Jon Rappaport has an interesting post today concerning the Pfizer vaccine and all the hoopla about it. He pointed out that all they are testing for is mild sickness. They started with 43,538 healthy volunteers. Half got the vaccine, and half got placebo. Then they just waited. They figured some would get sick with Covid because "the virus is everywhere." 94 developed mild symptoms. Then, they opened the envelopes to see how many of them had received the vaccine, and 90% of them had not- implying that those that did were protected.

Jon's point is: What good is a vaccine that only protects against mild illness? I get it, but there is a bigger issue than that. First, what is the most distinguishing, defining characteristic of Covid? It's a positive Covid test! Nothing else. Yesterday, they told us that Covid patients can present with blood sugar disturbance. And mild symptoms can occur from the usual causes like colds and flu. I read the fine print, and they did not consider whether any of the test subjects became asymptomatic carriers over the course of the study. But, isn't that how Covid affects a lot of people? If they were going to go by mild symptoms, they should have taken it all the way down to no symptoms. And if a subject did develop symptoms, without a positive Covid test it means nothing.

So, they went about this all wrong. The positive test is what matters, not the symptoms.

Don't get me wrong: I think the test is bull shit. But, they believe in it, and that's what they have to go by because, according to them, Covid infection can exist with or without symptoms.

So, did they determine a negative Covid status in every subject at the outset? Obviously, they should have. And then, did they determine a positive Covid test result in those who developed symptoms? This is what it said: "Volunteers were tested for the virus only if they reported symptoms."

That is crap. The paradigm is that when Covid infects you the symptoms range from nothing to death and everything in-between. There is NO symptom that is pathognomonic for Covid. The only thing that is pathognomonic for Covid is a positive Covid test. So, they are going about this all wrong.

And it's especially true when you consider that it involved 43,538 people. It means that the effect that it had on 43,444 of those people is being ignored. Every single one of them should be tested for Covid positivity. This is crap. However, I also have a question for Jon Rappaport. Pfizer is saying that of the 94 people who developed mild symptoms, 90% did not receive the vaccine. How do we explain that? I mean: how do we explain it outside their paradigm of the vaccine protecting them? I don't claim to know. I can only speculate. Were there subtle design flaws? How did they determine who would get the vaccine and who would get the placebo? Was it random? And without any hitches? And since they were looking for mild acute symptoms like fever and coughing, is it possible that their vaccine has a suppressive effect? Again, I am just speculating. But, I still maintain that they went about this all wrong. What they should have done is taken their 43,538 subjects, made sure that they were Covid-negative starting out, and then determined if they registered a positive Covid test over time. That should have been the criteria. That way, they would be assessing the results in 43,538 people rather than a measly 94. What a travesty this is.


They say Trump has been campaigning 16 hours a day. Didn't he have Covid recently? Wasn't he in and out of the hospital in 3 days? And just think: he's in a high-risk group for serious Covid for being old (70s) and borderline obese. And yet, he sailed right through it. But, we're supposed to believe that a healthy, robust 18 year old athlete got hit with it, and it went straight to his heart and caused cardiac arrest, killing him.

What sense does that make? It makes no sense.. There isn't even a theoretical explanation for it, and they're pretty good at coming up with theoretical explanations. They love spewin' 'em.

And it looks like Trump isn't going to be a "long-hauler." Again, how are all these young people turning into long-haulers but not Trump? Well, I have been reading about the long-haulers, and I am seeing a similarity to other conditions, what I call basket conditions. I mean things like "Chronic Fatigue Syndrome" and "fibromyalgia."

Another example is Chronic Lyme Disease. I've encountered quite a few people who have been told they have that even though they've never been within 50 miles of a deer tick in their lives.

So, it looks like "long-haul Covid" is going to be the new basket disease of the 2020s.

Medicine loves labels, and they love coming up with new disorders. But, Covid is going to be like the Amazon River, collecting tributaries from most of South America, collecting so much water, that it pushes its plume 250 miles out into the Atlantic Ocean. Yes, Covid will be the Amazon of diseases.


