They're saying now that people who test positive and then negative can go back to testing positive again. And they're just assuming that it's all valid, that the person is "re-infected" even if he or she has no symptoms.


I'm telling you: we are living in a world of medical religion, where the tenets of Medicine are accepted and never questioned, and they will assume whatever's necessary to avoid questioning the validity of a sacred test. Here is the video. 




Note that there is absolutely nothing about this woman's symptoms that can be considered "novel." She had practically no fever, and what little fever she had was very mild, and she had no shortness of breath except when climbing a flight of stairs, and that happens to millions of people every day- even on their good days. 

I apologize for my preoccupation with this, but with everything going on, it’s hard to look elsewhere. Today, the Koreans announced that those who get the Corona virus and recover from it do NOT become immune, that they can get re-infected again, and quite soon.  However, even the Chinese, going back to January, said that people can go through it, recover from it, test negative, and then, inexplicably, test positive all over again.  

Then, a New York study tested every pregnant woman in two hospitals who were there to give birth and found that 29 out of 200 tested positive, though only 3 had any clinical symptoms of illness from it or known exposure and were quite shocked.

Now get this: 60% of the passengers on the Greg Mortimer, an Antarctica cruise ship docked at Montevideo, Uruguay, tested positive for the Corona virus, and not one of them was symptomatic. Every single one was asymptomatic. That was on April 7.  That’s 128 out of 217 passengers. 

Are you seeing a pattern? I suspect that you could take any group of people, either in the same space, or dispersed widely but with something in common, such as red hair, or men with mustaches, or people with a last name beginning with “C” and I strongly suspect you’ll find similar results.

That the whole world is ignoring the limitations of and the inherent unreliability of this PCR test is the most Twilight Zone-like-real-life experience I have ever had, and I’ve been around for 70 years.

But, aren’t there really sick people, and haven’t some of them died? Yes, of course. I don’t doubt that. But, many of those who died died WITH Corona not FROM Corona. Dr. Anthony Fauci, the Corona Fuhrer, said that if someone dies of a heart attack after testing positive for Corona, he certainly doesn’t think the cause of death should be listed as heart attack. But, why not? It takes years, even decades, to build up enough arterial plaque to have a heart attack. It doesn’t happen in a fortnight. I think the cause of death should be listed as heart attack.

But, what about the people who have died, specifically, of respiratory arrest, after developing acute respiratory symptoms and testing positive for Corona? All right, those deaths you can attribute to Corona, but how many are we talking about? What percent of the total?

And even that number is far from clean because they are admitting now that 82% of the people put on ventilators have perished. What I mean is that they are admitting that the ventilating contributed to their deaths. But, what choice was there, because if a person is suffocating, if their blood oxygen has fallen dangerously low, what else can you do? I’m not an ER doctor, and I suppose that my opinion about it isn’t worth any more than the janitor’s. But, please look at it in a horse sense kind of way: If you know that doing something has brought death to 82% of those who had it done to them, it should give you pause. Right? It should mean that you’re only going to do it if you are 100% certain that the person is about to die, such that an 82% chance of dying actually looks pretty good in comparison.  

However, we have heard of cases in which they have actually convinced conscious, responsive patients to consent to being vented. Hold on. Time out. With the fatality numbers we’re looking at, anyone who is conscious and responsive is getting enough oxygen to their brain to be conscious and responsive. Right? So, why not just give them oxygen by nasal canula?

Then, they are telling us that what’s killing people is “cytokine storm” where the body secretes too many inflammatory chemicals that bring on a destructive kind of inflammation that can cause organs to fail, be it the heart, liver, kidneys, or any other. 

However, it is mostly the elderly who are dying. Both in Italy and the UK, the average age of death from Corona is 79.5. But, it is well known that the elderly are less able to generate acute symptoms, including fever and inflammation. This is from an article from the Scripps Institute in San Diego, and it was written before the Corona crisis. It concerns the cause of death in prior epidemics and pandemics, including the Spanish Flu of 1918.

