They just announced that our Texas Governor is now testing negative for Covid after having tested positive 4 days ago. But, he never developed symptoms, and he said that the reason is, according to his doctors, that he was vaccinated.

But, what reason is there to believe that when plenty of vaccinated people have developed symptoms? If the vaccine prevented symptoms in him, why didn’t it prevent symptoms in them? And he is a paraplegic, so you can’t say it’s because he is so much healthier.

Now, if he had gotten sick, they would have said that if not for the vaccine, he would have gotten sicker. And if got severely sick to where he had to be hospitalized, then they would have said that if not for the vaccine he would have died. And if he died, as some vaccinated people have, then they would have said that his last wish was for everyone to get vaccinated.

They cited some political rally that he went to as the likely source of his infection, as it was crammed with unmasked people. But, he wasn’t that close to them. He was up on the stage. So, he was social distanced. Plus, he was vaccinated.  

Then, they tried to link his infection to his having done a photo-op with famed Texas musician Jimmy Vaughn. But, Vaughn’s rep issued a statement saying that Jimmy got tested, and he tested negative.

Any time anyone makes any assumptions about this, they are just playing a mental game- with themselves and others, as they see everything through the lens of Covidism. 

 We are living in the Twilight Zone, and it is being called science. 

It is now suspected that the Moderna vaccine poses a risk of myocarditis that is 2 ½ times greater than they previously thought. And, we know there has been at least one death from it: a 13 year old boy from Michigan.

I am providing this link in case you want to read the article, but to me, it is disgusting because it’s 99% damage control, trying to deter people from shunning the vaccine.

And, the way that they are looking at it is not right. They see it as an either/or situation. Either you are unlucky enough to have an “allergic” reaction to it (which is a euphemism for it being toxic) or, you don’t have it. But, that’s not the reality. It is far more likely that the overt cases of myocarditis are like the tip of the iceberg; that the severe reaction that occurs in these cases are overshadowing by similar but milder cases of it in, perhaps, millions of others, that go unnoticed.

Since people expect to feel a little bit bad after vaccination, there could be many who write off their tiredness and achiness, lasting a few days, as a normal reaction, when it’s actually a mild case of myocarditis. I know I’ve said this before but I’ll say it again, that most of us go our whole lives without ever developing myocarditis.  It’s not a common condition, nor is it an age-related malady. It really baffles me that when these cases occur, the first thing they do is question whether it is related to the vaccine. The extent to which they will bend over backwards to exonerate the vaccine is disgusting.

Case in point is, once again, Dr. Mike Hansen. who addressed the case of the 13 year old boy who died.  However, he spent most of the time defending the vaccine, how rare the cases are, how most people get over it in a week or so with minimal or no treatment, and then at the end of it, he finally gets to talking about the boy, and he just said that although there was a preliminary autopsy done, there hasn’t been a final, authorized, official autopsy, and therefore, we just don’t know.  He said at the beginning that he was going to give his thoughts at the end on whether the vaccine killed the boy, but he never did.  So, for me, this is just more revolting spin.

This is all just pseudo-scientific religion. It’s religion dressed up in scientific jargon. When a previously healthy 13 year old boy dies 3 days after being vaccinated for Covid, you don’t have to doubt whether the vaccine killed him. A temporal association of that magnitude is overwhelming.

And what bothers me most about it is dismissing the value of his life, and I mean to him and his family and friends. Because: the message is that, to help the greater good, we have to be willing to sacrifice a few unfortunate souls. It’s a shame he had to die, according to them, but it’s all part of the advance of Modern Medicine that benefits everyone (else).

I curse them. I curse the day they were born. And I curse the horses they rode in on.  



RC: This is just more insanity, and the scary thing is that doctors are leading the way down this rabbit hole. Anybody can get a positive Corona virus test, whether it’s PCR or another kind. And if you are undergoing testing every day, it’s only a matter of time before you test positive. And notice how all three of the Senators were quick to assume that if not for the vaccine, they would be sicker than they are. But, they don’t know that. They, like everyone else, is just choosing to believe it.


