It starts with the claim that the virus is alive. They don’t claim that it’s alive in the same way that cells are alive, but they claim that it’s alive, and it depends on a host cell to live. Here’s the usual mantra.

"Viruses rely on the cells of other organisms to survive and reproduce, because they can’t capture or store energy themselves. In other words they cannot function outside a host organism, which is why they are often regarded as non-living."

"Outside a cell, a virus wraps itself up into an independent particle called a virion. The virion can “survive” in the environment for a certain period of time, which means it remains structurally intact and is capable of infecting a suitable organism if one comes into contact."

"When a virion attaches to a suitable host cell – this depends on the protein molecules on the surfaces of the virion and the cell – it is able to penetrate the cell. Once inside, the virus “hacks” the cell to produce more virions. The virions make their way out of the cell, usually destroying it in the process, and then head off to infect more cells."

"Does this “life cycle” make viruses alive? It’s a philosophical question, but we can agree that either way they can have a huge impact on living things."

So, viruses are not alive in the way other organisms are. And the exact way by which virions can “live” outside a cell is not very well elucidated either. Are virions like the dormant embryo in a seed? Well, virions are nothing like seed embryos. 

But, let’s not dispute it right now. Let’s just assume that cells get infected with virions, and then they start making viruses, and spewing virions, and the virions can “live” long enough between hosts to infect others. 

But surely, we are talking about whole virions, right? A piece of RNA from a virus is surely not living. A piece of viral RNA can surely infect no one. So, that means that in order for contagion to take place, whole virions have to be spewed by the sick person. Viral fragments don't cut it. You need the whole virion. 

Therefore, since the process depends on whole, intact, complete virions going from one person to another, and usually as a result of droplets from a person’s oral cavity, then people must have whole virions in their expulsions, right? I’m talking about what you cough and spit and spew. 

Since that’s the case, then it should be possible to find whole, intact, complete virions in people’s oral and respiratory exudates.

Therfore, why is it impossible to locate whole Covid viruses in a person? Why is it that the test is based on finding tiny fragments of RNA, and actually, very tiny fragments of RNA, which they claim came from the virus. I don't grant that, but my point here is that tiny fragments of RNA are definitely not alive and can’t infect anyone. If that’s all a person spews, then he most certainly cannot make anyone sick.

So, let’s take a person who is definitely in the throes of a massive Covid infection. He’s a danger to others, right? He can make people sick, right? And he does that by spewing whole virions at people; virions with the whole 30,000 long bases of RNA.

So, let’s take the very exudate that this person can spew- his phlegm, his spit, his sputum, and surely we will find whole viruses in it, right? They have to pass from him to another in order to make that person sick, right? So, let's gather them along the way. 

But no, they can’t find them. What they find are just tiny fragments of RNA, which they claim are from the virus. But, why can’t they find and extract whole, intact, complete Covid viruses and take them out of a person?

They say the person sprays them at another person, so have him spray them at something else. How come they have never isolated, not even once, a whole, intact Covid-19 virus?

And I'm not talking about their goofy experiments where they add a complex mixture to starved, poisoned monkey cells, and then when the cells die, they say, "the virus in the mixture killed them, and therefore, we isolated it." They didn't isolate shit.  

If viruses can spread from one person to another, it should be possible to collect them, and in great quantity.  And since only a whole virus can infect another, even theoretically, then it should be possible to find whole viruses in stricken people, and extract them, and examine them.

But, they can’t do it. They are just replicating very short, tiny fragments of RNA, which they claim to know are from the virus. That is extremely doubtful and dubious, but before even getting into that, why can’t they find and distinguish a whole, intact, complete Covid-19 virus in a Covid sufferer?

And if whole, intact, complete Covid viruses are not present in the exudate of the Covid sick, then how can they infect others with tiny fragments of RNA which are surely not alive in any sense of the word? How can an inanimate object infect anyone?  

Before I end this, let me acknowledge that if what I have written here is shown to a virologist or even a regular doctor, I’m sure they will have some answer. And I’m sure their answer will sound erudite. But, just because something sounds erudite doesn’t mean it can't be bull shit.






They say that 10% of people who are 65 and over have atrial fibrillation. It’s a tough situation to be in, because you’re rather damned if you do and damned if you don’t, as I'll explain. 