“This little-understood phenomenon (cytokine storm) is thought to occur in at least several types of infections and autoimmune conditions, but it appears to be particularly relevant in outbreaks of new flu variants. Cytokine storm is now seen as a likely major cause of mortality in the 1918-20 “Spanish flu”—which killed more than 50 million people worldwide—and the H1N1 “swine flu” and H5N1 “bird flu” of recent years. In these epidemics, the patients most likely to die were relatively young adults with apparently strong immune reactions to the infection—whereas ordinary seasonal flu epidemics disproportionately affect the very young and the elderly.

That was written in 2014, but now they’re saying that the elderly, who do not, as a rule, have strong immune reactions, are dying of “cytokine storm” from Covid-19.

Hmmm. I wonder to what extent they are actually testing for “cytokine storm” in individual patients.  Reportedly, you can test the level of specific cytokines in the blood, such as Inteleukin-6. There is also C-reactive protein, which is not really a cytokine, but it is often used as a proxy for the amount of inflammation in the body, and that’s been the case for decades. Then, they are saying that a steep rise in serum ferritin (which is the main iron transport protein in the blood) is another proxy for cytokine storm.

It’s all very strange though because this virus, apparently, affects many people with no symptoms at all. Senator Rand Paul lifted weights and went swimming on the day he was tested, and though his test came back positive, he never developed symptoms. And it’s true of many.

What exactly is going on and why there is such a mysterious divergence in symptoms and outcomes, which ranges from no symptoms at all to death?  I don’t have a handle on it.  But, what bothers me is that I am reading the same glib talking points, over and over, and it isn’t providing the kind of illumination I am looking for. I'll keep looking. 










Today, the city of Austin issued an order that everyone must wear a face mask in all indoor public places, including supermarkets, department stores, office buildings, etc. Up to now, I have not worn a face mask. But, I shall start doing so, since I have no choice. For me, it’s jarring because it’s so counter-intuitive to cover up my mouth and nose, so that I can’t breathe. And yes, I know that the face mask is very porous, so that air can get through. But, I only know that intellectually. When I put the mask on , I feel like I am suffocating myself.

The country singer Sturgill Simpson was on a concert tour in Europe when his blood pressure spiked and he started developing chest pains. I don’t know if his wife was on the road with him. But, when he got back home, he spent a month with her, living and sleeping together, and then he had a Covid test which came back positive. But, his wife also got tested, and her result was negative. So, if she could live and sleep with a Covid carrier, day after day, night after night, for a month and not pick up the virus from him, why should I be afraid of the guy who is 6 feet away from me in the produce section?

By the way, before I forget, when I ran through that list of immune-boosting supplements that I think are worth considering, I left one out, and that is: iodine. I am a big fan of Dr. Guy Abraham who did a lot of pioneering research on the extra-thyroidal health benefits of iodine, including boosting the immune system and that includes fighting viruses. And we offer his Iodoral supplement which provides 12.5 mg of elemental iodine. And I have been taking one a day. For years, I have been taking half a day because it is a scored tablet, but since this Corona crisis began, I have been taking a whole tablet every day.

But, getting back to the crisis, there seems to be some recognition that the venting of hypoxic Covid patients has killed more than a few of them. And they’re admitting that in many cases they were venting people who were conscious and lucid and fully able to breathe on their own. So, why were they venting them? Ostensibly, it’s because they had very low oxygen saturation. But, did you know that Medicare pays $13,000 for hospitalized Corona patients, but it jumps to $39,000 if you vent them? But, I have trouble picturing it, a doctor telling a conscious patient that he is going to put him to sleep in order to put him on a ventilator, even though the patient has little or no shortness of breath. I wonder if any of them said “No, you’re not.”


And doctors are saying that they have learned, and that, when possible, they are just going to put them on oxygen by nasal canula and prone them, which means put them in a prone position, which is face-down. They’re saying that they think the cause of the hypoxia isn’t lung failure, but rather, circulatory failure, that the virus or the immune reaction to the virus is damaging the blood vessels that are supposed to absorb the oxygen.   