And is it sane and rational to subject yourself to all the risks of vaccination, and remember that this is something that is brand new, just in the hope of getting a milder version of the disease when it happens? Imagine if they did that for the other vaccines. “Take the polio vaccine because that way, you’ll get a milder version of polio.” Or, “Get a tetanus shot because that way, you’ll only get a mild version of tetanus.”


When before has a vaccine (and be aware that I am opposed to all of them, and I would never take any of them; I am an anti-vaxxer to the max)  been sold as a way to get a less severe case of a disease?  But apparently, that is all they can even try to claim now because of the multitude of breakthrough cases.


Here in Texas where I live, our governor has tested positive, but they’re saying that he isn’t sick at all. Still, he is going to take the antibody cocktail that Trump took and probably other drugs too.  


I am appalled and most of all at the doctors who are going along with this madness.  




Three U.S senators on Thursday announced they had tested positive for Covid in a series of breakthrough infections.

All three senators said they had been vaccinated.

Sen. Roger Wicker of Mississippi, a critic of mask mandates on planes and trains, has tested positive for the coronavirus, his office said Thursday.

A second senator, Angus King, I-Maine, announced later in the day that he'd tested positive for the virus as well.

Thursday afternoon, Sen. John Hickenlooper, D-CO, also announced that he had the virus.

Wicker's communications director, Phillip Waller, said the Republican senator got tested after experiencing "mild symptoms."

"Senator Wicker is fully vaccinated against Covid, is in good health, and is being treated by his Tupelo-based physician. He is isolating, and everyone with whom Senator Wicker has come in close contact recently has been notified,” Waller said in a statement.

The test results came as Mississippi has been reeling from the Delta variant. The state's top health official, Thomas Dobbs, told reporters on Wednesday Mississippi is currently experiencing the "worst part of the pandemic." “We’re seeing higher and higher numbers of not just cases but hospitalizations, people in intensive care units, life support," Dobbs said, according to the Washington Post.

Early Thursday afternoon, King announced that he too had tested positive for the virus. "While I am not feeling great, I’m definitely feeling much better than I would have without the vaccine," he said in a statement. He said he's quarantining at home, and added that "I urge everyone to remain vigilant, follow the guidance from health professionals, and get vaccinated if you haven’t been."

In a statement, Hickenlooper said: "I've tested positive for a breakthrough case of COVID-19. I feel good but will isolate per docs instructions. I’m grateful for the vaccine (& the scientists behind it!) for limiting my symptoms. If you haven’t gotten your shot — get it today! And a booster when it’s available too!"



This concerns another video of Dr. Michael Hansen, defender of Modern Medicine and all things Covid. In this video, he rationalizes the death of the OB-GYN who was apparently in good health at age 56, but suffered sudden destruction of all his platelets after receiving his first Pfizer shot, and died soon afterwards of a brain hemorrhage, despite heroic measures. The paragraph below is the comment that I submitted, although I don’t know how long it’s going to remain there. I expect him to remove it. But, let’s do this the proper way. Go ahead and watch his video and then read my comment.  And if you agree with him, if you think he makes more sense, fine; go ahead and get vaccinated. But, I gotta say that I pity you if you do. Here’s the link:


The mistake that is being made here is looking at this in a binary way, that Dr. Michael had an allergic reaction to the vaccine where all his platelets were destroyed, but that if you don't get such a severe, acute, deadly reaction to the vaccine, that you didn't suffer at all.  But, that isn't true. I knew a young man who died of cardiac arrest the first time he took cocaine. It was very rapid. It was almost instantaneous. Most people don't die if they take cocaine one time. Many people take it for years. Some even take it for decades. But, it doesn't mean that they aren't being hurt. Cocaine is toxic. It’s toxic to everybody. People have different degrees of tolerance or intolerance to it and other poisons, but the toxic relationship to the organism is a constant.