I’m 70, and I don’t have it. Of course, there are no guarantees that I am never going to get it. But, since it could happen to anyone, I think it’s good to have a plan as to what you’re going to do if you're faced with it.

I won’t elaborate about what it is because you can find that online. But basically, it’s a disturbance of the electrical system of the heart in which errant signals overcome the normal sinus rhythm. Usually, it results in a very fast heart rate, but it can also manifest as a very slow heart rate, if very few signals are getting through to the ventricles. But, whether it's fast or slow, the heart beat is always irregular in atrial-fib. 

Caffeine alone can throw a person into a-fib, and I’ve seen that happen. The same is true for alcohol. Obesity, high blood pressure, coronary heart disease, and sleep apnea are all considered risk factors. Bad valves can also do it. But, it is certainly true that sometimes a person without any of those risk factors can go into a-fib.

Now: what are you going to do about it? I’ll tell you what I would do if it happened to me, and I am only speaking for myself. I’m not offering advice to anyone, and I am not taking responsibility for anyone. I want to be clear about that. I’m just telling you what I would do for me. 

The first thing they usually want to do is put the person on heavy duty blood thinners. I means ones like Eloquis, although sometimes they still use the old workhorse Warfarin AKA rat poison. The purpose is to prevent strokes. The way the blood swirls in a-fib makes it easier for the blood to clot, and clots can travel to the brain and cause strokes.

I would not take any of those heavy duty blood thinners. If it were me, I would take natural blood thinners, such as Curcumin from turmeric, fish oil, Vitamin E, and I would eat a very healthy diet, and I mean with a lot of fresh fruits, raw salad greens, cruciferous vegetables, raw nuts, and beans. I already eat that way, but I mean that I would be motivated to be even stricter than I usually am. And that diet itself can be very blood-thinning. It’s pretty damn powerful, and if you added the natural blood-thinners I mentioned, I should think that it’s all the blood-thinning I would ever need or want. But again, I’m just speaking for me.

The reason I don’t like the idea of taking those prescription blood thinners is because they are toxic and risky- and they’re risky even for working. There is so much risk of bleeding- bleeding anywhere. Bleed in your gut; bleed in your brain. What’s the point of preventing an ischemic stroke only to have a hemorrhagic one?

So, I would go the natural route on that, and if they tell me I’d be taking a chance, I’d tell them that I’d be taking a chance if I did what they recommend too.  And, I wouldn’t lose sleep either because I’ve known people who have had atrial fib for years and years who haven’t done anything therapeutic and never had a stroke. I believe that, ultimately, diet and lifestyle are the key, even in a-fib. 

And keep in mind that the blood-thinners don’t fix the problem. They’re just supposed to be an insurance policy against having strokes; that’s all. But, they are not an unmixed blessing, and they don’t come with a guarantee. Besides the profound risk of bleeding, including lethal bleeding, there is also the risk of rebound clotting. If you stop it or if you forget to take it, or if you just run out of it, that could trigger the very thing that you are trying to prevent. You’d be walking a tightrope. It’s not for me. Not going to do it.

What about taking anti-arrhythmic drugs, such as Amiodarone? No. No way. I would not take any of those drugs. Again, I am only speaking for myself. I’m not telling you what to do. I don’t think any of those drugs are worth a damn. I’m not going to go into it except to say that you can’t get to “normal” when it comes to heart rhythm by taking those drugs. And even if you got to something that kinda/sorta looked normal, it wouldn’t be. It wouldn’t be close to normal. So again; no way; not going to do it.

What about cardioversion, where they shock the heart with an electrical current to make it stop, hoping that when it starts again, it reverts to normal rhythm?  Yes, I would consider that, if they thought I was a good candidate for it. And I am saying that because I have known people who have done it with success.

What about taking beta blockers or calcium channel blockers to slow the heart? No, I wouldn’t do that. There is nothing attractive about that. There is nothing good about the outcome from that.   

What about the ablation techniques where they destroy the cells that that they think are generating the errant impulses? I don't say I wouldn't consider it, but it's an extreme thing to do, and it carries plenty of risk. If my a-fib was just occasional, I think I'd rather live with it. And again, if they tell me it's risky to do that, I'll tell them that the ablation is very risky as well.  I guarantee you that if I am having a decent quality of life living with a-fib, I definitely would not do the ablation. And, I would definitely not get the Watchman implant, and that's based on the advice of cardiologist Dr. John Mandrola.