The news has been all bad with reports of surging cases, increased hospitalizations, and rising death counts. Yet, the Covid attributions continue to shock me. For instance, there was an 18 year old male college student who tested negative repeatedly, but shortly before he died of sudden cardiac arrest, they said he tested positive for Covid. So, they assume his cardiac arrest was due to Covid. However, the tragic truth is that there were sudden deaths by cardiac arrest among college students, and particularly male athletes, long before there was Covid. So, what evidence is there that in his case it was caused by Covid? Is it just because of the positive Covid test? If so, that's crazy. 

And there is no good news on the vaccine front. One subject died, and they had to suspend the whole study. At least two other studies got suspended because of adverse effects among participants. There are, of course, great expectations about the vaccine, which is encouraged by government and media.  A lot of people see this ending with them announcing the availability of a vaccine; then everybody takes it; then, the pandemic is over and life goes back to normal. Well, that is a pipedream, and even Dr. Anthony Fauci says that people will still have to wear the masks after there is a vaccine.

Will the vaccine be safe and effective? Well, they are going to say that it is, but these are the same people who said that the air at Ground Zero was safe to breathe after 9/11.

As far as safety goes, they are going to test it for a number of weeks, perhaps 8 or 12, looking for adverse effects within that timeframe. However, we know that it can take longer than 12 weeks for the toxic effects of drugs or vaccines to manifest. All the toxic drugs that you can think of, such as thalidomide, appeared to be safe during their brief trials .So, you should know that, if you take the vaccine, you will be a guinea pig. 

Will the vaccine be effective? Well, the CDC, which is strongly biased in favor of the flu vaccine, has never claimed higher than 60% effectiveness for it. Last year, they claimed 37% effectiveness. That meant that for every 3 unvaccinated people who got the flu, 2 vaccinated people got it. It works except when it doesn't. Do you think it is going to be better for the Covid vaccine? Why?

If you are wondering when life is going to go back to normal, it may never. As long as they keep doing that PCR Covid test, people will continue to test positive for it. Animals have tested positive. Inanimate objects have tested positive. And as long as you run enough cycles, anyone and everyone will test positive.

It reminds me of the question: when are interest rates going to go back to normal? When I was young, you could get a passbook savings account that paid 5 percent interest. When is that coming back? It’s not. The debt of the U.S. government is so great, that if they had to pay anything close to normal interest rates, there would be a collapse. Every cent they take in would have to go to paying interest. They'd have nothing left for all the wars they love to wage. We are in a zero or near zero percent interest rate environment indefinitely. It is never going back to real interest rates. And likewise, there is no basis to think that going back to the pre-Covid world is even on the distant horizon. It seems like the good old days now though, doesn’t it?

Tonight, I read an article about the Covid long-haulers, and their symptoms run the gamut. They aren’t necessarily respiratory. They can be digestive, cardiac, cognitive, you name it. How a respiratory virus can do all that is inexplicable. What they are talking about is really unprecedented. And I dare say that there is no basis for anyone to have an understanding of it. I have yet to meet anyone who has had Covid. Everything I know about it is from what the Media tells me, and it is impossible for me to connect it to life as I know it and have always understood it.  

But, like everyone, I have to function in the Covid world. I wear the mask when I go shopping or to the post office. But any time I can get away with not wearing it, I don’t wear it. I do not insist on it in my home, and so far, no one who has visited me or stayed with me has had any desire to go around the house wearing a mask. Thank God. I hope you realize that I do consider it nonsense. I wear it only when I have to; when I am forced to by law.

I think the whole world has gone crazy, and I think the medical profession is at the core of the craziness. And I really, truly despise them for it- that life has come to this because of them.

And it's not for myself that I mourn. I'm 70 years old. I've lived most of my life. But, what about the kids who are being born into a Covid world? Just think: that is all they are going to know. 

And the only way I am going to take a Covid vaccine is if big strong men come and hold me down and jab a needle in my arm.  And they better be awfully big and awfully strong because I am going to fight like a mutha----.  

We see a lot of pictures of men and occasionally women showing off their rock-hard abs, where the abdominal wall is deeply muscled, tense and hard. This is supposed to be attractive and desirable. However, it makes me shutter, and that’s because I know more about the abdominal muscles and their function than they do.