But for me, all of this is just narrative. The closest I’ve gotten to talk to someone who has Covid 19 is that I have a cousin in California who is SUSPECTED of having it. He came down with flu-like symptoms, and his doctor wanted him to be tested for Covid, but, he was told that there is a long waiting list in California. So, he is a “presumptive” Covid case, and I have spoken to him at length. He’s had some respiratory symptoms, mainly coughing, but no shortness of breath. I don’t think he even has an oximeter. Breathing has not been an issue for him. For him, the worst thing has been the body aches, which he says are severe and keep him up at night, and the severe weakness. And in talking to him, at length, I get no sense that he’s having oxygen problems because he can speak in long stretches, with good vocal volume, and there is no gasping, no panting, no huffing. He just coughs once in a while, and that’s it. We talked for probably close to an hour.  


So, what they are talking about is unprecedented. At least, for me it is. And I can’t make sense of it because it’s very apparent that for many people the symptoms of Covid infection are NOTHING. No symptoms at all. And I’d like you to think about something: they are saying now that the continued spread of the virus is being fueled by “asymptomatic carriers.” But, I will tell you that it always had to be that way. It started in Wuhon, right? And it spread throughout the world from there, right? But, how does the world come and go from Wuhon? By plane. Only be plane. The world doesn’t drive to Wuhon, and the world doesn’t take a boat to Wuhon. The world flies to Wuhon.  So, you had people in Wuhon who contracted the virus. The earliest cases were all locals and other Chinese. I don’t think the Chinese government spoke of European tourists to Wuhon being among the early infected. But, INFECTED PERSONS FROM WUHON (WHETHER THEY WERE CHINESE OR EUROPEAN OR AMERICAN) HAD TO GET ON PLANES AND TAKE THE VIRUS TO OTHER COUNTRIES. Right?

But, as soon as the Chinese government realized that there was a grave threat, why didn’t they start controlling air travel? Why didn’t they assess every passenger who was flying out of China to foreign destinations? And they could have shut down air travel to China completely. If this seems far-fetched to you, please reconsider because, supposedly, the world was seeded with Covid-19 by air travelers out of China.

But, here’s the real point I am trying to make: Just picture those planes containing infected people and scattering them across the globe. They couldn’t have been symptomatic. When was the last time that you were on a plane in which a passenger was coughing, hacking, gasping for air, and looking febrile? I don’t have any such experiences. I’m not claiming that it has never happened, but surely, it is extremely rare. So, this pandemic had to be seeded, from the beginning, by air passengers who were either completely asymptomatic or so mildly symptomatic that nobody noticed.

So, I have to think that the spread of this pandemic has been fueled, from the beginning, by infected persons who were not visibly sick. There were also the incubators, and they have cited examples of them. But, there aren’t that many examples, and I don’t think it’s right to make presumptions about it.  The role of asymptomatic carriers is being widely touted today as a driving force, but it has always been a driving force. The first Corona case in Italy was a 38 year old man who was diagnosed on February 20, and he had no connection to Wuhon or China. And get this: On January 31, Italy banned all fights to and from China. So, that was 3 weeks before. And the incubation period is no more than 14 days and, on average, only 5 days.  So, any incubators who arrived in Italy from China before January 31 would surely have started showing symptoms before February 20.  There are anecdotal stories connecting Wuhon to Germany, and Wuhon to the U.S., but there are none for Italy.  So, I think it’s reasonable to assume that “asymptomatic carriers” have played a larger role than “incubators” in fueling this pandemic.    

And that’s what gets me the most, that there seems to be so many people who don’t get sick at all from the Corona virus.  It reminds me of the Epstein-Barr virus, which they say  90% of Americans have but don’t know it.

So, how is it that a virus that affects most people mildly or not at all goes on to kill others? And yes, I get it that old people and those with co-morbidities are more fragile. But, we have heard about serious cases in middle-aged people, including those without co-morbidities. Chris Cuomo is an example. He isn't that old, and presumably, he was healthy before this. He seemed vigorous. So why him? And I bet you he has no idea how he got infected.

And, we are told that this virus, which affects most people mildly or not at all, can cause any organ in the body to fail, that it can cause the immune system to go haywire and start destroying the body, and that it can take the form of any symptom or disease process that you can name. SARS-Cov-2 stands for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome, but people are being diagnosed with it who have no respiratory symptoms at all.