So, the bottom line is that if they thought I was a good candidate for cardioversion, I would very likely do it, but I just might pass on everything else medical and just live with the a-fib, especially if it wasn't interfering with my life to any great extent.  

Now, hopefully, I am going to finish my life without ever having a-fib. No one in my family has ever had it that I know of. And I don’t have any of the risk factors for it either. But, I’ve encountered quite a few people who have had it. And, I’ve been the one to inform them that they have it, where they didn’t know they had it, and I’m the one who told them. And I don’t tell them definitively. I just say, “I think you may be in a-fib. You better see a cardiologist.” And so far, I have been right every time. I’m not saying that to brag. I’m just pointing out that I’ve seen it.

Atrial fibrillation is a heavy thing to contend with, and that’s why I’ve given it some thought ahead of time- when I’m not under pressure. And again, I hope very much that I never have to contend with it, and I hope the same for you.   


I wouldn’t either, especially since I’ve never been sick for a whole month in my entire life.  But, this vaccinated fool is sure that, as bad as it went for him, that it would have been much worse for him had he not been vaccinated.

But wait: that is ridiculous. Because: long before there were any Covid vaccines, there were people who got mild cases of it. How mild? There were cases in which people who got no symptoms at all.

But, after getting vaccinated against Covid, this guy gets sick with it for a whole month and is bedridden, and he thinks he has the vaccine to thank for something.

And this guy has to be young too because he mentioned that his father is 67, which is 3 years younger than I am.

And he didn’t mention having any respiratory symptoms at all. He did not mention coughing. Covidism is supposed to be a respiratory syndrome: Sudden Acute Respiratory Syndrome 2. So, we are supposed to believe that this virus can cause no respiratory developments at all OR it can damage your lungs so badly that you need a lung transplant. How do they account for this imponderable range of effects? It’s just a quirky little virus. You never where it’s going to go. You never know what it’s going to do.

So, what really was going on with him? Did he really even have Covid? That I can’t say, but the idea that the vaccine did him any good is just plain lunacy.

He even quoted a doctor who said, ““Even in fully vaccinated, asymptomatic individuals, they can have enough virus to transmit it,” said Dr. Robert Darnell, a physician-scientist at The Rockefeller University.

In any other walk of life, in any other field of endeavor, that finding would lead to the conclusion that the vaccine isn’t worth a shit. But because this concerns Medicine, and particularly because it concerns a vaccine (the Holy Grail of Medicine) that is a forbidden thought. It is so forbidden that they won’t even admit that their expectations for the vaccine were much higher. They can’t even admit that they’re disappointed.

We live in a world of mental submission, and it runs high and low. Whether you are some lowly reporter like this guy, or the Chair of some vaunted medical committee, you walk the walk, and you talk the talk.

“Virus: bad. Vaccine: good.” 


Israel is seeing the highest-ever number of Covid cases despite having over 80% of its population vaccinated. I don’t know how long this link will remain operative, but here it is:

And in case you missed it, this is not a situation in which more people are getting sick but the vaccine is preventing them from getting seriously ill. Plenty are getting seriously ill.

The number of patients on ventilators has climbed in the past ten days from 150 to 190, while the number of those on the more critical ECMO machines rose from 23 to 31, he said.

You know what a ventilator is, but ECMO stands for extracorporeal membrane oxygenation, where extracorporeal means “outside the body.” So, via a vein, your circulation is connected to this artificial lung that oxygenates your blood for you.  And they have a version that also pumps your blood for you- an extracorporeal heart. But, I presume that in this case, they are just using the extracorporeal lung.

They also have a “Green Pass” system in Israel whereby you have to prove that you’ve been vaccinated before you can enter public places, particularly for sports and entertainment.

But, there is something else we should consider and that is: are the vaccines not only failing to protect people but making them more vulnerable? I’m not the only one who is thinking that way. Here is a famed virologist who agrees:

Anyone who is honest and awake should be able to see that the Covid vaccines are a complete failure. As of the latest report, 63% of Americans have been vaccinated with at least one dose (and remember that J&J only has one dose). But, among older Americans (the most vulnerable), over 90% have been vaccinated. Yet, Covid hospitalizations are surging again all over the country.  

Look how the claims for the vaccine have continually shrank. It won’t prevent infection. It won’t prevent a high viral load. It won’t prevent clinical disease. And it won’t necessarily prevent severe death and death. But, if you do get severe disease and die, you’ll have the consolation of knowing that there was less chance of it, thanks to the vaccine, not that it did you any good.