It was only recently that the incessantly ballyhooed beneficial effects of alcohol were finally debunked, once and for all, when it was revealed that the illusion of benefits was really due to the so-called "sick quitter" effect, that when you compare heart health in lifelong teetotalers to moderate drinkers, the teetotalers win by a landslide. So, there too with alcohol: it's toxic; pure and simple; toxic to everybody. Some people succumb fast to it, while others take longer to succumb, but they're all going in the same direction, and that is down.

And you shouldn't look at this one issue of thrombocytopenia in isolation. What about all the other demonstrable toxicities from the Covid vaccine? What about all the cases of myocarditis from it? -which is something that most people go their whole lives without ever experiencing. What about the post-vaccine blood clots? What about the dozens of cases of Gillian-Barre, some fatal? What about the cases of post-vaccine brain swelling? What about the thousands of post-vaccine sudden deaths that the CDC refuses to acknowledge, let alone investigate?

Look: there are risks in this life that you can't avoid, but the risks of the Covid vaccine is not one of them. And let me remind you that if you take it, you're doing it totally on faith; faith in people you don't know, and faith in institutions you can't trust. I say: have faith in yourself. I am 70 years old, and I haven't gotten Covid- in all this time. And I haven’t been sheltering in place either. I do have faith: in myself, in my body, and in the principles of natural healing.  I say pluck the vaccine menace. You have no reason to value it when it's admitted that it does NOT prevent infection; it does not prevent sickness: and all they have to hang their hats on now is the claim that it prevents serious illness and deaths- even though there have been plenty of hospitalizations among the vaccinated (an indication of serious illness) and more than a few deaths. To say that their claims are flimsy is the understatement of the century. But, after reading this, do you still want to get vaccinated? Then go ahead. 

But, ironically, tonight's headline is that health experts are going to recommend booster shots for all Americans at the 8 month mark. 8 months? But, what happens 8 months after that? And let me point out to you that anything Dr. Hansen or anyone else says in response to that is pure speculation.

So, a guy who is vaccinated comes down with Covid, and that's after each and every one of his vaccinated relatives came down with Covid. 

"A week after my brother came down with it, my mother fell ill. That was when I first heard the ominous words: breakthrough case.  My mother speculated that she had a breakthrough case of delta, a highly contagious COVID-19 variant that’s surging across much of the country right now, especially here in the Deep South. Impossible, I thought. Every member of my immediate family had been vaccinated months before: my brother with the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, and my cousin, my mother and me with Pfizer."

RC: And note that this guy thinks he had Covid just a few months before. Not willing to rely on natural immunity, he got vaccinated, but despite that, he got it again. So, it was Round 2 for him despite being vaccinated. 

"When I awoke the next morning, I felt like I had a vise grip around my skull and my lymph nodes were slightly swollen. I was definitely ill. Even though I still doubted that I had COVID, I decided to get tested because I was planning on visiting a close friend the following day, someone who was still fighting “long-haul” symptoms from his own bout with the coronavirus."

"My only options were a $20 at-home test from Walmart, a $50 test done at a local pharmacy, or a visit to a doctor’s office, which would have cost me several hundred dollars out of pocket. I went with the cheapest option, surprised to find that Walmart’s kit included two tests and results within 15 minutes."

"Back at home, I swirled the uncomfortable nose swab for 15 seconds in each nostril. After waiting 15 minutes, I saw that my test was definitely positive."

RC: Elon Musk had 4 rapid Covid tests done in succession. Two came back back positive, and two came back negative. Then there's this from another source: 

"Earlier this month, shortly before Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine was due to meet President Donald Trump at a Cleveland airport, the governor tested positive on a rapid antigen test for the new coronavirus, SARS-CoV-2, that causes the disease COVID-19."

"Two follow-up tests, using a more accurate polymerase chain reaction, or PCR test, showed the governor didn't have the virus."