The CDC has issued a guideline to doctors that anyone who dies with a positive Covid-19 test result that Covid-19 should be listed as the cause of death. And they are saying that even without a positive Corona test result, to feel free to put down Corona as the “presumptive” or “probable” cause of death, if you feel like doing it.  If you’ve got an itch to do it, do it.  So, if a person has had heart disease for years, for decades, and has been on medication, and had a bypass, and numerous stents over the course of most of his adult life, that if he dies, and they quickly do a swab while he’s still warm and it comes back positive for Corona, then Covid-19 goes down on the death certificate as the cause of death. Here is an M.D. who is mad about it. He accuses the CDC of “gaming the numbers” and says that it is “ridiculous.”


I’ll be honest and tell you that I don’t know what is going on. I am as baffled and confused as ever, and don’t worry: I get all the talking points that they are spewing. But, the incongruities and the glib assumptions rub me wrong.  If I could have one wish, it would be to follow one of those ICU doctors around the ward and see those severe, advanced Covid patients myself.



This addresses the big baffling question: why a virus that causes no disruption in many people, and only slight disruption in most people, causes death in others.  



They admit that, visibly, the Corona virus causes nothing more than a positive test result in some people. And they have provided no evidence of any changes in their bodies. They wax on about a silent struggle going on, but it's all supposition. 

And keep in mind that we're not talking about just a few "asymptomatic carriers." We're talking about a ton of them because at this point, people are distancing, even from the well, and those with symptoms aren't even going out.  Of the newly diagnosed, how many of them know who infected them? And put aside medical workers. So, excluding medical workers, what new infectees report being around, in close proximity to a suspiciously sick person or one known to have Corona virus? It has to be very few. So, we are at the point where this whole pandemic is being fueled by "asymptomatic carriers." And for it to continue, the number of asymptomatic carriers will have to keep rising.   

The article admits to 20% of infectees being asymptomatic carriers, but that is surely low. In Iceland, they are finding that half their infectees are asymptomatic. And in the small Italian town of Vo Eugenio, they tested all 3300 people in the town and found that the majority of infectees were asymptomatic.  

But, they claim to know that "the virus is proliferating in the bodies of the 'silent spreaders'" even though they don't get sick. But, that is purely an assumption. They don't provide any evidence for it. They just assume it. 


There has definitely been a shift in thinking. Early on, Dr. Fauci said that silent spreaders have never been the prime movers of any epidemic or pandemic. But now, they have to go to that space because everyone is aware; they are practicing social distancing; even from the asymptomatic. The symptomatic- they're not even going out. They're staying home. I ask you, the reader, when, of late, have you seen someone out in public who was hacking, coughing and looking febrile? So yes, we are at the point now where they have to attribute the spread of the epidemic to silent spreaders: they have no choice.  

Dr. Edward Jones-Lopez said that 50% of those infected don't know that they have it; and presumably don't get sick. And that of the 50% who do show symptoms, 30% have mild to moderate symptoms, from which they recover spontaneously, while 20% get very sick and could die. 

Now, I don't know where he got those figures from. He may have just been bloviating. But a span of effects that goes from nothing to death is the biggest span there is.  So, what is causing death among the few? 

They are saying it is a destructive immunological response to the virus, that does as much or more damage as the virus; that the virus causes the immune system to go haywire. It is an immunological storm, in which the body destroys its own tissues and organs.  

But note first that inflammation is inherently defensive and restorative. It's not an attack on oneself. It is a useful and necessary marshaling of resources to rectify something that is wrong. In January I had hernia surgery, and afterwards, I had some inflammation for a while. I was advised to put ice on it, but I didn't. I had no desire to inhibit the inflammation. I was not afraid of it. I knew it was healing. So, I didn't use ice, and I didn't take anti-inflammatory drugs, as advised. The result was that I healed VERY quickly. I was back to doing everything in less than a month.  It was amazing.  

I get it that there are people with abnormalities whose immune systems malfunction, for whom inflammation can be destructive. And I feel very sorry for those people. But, I am not one of them, and I have a lot of trouble applying it to random people across a population.   

It's all just supposition. It's pure speculation. What do we really know? And by we, I mean you and I. We know that they have this very shaky pcr test, that they consider infallible, even though it is designating a great many people as infected who appear not to be. And just because authority won't consider false positives doesn't mean you and I shouldn't.  