Here is an amazing admission that the vaccines don’t work- and if we were talking about anything else in life but vaccines, no one would see it this way.

Candace Ayers, age 66, who was fully vaccinated and practicing all the safe precautions went to visit a friend in Mississippi who was unvaccinated. And on the way home, she started to get sick with fatigue, joint pains, and cough. The family presumes she got it from the unvaccinated friend, but that should have led to getting the friend tested. Right? That happened to a man I know in Ohio. He and his wife were doing everything by the book, including getting vaccinated. They were even having their groceries delivered to avoid contact with people. But, he ended up meeting this unvaccinated friend in a restaurant, and he presumed he got it from the friend. But, the friend got tested and told him “No, I’m negative.” So, that simply left him not knowing how he got it. And the same may be true in this case. 

But, Candace, she had longstanding, severe rheumatoid arthritis, and her immune system was compromised. I know what that means. It means she was taking powerful immune-suppressive drugs. She went to the hospital within a week of getting sick, and just a few days after that, they convinced her to let them ventilate her. It seems like the death rate among the ventilated would dissuade anyone from permitting it.  But, she did, and three weeks later, she was dead.

But then, in her obituary, her sister blamed her death on the unvaccinated- even though the vaccine did not save her. But, this is absurd because it’s widely admitted that the vaccine does not prevent infection; it does not result in a smaller viral load; and the vaccinated can transmit Covid as readily as the unvaccinated. 

"Candace Ayers, 66, of Springfield, passed away on September 3, 2021, at St. John's Hospital in Springfield, IL. She was preceded in death by more than 4,531,799 others infected with Covid-19. She was vaccinated by was infected by others who chose not to be. The cost was her life.”

Note that other versions of the story attributed her infection to the unvaccinated friend she visited, but now it refers to unspecified others. So, did they contact the friend, and did they find out that she was tested and found not to be infected?

But again, since the vaccinated can transmit the virus as easily as the unvaccinated, none of this matters.

What will it take for people to realize that the vaccine is worthless? Since it’s admitted that it doesn’t prevent infection, and it doesn’t stop transmission, and all that’s left is a claim about reduced severity, what value is there in that upon hearing that fully vaccinated people like Candace Ayers still die? Is there supposed to be a consolation knowing that the group that Candace was in had a lower death rate?  And listen: her being dead is something you can wrap your head around. Dead is dead. But her being within a group that has a lower death rate is a statistic. That’s very different. Statistics can be manipulated. Statistics can be fabricated. Statistics can be used to tell lies. But, she, a vaccinated person, wound up dead. That is a pure fact. That is cold stark reality staring you in the face.

Certainly the outcome of the vaccines is dismal compared to the expectations. Isn’t it true that people believed that we were all going to get vaccinated, and then life would get back to normal, and it would be chalked up as another glorious victory for Medical Science?

It isn’t science. The vaccine isn’t science, and the interpretation of the results of it isn’t science. It is religion. Pseudo-scientific, medical religion.   



A woman in her 40s from New York contacted me about getting Covid. She had developed a hacking, dry cough and sore throat. No fever. No dyspnea. No loss of taste or smell. But, she had a Covid test and it was positive. So, she was told to quarantine. I don’t know if she was given any drugs. But it persisted, and then she went to an ENT. And he told her that what she had was laryngeal reflux. In some people, when they get acid reflux, instead of giving them heartburn, the acid rises up to their throat and does the damage there. So, he put her on Nexium, and it all cleared up. She asked him: What about the positive Covid test? And he bravely and wisely told her that it was probably a false positive. And it’s rather forbidden in Medicine to say that. The official dogma goes that there are no false positives; only false negatives.

Now, keep in mind that I do not approve of the Nexium. I do not consider it the right way to deal with the problem of acid reflux, and she is just creating other problems for herself by taking it. She could take the orange gels that have the D-limonene from orange peels. She could also take mastic gum and deglycerrated licorice. A lot of the damage happens at night, so she could raise the head of her bed.

But, she has undoubtedly gone down in the books as a Covid case. How many cases are there like hers? Probably millions.

And by the way, she went back to the original doctor and told him what happened. And he still wouldn’t question the accuracy of the test. He said that maybe she was an asymptomatic Covid case who simultaneously developed the acid problem.

