Welcome to my Vitamin and Nutrition Site. I offer vitamins and nutritional supplements from Vitamin Research Products, the premier manufacturer of ultra-high quality vitamins, minerals, herbs and nutraceuticals. I have been involved with nutrition and natural health, both personally and professionally, for over 35 years. And I have been involved with VRP for more than 20 years. There are many reasons why I know VRP vitamins to be the very best vitamins in the world including: VRP uses only the highest quality and most biologically active form of each nutrient. Many companies today are importing cheap nutrient powders from overseas, particularly China, that are not pharmaceutical-grade. VRP obtains its raw materials from the most reputable sources with proven 99+% purity. You've heard of counterfeit medicines. There are also counterfeit supplements. VRP uses capsules, not tablets. Capsules provide nearly 100% nutrient availability and absorption, whereas tablets provide much less. There is no regulation of the tableting process for supplements, and sometimes tablets do not even dissolve in your stomach! VRP avoids the use of chemical additives. A very tiny amount of magnesium stearate is run through the capsulating machines in order to keep them from clogging up, but it is less than is commonly used in making encapsulated supplements and much less than is used in making tablets. We do not refrain from offering tiny supplements. Never do we fill up capsules with binders and fillers just to make them larger. If the targeted dose is small, a small capsule is what you get. Why take something larger than you need? Why consume inert materials when you don't have to? VRP uses only veggie capsules, made of cellulose- not animal gelatin. This is out of respect for vegetarians and for those concerned about bovine-source diseases. VRP supplements are manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility and are given "Best Use By" dates so that you always know how long they are fresh. They are only produced in small production runs so that it is always a newly manufactured product that is shipped to you. VRP vitamins contain no useless, hyped-up ingredients such as SOD (an enzyme which is destroyed in the stomach) or "Vitamin B-15" (there is no such vitamin). This is science-based nutrition, and VRP is a company that is run by scientists. VRP omits substances that are unnecessary or harmful, such as iron, which is a known risk factor for heart disease, especially among men. Obviously, you need some iron, but you generally get enough from the foods you eat, and unless you are anemic or pregnant, you do not need to take iron in supplement form. VRP vitamins are pH balanced so that they cause no stomach irritation. And they are designed using a balance of nutrients that prevent adverse nutrient interactions. For instance, some forms of selenium conflict with Vitamin C and should not be taken together in the same supplement. VRP's additive-free vitamins are never subjected to the damaging effects of heat, which means, besides no tableting, there is no friction-grinding, which is rampant throughout the vitamin industry. Instead, they are microgranulated into ultra-fine granules using the most advanced oxygen-exclusion technology. I invite you to avail yourself of the superior nutritional supplements from Vitamin Research at the lowest prices available. Dr. Ralph Cinque About Shipping: VRP offers a flat rate- no matter how large the order- for shipping within the lower 48 states. The cost is just $6.95 for your order to be shipped by either USPS Priority Mail or UPS Ground. Orders shipped to Alaska, Hawaii, Puerto Rico or the Virgin Islands have a flat rate of just $9.95. If you require faster delivery, UPS 2nd Day Air and UPS Overnight are also available. International rates vary, but we charge the exact amount with no handling fee.



 These are also the supplements that I personally take.