And in individual cases when they tell us that someone died of the Corona virus or Corona complications, they don't tell us how. They don't tell us that someone died because he suffocated to death; or because his heart failed; or his kidneys failed.  They just glibly tell us that he died of Corona virus or Corona complications. Why are people willing to accept that? Why don't they demand full disclosure? 

And if you think it's a matter of privacy, this is affecting every person on this planet. This is unprecedented  because even during the 1918 Spanish flu pandemic, the whole world didn't shut down. I hope that you are as rattled by the highly manipulative reporting that is going on as I am.  


Some people have asked me about what supplements to take to help increase your resistance to Covid-19, should they be exposed to it. Let me start by sharing this article with you from Global Research, by a medical scientist who admits that the pcr test is not identifying Covid 19 but probably any Corona virus, which is why so many people who are asymptomatic are testing positive.



And that would mean that the people who seem to have mild colds really do just have mild colds.


But, there are some seriously sick people, and some of them have died (although not all the deaths attributed to Covid-19 were really caused by it).

But, in any case, what can you take specifically, to boost your immune system? Should you be taking 10,000 or 20,000 mgs of Vitamin C?

Well, I wouldn’t do that, not if you are feeling well. Because if you start doing it, then your body will adjust to it, and then if you really get sick, it won’t make any difference. It’s better to hold that in abeyance- in case you need it. Day in and Day out, I think if you get 1000 mgs of Vitamin C a day, it’s plenty. And I’ll assume that you’re getting half of that from your diet from eating a lot of fresh fruits and vegetables. Therefore, 500 mgs of supplemental Vitamin C is all I recommend on a regular basis, even now.

But, I would and do take 5000 IUs of Vitamin D3, and partly for its immune-boosting effect.  In general, I think it’s more important to take Vitamin D than Vitamin C. I take some of both, but if I couldn’t get an Vitamin C, I could at least try to hone my diet to get more, but I really can’t do that for Vitamin D.

What about zinc? Yes, zinc is important to immunity, but you can’t just load up on zinc. Minerals occur in balance, and if you just start throwing in the zinc, you could throw off your copper balance. I think that getting some supplemental zinc is a good idea because a lot of the zinc in plants is bound to phytates and oxalates. There’s a lot there, but it’s hard to absorb. So, I am entirely in favor of getting some extra zinc coverage from supplements, particularly if you eat a lot of plants. I think it’s perfectly safe to take up to 30 mgs a say, which is twice the RDA, but I wouldn’t go higher than that, even now.

An interesting new area of research concerning immunity is mushrooms. It’s been found that they contain “immune-modulating” substances that improve the responsiveness of the immune system. Note that the common “button mushrooms” that are widely available and grown in caves in West Virginia are practically useless that way. They just don’t have what it takes. The Reishi mushroom, and the Japanese mushrooms, in general, are what you need. And you could start taking a Reishi mushroom supplement.


Green tea is immune-enhancing, due to its EGL, L-theanine, and other things. You could just drink green tea, but it does contain some caffeine, and I’m not keen on that. But, I learned a trick from Dr. Andrew Weil, which is that if you steep a green tea bag, and then throw away the first steeping, then, when you steep it a second time with the same bag, it is practically decaffeinated. 90% of the caffeine comes out in the first steeping. But otherwise, a decaffeinated green tea supplement is an option.

Then, there are things like oregano extract, olive leaf extract, and grapefruit seed extract. They all have some research behind them, but obviously, you can’t take everything.

But, here’s an area of immune-boosting that I think is really worth doing and moving to the front of the list: anti-aging hormones. I take 25 mgs DHEA every morning, and DHEA is very immune-supportive. Like cortisol, it is an adrenal hormone, but unlike cortisol, which weakens the immune response, DHEA strengthens it. So, certainly if you are 40 or older, I would highly recommend that you take DHEA. But, if you start taking it, you should monitor your blood level,  just as they do with other hormones, such as thyroid. I test my DHEA once a year, and you should do the same if you start taking it.

And then note that melatonin is also very immune-boosting, and I take 3 mgs melatonin every night.

But, otherwise, eating a healthy and mostly , if not totally, plant-based diet of whole natural foods is very important, as are getting sufficient rest, exercise and sunlight. I hope you found this helpful.  


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