Well, I’ve got news for him. Maybe the cases that do involve respiratory symptoms are asymptomatic Covid cases among people who got the flu. You see? Two can play that game.

What we are dealing with is an unprecedented phenomenon, in which supposedly a disease can manifest across a range that goes from no symptoms at all to death. They actually admit that a large percentage of people, reported as high as 40 precent, don’t get any symptoms at all from Covid, whereas others get severely sick and die. And there really is no accounting for it. Why did Donald Trump, an older man in his 70s who was clinically obese, get Covid and get over it in 3 days when he was in a high risk group?

Why are so many people with Covid, or at least who think they have Covid, going to the hospital?  Why don’t they consider the fact that practically everyone who dies of Covid dies in the hospital? It’s at the hospital where people who are conscious and not struggling to breathe are talked into going on deadly ventilators. “I really think you should go on the ventilator for a few days, Mr. Jones, and give your lungs a rest.” “OK, whatever you say, Doc.”

People are going to the hospital because they are panicking, and they are probably making their breathing worse by panicking. We are in the midst of a national panic, fueled by deluded doctors.


Dr. Mike Hansen invited a friend of his, his best friend, who is also a physician, Dr. Hisbay Ali, on his program. Dr. Ali is a psychiatrist, and he got Covid last March, a mild case of it. He recovered without any lingering effects. Then he got both doses of the Moderna vaccine.  And then he got Covid again and much worse, and that's what they discussed. They assumed to know it was the Delta variant that he got, but that was just them being parrots.  

Dr. Ali emphasized that he is normally a very healthy guy, a runner, but this really knocked him out. It was the first time in his life he ever had a lung issue. (he looks to be in his late 30s)  He said he knew how he got it, that he was out in Las Vegas attending a Led Zeppelin tribute concert, which was packed solid, like sardines in a can, and no one was wearing masks, so he thinks he got a heavy viral load.  But wait: he knew that beforehand, didn’t he? We assume that a large crowd of unmasked people, whether they are bikers or partiers, means a heavy viral load, right? So, why did he go to such an event? It's because he presumed that the vaccine that he took had him covered. 

But, he got really sick and was down for 14 days. And it was bad. He said it felt like someone threw acid in his lungs. He couldn’t breathe. He said that his oxygen level fell to 95%, which is not very low, but it’s a meaningful drop. And it affected him. He couldn’t walk up a flight of stairs, and previously, he could run 10 miles.

Dr. Hansen pointed out that since he had had Covid already and then got the vaccine that his antibodies should have been through the roof. But, what exactly is he thinking? Does he think that Dr. Ali had the antibodies, but they just didn’t work? Or does he think that despite getting Covid and the vaccine that his body just didn’t make the antibodies? 

Then Dr. Hansen said that some people would say that the vaccine didn’t work, but he said that its just the opposite, because without the vaccine, Dr. Ali probably would have been super-sick, needing hospitalization, and he could have died or developed long Covid. Wow. That is an amazing assumption. It is just a choice he is making to look at it that way. I say we put the medico-religion aside and try to think clearly. The man took the vaccine to avoid getting Covid. He even went to Las Vegas thinking he had nothing to worry about. Surely, he assumed that taking the vaccine would prevent him from getting sick. But, it didn’t. An honest appraisal of the facts would surely conclude that the vaccine didn’t work for him. But no, the two doctors are willing to assume that he probably would have gotten much sicker or died without the vaccine.

They have no way of knowing that. It is just an assumption, and the truth may be the exact opposite. But, there is no doubt that they are engaging in rationalization.

Rationalization is a psychological defense mechanism in which unpleasant results are explained in a seemingly rational manner but without any solid basis in fact. That is what they’re doing, and they don't stop. 

I presume Dr. Ali wasn’t around anyone who was visibly sick at the concert. So, he must have gotten it from an asymptomatic carrier or many, right?  But, why didn’t they get sick? Well, let’s find out if they were vaccinated because if they were vaccinated, we have to assume that the vaccine protected them. Then, why didn't it protect Dr. Ali? And if they weren’t vaccinated, then we have to say that that’s just the nature of Covid that some people get symptoms and others don’t. But, Dr. Ali is relatively young (30s); healthy (runs over 100 miles a month); plus, being a physician and an athlete, he is presumably cognizant of nutrition and other good health practices. So, why couldn’t he handle it as well as the partiers? Or, maybe we should assume that the person or persons who gave Covid to Dr. Ali also got sick themselves. But, that would just be a presumption too. We have no way of knowing that, and you can't just help yourself to whatever mental shit you want.  The bottom line is that they have a medical paradigm to defend, and they’ll defend it to their last breath because they believe in it like a God-damn religion.    