"This kind of false positive with an antigen test isn’t an isolated incident. Dozens of people who took a rapid SARS-CoV-2 test developed by biotech company Quidel at a Manchester, Vermont, clinic in July were told they had the virus. Subsequent PCR tests run by the state’s Department of Health found that only 4 out of those 65 were positive."

RC: What a joke that the PCR test is called the "gold standard" when fruit has tested positive. People: we are living in the Twilight Zone. The diagnostic tests aren't testing; they are just spitting out noise. The virus isolation techniques aren't isolating a virus:  they are just detecting the cytotoxic effect of the procedure. The viral genome determinations are based on nothing but the fantasies of a computer algorithm. This is not science; it is pseudo-science; and it is not real. 

When you read an article like this, what goes through your head? If it makes you want to run out and get vaccinated, I pity you.




So, an old woman starts getting tired, to where she wants to mostly stay in bed most of the time. Then she gets nausea and diarrhea.  She also has a slight cough but no dyspnea, fever, or shortness of breath.  But that was enough to trigger a Covid test, and sure enough, it was that damn virus.

You can take a look at this if you want to, but I don’t believe a word of it.

They’re a couple who are 90 and 86. Most people are dead at that age. And the husband was struggling long before.  

"Eugene Bily contended with many health problems even before the pandemic. In the past 18 months, he underwent two hip surgeries and several other hospitalizations. In June, he began receiving home hospice care."

What they’re doing is taking any symptoms whatsoever and applying a Covid test to them (and they’re all bogus) and if it comes back positive, they are more than willing to say that the virus is causing the symptoms- and even if it’s stuff that people that age struggle with all the time, they will attribute it to the virus.

"The team, searching through records using language software, found that about one-quarter of older Covid patients reported a functional decline. “This was falls, fatigue, weakness, difficulty walking or getting out of bed,” Marziliano said. Eleven percent experienced altered mental status — “confusion, agitation, forgetfulness, lethargy,” she said."

Are they kidding? Are they seriously going to attribute all those symptoms to Covid? Average lifespan for American men is only 77 years, and it’s falling! So, it’s very likely that a 90 year old man is going to be having problems. But to attribute those symptoms to Covid just because of that supposedly infallible test? They should remember that Covid can also be asymptomatic. So, maybe he has asymptomatic Covid, and he’s failing for other reasons.

Look: this is insane. It is a medical religion. It is a pseudo-scientific cult. And let me leave you with one last thought: Have you noticed that most people who die of Covid die in the hospital? So, why go there? Medical treatment isn’t saving people. It’s been widely admitted that the ventilators have killed hundreds of thousands, and it’s probably over a million.

I’m only going to speak for myself, but if I got symptoms, such as fever, coughing, and even shortness of breath, I wouldn’t dream of going to the hospital.

And I’ll tell you something about shortness of breath: people often panic when they get it, and their panicking makes it worse. They start interfering with their own breathing- without realizing it. As they strain to breathe, they obstruct their own breathing, and it spirals out of control. The most important thing is not to panic. Maybe I should write a piece on breathing.  





I come across Covid articles every day that spur me to want to write, and today’s is a real doozey. A Baltimore couple, Christina Van Norman and David Coe, followed all the guidelines; then they got fully vaccinated; and then they resumed having small gatherings at their house- but only for the vaccinated. Their last party involved 17 vaccinated people, and 14 of them came down with Covid.

And Christina got it badly. She said: “I’m not dying, but I’m pretty darn sick.” Two weeks after it started, she is still struggling badly. “We thought we were vaccinated and safe, and that’s the scary part.”

You might think that nobody would dare try to put a positive spin on this. But, you would be wrong.  

“The key message is that the vaccine works very, very well,” said Dr. Georges Benjamin, executive director of the American Public Health Association and a former Maryland health secretary. “It is extremely effective in preventing severe illness, hospitalizations and death.”

Then, they made an incredible claim about the small number of breakthrough cases among the 3.6 million Maryland residents who got vaccinated. But, how can they make any such claims? It’s not as though everyone who gets vaccinated reports back to them and gets tested. Since breakthrough cases can occur without any symptoms, they would have to test and retest every vaccinated person. But, that isn’t happening. They are just helping themselves to the conclusion that all vaccinated persons who don’t make the news with a horror story must therefore be vaccine success stories.

But, let’s talk about the issue of whether the vaccines have been shown to prevent severe illness, hospitalizations, and death. The vaccine trials were not designed to find that out. They were only designed to look at mild symptoms. This is by the Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal. 

Covid-19 vaccine trials cannot tell us if they will save lives

None of the current trials are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospitalizations, intensive care use, or deaths,

Vaccines are being hailed as the solution to the covid-19 pandemic, but the vaccine trials currently underway are not designed to tell us if they will save lives, reports Dr. Peter Doshi, Associate Editor of the British Medical Journal.

Several covid-19 vaccine trials are now in their most advanced (phase 3) stage, but what will it mean exactly when a vaccine is declared “effective”? 

Many may assume that successful phase 3 studies will mean we have a proven way of keeping people from getting very sick and dying from covid-19. And a robust way to interrupt viral transmission.

Yet the current phase 3 trials are not actually set up to prove either, says Doshi. 

“None of the trials currently underway are designed to detect a reduction in any serious outcome such as hospitalizations, intensive care use, or deaths. Nor are the vaccines being studied to determine whether they can interrupt transmission of the virus,” he writes.

He explains that all ongoing phase 3 trials for which details have been released are evaluating mild, not severe, disease - and they will be able to report final results once around 150 participants develop symptoms.

In Pfizer and Moderna’s trials, for example, individuals with only a cough and positive lab test would bring those trials one event closer to their completion.

Yet Doshi argues that vaccine manufacturers have done little to dispel the notion that severe covid-19 was what was being assessed. 

Moderna, for example, called hospitalizations a “key secondary endpoint” in statements to the media. But Tal Zaks, Chief Medical Officer at Moderna, told The BMJ that their trial lacks adequate statistical power to assess that endpoint.

Part of the reason may be numbers, says Doshi. Because most people with symptomatic covid-19 infections experience only mild symptoms, even trials involving 30,000 or more patients would turn up relatively few cases of severe disease. 

“Hospitalizations and deaths from covid-19 are simply too uncommon in the population being studied for an effective vaccine to demonstrate statistically significant differences in a trial of 30,000 people,” he adds. “The same is true regarding whether it can save lives or prevent transmission: the trials are not designed to find out.” 

RC:  Yet, the claim that the vaccines are preventing serious illness and death has become a standard mantra and talking point. It should be obvious to everyone that there is no positive spin to cases like Ms. Van Norman. To conclude that the vaccine served her well because she isn’t dead is factually baseless. It is just a desired belief. It’s something that she wants to be true because the alternative- that the vaccine did nothing for her- is too discomforting and painful. Her mind runs away from it.

I mean, come on! This woman was following all the protocols, masking like crazy, and then she gets vaccinated, and as soon as she throws a party, she and 13 others all come down with Covid? And that’s supposed to have a positive spin?

I am a filmmaker. My first film, My Stretch of Texas Ground, an anti-war movie, came out in 2019, and you can watch it on Amazon. My second film, the sequel to it, His Stretch of Texas Ground, is about to come out, and it has been screening at various venues in Central Texas, most recently at the Lake Travis Film Festival in Bee Caves, and soon at the Lost River Film Fest in Lockhart. I go to these screenings, and I’m around people. It’s all very close. I’m talking with people, sitting next to them, shaking hands, etc. My third film, The Pro Bono Watchman, is also finished, and I have screened it at my home to various people. I don’t question them about Covid or insist that they wear masks- and no one does. And it isn’t me being defiant. It’s just me living my life- which I am not going to live through a Covid lens.   