I can guarantee you that if Dr. Ali had gotten even sicker and came close to death, Dr. Hansen would be saying “If not for the vaccine, you would have died; there is no doubt about it.” The only thing that Dr. Hansen can’t rationalize is death itself. But wait; maybe he can. If a person takes the vaccine but still gets Covid and dies from it, will Dr. Hansen admit then that the vaccine failed? No! He is still going to have a retort. He’s going to say that that person was part of a group that had fewer deaths than a comparable group of unvaccinated people, therefore even with death, the vaccine was still a success.  

Dr. Hansen went on to say that none of the vaccinated Covid patients he’s seen in the hospital have died. But, that’s an admission that he’s seen quite a few vaccinated people hospitalized for Covid because if it was just one or two, it wouldn’t have any significance. The whole claim is based on the size of the number. So, of all the vast number of vaccinated, hospitalized Covid patients he’s seen, none have died, so far. But, we are not living in a bubble of Dr. Hansen’s world. Here is a report that says 1000 fully vaccinated Covid patients died in England.

Here’s a report from last month about 7 fully vaccinated people who died from Covid in a two week period in Florida.

And here’s a report out of Massachusetts where it’s running about 125 fully vaccinated people a week dying of Covid.

Then, Drs. Hansen and Ali had the nerve to bring up Israel, the most vaccinated country in the world, where the breakthrough cases have been so numerous, they’ve launched a booster program.

Dr. Ali, in defending the vaccine, said that during his illness, there were times that he thought he was going to die, and that thought is more scary than getting the vaccine. BUT, HE DID GET THE VACCINE!

Then, he said that his girlfriend, whom he lives with, didn’t get it from him because she’s vaccinated. So, why did he get it? Because: he was infected by probably 100 infected people at that concert (a number he just pulled out of his ass).

Then, they reveled in the extended lifespans due to Modern Medicine.  But, whenever doctors go on strike, the death rate drops.

There is a ton written on this, and the usual retort is to say that normally there are a lot of “elective” procedures done, which don’t happen during a doctor strike, and that’s why the death rate goes down during a strike. Is that supposed to be reassuring?

Finally, they settled on the term of “science” which they equate with Medicine. But, they are not the same. Science is the acquisition of knowledge about nature and the world through systematic observation and experimentation. It doesn’t mean that everyone who professes to be a scientist draws valid conclusions. There can easily be the trappings of science but still a lot of prejudice, bias, and indoctrination that undermines it. Why hasn’t Medicine done double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of the flu vaccine? I know the excuse they give for not doing it for childhood vaccines, which is that, that it would be unethical to deny any child the vaccines.  But, with the flu vaccine, they could limit it to adults, and many adults don't get the flu vaccine anyway. But, if you offered to pay them, they'd participate in the experiment. So, it could easily be done, and there are no children or ethical issues involved, yet, they still won’t do it. And this they call science.  Here’s the discussion by Drs. Hansen and Ali.











Even if we were to accept all the claims that are made for the Covid vaccines, they can’t possibly eradicate Covid.  That’s because it’s widely admitted that the vaccines do not prevent infection. They also do not prevent a person from becoming clinically ill. All they are claiming now is that they lower the risk of severe illness and death.

But, if a person dies, they can no longer be a risk to anyone. However, if they live, there is always the chance that they can get sick again and continue spreading the disease.

There is no claim that the vaccines prevent you from becoming a carrier and spreader of the Covid virus.  Therefore, there is no basis to claim that widespread vaccination, even universal vaccination, will end the Covid pandemic.

And what makes the picture worse is that the vaccines were designed to fight the original virus, not the variants. A day ago, they announced that a new variant from Columbia has reached the U.S., the Mu variant, which has the capacity for “immune escape.” A couple days before that, on August 31, an alert was issued about the C.1.2 variant from South Africa.