People are getting sick, as people always have, and I don’t claim to know exactly what is going on. But, what I do believe is that there is a construct, a paradigm, that is being applied to everything as it happens, and the authorities are bending over backwards to interpret everything that happens according to that construct, which is now centered on the idea that the vaccine works- even though it obviously doesn’t.  Hearing about cases like Ms. Von Norman should be enough to turn you against the vaccine forever. And if it doesn’t, then your thinking process has been hijacked.



It starts with the widespread admission that the Covid vaccines do not prevent infection. And that is something they have said all along. Even during the trials, they never claimed that the vaccines would prevent infection; just that it would lessen symptoms. They never even designed the tests to determine if infection would be prevented. It’s like they knew ahead of time that they didn’t want to go down that road.

And there is a contradiction built into this because they have repeatedly claimed that asymptomatic carriers have the same “ground glass opacities” in their lungs as those with symptoms. The damage is going on; they just don’t feel it. Therefore, should not the same be true for asymptomatic infections among the vaccinated?

But, the biggest claim is that the vaccines will prevent Covid-related deaths. Before we consider whether it’s true, we need to look at the prevalence of Covid deaths.

This metanalysis of 23 studies found that the death rate among Covid sufferers has been .26%. You saw the decimal point there, right?

The infection fatality rate of COVID-19 inferred from seroprevalence data | medRxiv

So, do you need a vaccine to protect you from a disease in which only 1 in 400 people die?  And let’s consider that the .26% who died were probably in very poor health to begin with. If you look at the death rate among people who were generally healthy beforehand, it’s much lower than that.

But, besides recognizing the low death rate from Covid, we need to put it in perspective to what is going on now. You realize that there has been a torrent of “breakthrough” infections among the vaccinated. And when it happens, the government, media, and medical establishment help themselves to sunny conclusions; saying that if you get infected after being vaccinated, thank the vaccine that your symptoms aren’t worse. So, if you have mild symptoms, realize that you would have had severe symptoms without the vaccine. But, even before the vaccine, a lot of people got Covid with only mild symptoms. So, how do they know the vaccine did anything? They don’t. They’re just saying it.

And if you get severe symptoms, thank God and Medicine for the vaccine because at least you got to stay home. You didn’t have to go to the hospital. So, the vaccine saved you from that. How do they know? They don’t. They’re just saying it.

And if you were vaccinated, yet, you got Covid, and you had to go to the hospital, then you still have to be grateful for the vaccine because without it, you would have died. How do they know that? You know the drill.

But, what about the people who got vaccinated, got Covid, and died? I can’t come up with a way for them to spin that. Oh, yes I can. If you were vaccinated, though it’s a bummer that you’re dead, at least you’re going to Heaven. If you weren’t vaccinated, then you’re going to burn in Hell. They might as well go for that. It makes as much sense as the other stuff they’re claiming.

Last week, the state of Massachusetts reported 5166 breakthrough infections with 80 deaths, so far.

Breakthrough COVID Cases in Massachusetts: Newest Numbers – NBC Boston

The death toll represents 1.54% of those infected, and since we are talking about vaccinated people, it is much higher than the natural death rate for Covid.

Of course, you’ve heard about the vaccinated Texas politicians who went to Washington and got Covid; and the New York Yankees who had 11 vaccinated players get Covid. And there are many more cases like that.

But nowhere in polite society is it being suggested that the vaccines are just plain ineffective, that they don’t work. Instead, they put on their rose-colored glasses and continue to laud the vaccines.

Please be clear about what I’m saying, which is, that not only are they not questioning the efficacy of the vaccines; they are not even granting the possibility of it. The vaccines work; that is a given; and no real-world outcomes can be used to dispute it because the vaccines work, and if you so much as question it, you are just a no-good conspiracy theorist.

That is the world we are living in. It is a dogmatic, cultish world that has abandoned all reason.





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