The Covid virus is said to be over 30,000 nucelotides long in its RNA. They don’t have an intact Covid virus. They have never had an intact Covid virus. So, how do you identify the genome of a virus that you’ve never had intact? They do it by finding what they call “target molecules” which they tag with “barcodes” and then they amplify them with the PCR test. Then they analyze the resulting DNA with computers. The take-home message is that they don’t put a whole virus under a microscope and see how it’s sequenced from beginning to end. It’s nothing close to that. And to me, it is amazing that they can claim to know what something is made of- from beginning to end- without ever having seen it.  

I know that most people would say that it’s because science is so amazing. But, is it really science?

But, let’s go back to the vaccines that can’t keep you from getting infected or getting sick, but supposedly, lower your risk of getting seriously ill. NOBODY CAN SAY THAT THE VACCINES PREVENT YOU FROM GETTING SERIOUSLY ILL. And that’s because plenty of fully vaccinated people have gotten seriously ill and some have died. So, the entirety of the claim of benefit is that it lowers your risk of serious illness and death.  

But, let’s consider that if you don’t get seriously ill, it’s because your body has marshalled a defense against the virus. And, if you don’t get sick at all, it’s because your body has marshalled a defense against the virus. We are talking about the same thing. So, how is it possible that the vaccine could be so bad at preventing infection but so good at preventing serious illness?  (And again I want to reiterate that fully vaccinated people have died.)

So, there is no guarantee of ANY benefit from the vaccine. If you die of Covid after taking it, then obviously, it didn’t help you. You got no benefit.

My point is that it makes no sense that the vaccine “works” once you get infected, but it can do nothing for you at the start. And remember that, theoretically, you got Covid because one person breathed on you. So, whatever amount of virus was present in his or her breath, that’s what hit your nasal mucosa. Now, supposedly, your body already has the antibodies which were made in response to the “spike protein” that was stimulated by the mRNA vaccine. So, why shouldn’t it work? Why should the virus be able to invade your cells and make them churn out more viruses by the billions, unimpeded by the antibodies, but then, at some point, the antibodies start kicking in against the much larger number of viruses that are now running rampant? And I assure you that if someone tries to spew a plausible explanation for that, they are just making it up.   

Let me point out that I am a full-blown anti-vaxxer. I only had one child, but I did not let them vaccinate him. And I mean not at all. And the result was that nothing bad happened, and he didn’t come down with any of the diseases.

But, the fact is that if they had tried to pitch the other vaccines this way, claiming that they won’t prevent infection but will lower the risk of serious infection, they never would have sold them. Just imagine: “Give your kid the polio vaccine. It won’t prevent polio, but he’ll get a milder case. He’ll only get a little paralyzed.”  

That would have gone over like a lead balloon. Up until now, every vaccine has been offered with the claim that it will “protect” you, as in, “keep you from getting infected.” This is the first time that a vaccine is being offered on the basis of reduced severity alone- and with no guarantee even of that. You can still get very, very sick, and you still can die, even with the “protection.”  They admit all that, yet they have the nerve to claim that you are rejecting “science” if you reject the vaccine.

But, maybe it has nothing to do with rejecting science. Maybe you just don’t like the odds. Maybe it’s just not that attractive an offer.

And keep in mind that this lousy offer is the best case scenario. If you get seriously ill after being vaccinated, they will quickly and adamantly make the claim, that if not for the vaccine, you would have died.

I put that exact reasoning to work in my latest film, The Pro Bono Watchman, in which an old man is following a father and daughter around because the father can’t be trusted with her. The old man doesn’t usually interact with the little girl, but one time he does. And she asks him why he is following them. He doesn’t want to tell her the truth. So, he tells her that he’s protecting her from the tigers. And when she points out to him that there are no tigers around there, he says, “You see how good a watchman I am?”

Look: if the vaccine was unable to prevent you from getting infected, and unable to prevent you from getting ill, and then unable to prevent you from getting seriously ill, how on Earth can they claim to know that it prevented you from dying?  There is no science in that. And even if they extrapolate from statistics (and remember what Mark Twain told us about lies, damn lies, and statistics) YOU, as a person who got vaccinated and then got seriously ill, have no reason to extrapolate it to you.  You know damn well that you didn’t take that vaccine expecting to get seriously ill, that every fiber of your being is screaming, “that effffin’ thing didn’t do jack shit for me.”

I’ll close this the way it began: there is no basis to think that the vaccines are going to end the pandemic. So, when is life going to get back to normal? It’s not. The pre-Covid world? It’s gone.


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