The abdominal muscles have two main functions: to support the abdominal organs and to participate in respiration.

In regard to the first, the abdominal muscles support your organs against gravity and against the effect of various movements that you do. The abdominal muscles hold your organs in place. But, remember that these organs have movements of their own, that they are moving around inside your abdomen. So, although they need support, they also need freedom. You might say they need breathing room. And the conditions within your abdomen change a lot. At times, your stomach is just an empty sack. At other times, it’s a full sack. And when it’s full, there has to be an accommodation. So, you want the muscular wall in front to be well toned, for sure, but you also want it to be flexible and yielding.  Can it be too tight? You’re darn-tooting it can be too tight. You don’t want a 6-pack there; you want a well-toned trampoline. The trampoline is in front rather than below, but it’s still like a trampoline. You don’t want your organs to be encumbered and restricted by it. You don’t want a rigid wall there.

Regarding the second function, pertaining to respiration, the abdominal muscles contract when you expire. They help push the air out.  But then, at the end of expiration, when the next cycle is about to begin, the abdominal muscles have to relax. That’s because the diaphragm has to descend to create more space and a vacuum in the lungs. Remember that air is under pressure, and all it takes to get it to move into your lungs is to create a vacuum. You shouldn’t have to suck the air in. It should go in all by itself.

So, in the process of breathing, the abdominal muscles are alternately contracting and relaxing, contracting and relaxing, contracting and relaxing, over and over again, in an endless cycle until you take your last breath.  So, you want the abdominal muscles to be well toned, but you don’t want them to be overly tense and hard. You want a very easy, fluid, seamless transition between the two. An overly tense, rigid, and contracted abdominal wall is not going to support respiration as well as one that is toned, springy, resilient, with a quality of ease to it. You want support in your abdomen; but you also want ease.

So, it is possible to have too much of a good thing, and overly contracted and seemingly spasmodic abdominal muscles is definitely not something you should want or pursue.

So, work at staying in shape, but don’t get your freak on about it. In other words: DON’T BECOME A FREAK.


There is a lot written in the medical literature about the overdiagnosis and overtreatment of prostate cancer. Most prostate cancers are very slow-growing and remain confined to the prostate gland, and as a result, a man may go years or even decades without having clinical problems from it. And especially in the case of older men, the wisest course may be to just do nothing. And that is certainly my attitude. I am 70 years, and I don’t know if I have prostate cancer or not. I could. They say that if you live long enough that you’re likely to get it, that 90% of men who die over the age of 80 have some cancerous tissue in their prostate. But, as long as I am feeling good and have no pain and can pass my urine fine, I’m not that interested in finding out.

Treating prostate cancer is an industry, and it is self-propelling. However, the overtreatment is not entirely their fault because some men, upon being told they have prostate cancer, panic. They want it out. Cut it out, burn it out, get it out of me. They want aggressive treatment. They can’t stand the thought of doing nothing. They become obsessed with it. They can almost feel it growing inside them. But, it’s all in their mind.

The fact is that most of us have probably already had cancer. It starts with just one malignant cell. That doubles to 2, the two double to 4, the 4 to 8, etc. etc. but it takes a long time to reach significance, and before it does, the immune system may tackle it and get rid of it. Some of us may have already recovered from cancer several times in our lives, without ever knowing it. So, if I knew I had prostate cancer, I would not freak out about it, and I would not assume the worst.

However, I am very much in favor of a pro-active approach to prostate cancer. This involves lifestyle, diet and exercise.  For diet, it’s unrefined plant foods. I have to think that animal proteins stimulate growth within the prostate much more than plant proteins.  And there are studies showing reduced risk of prostate cancer from switching to plant proteins, such as nuts, seeds, and beans. And then there are the many anti-cancer compounds in fruits and vegetables. If you eat primarily or exclusively unrefined plant foods, you will not only lower your risk of getting prostate cancer, but you will greatly reduce your risk of developing aggressive prostate cancer. So, eating the right foods is priority number one.

Then, exercise is important because it relieves vascular congestion within the prostate. When you’re sitting a lot, a lot of people work sitting at computers and whatnot, blood tends to pool in the prostate. And that pooling of blood, that chronic vascular congestion, is conducive to morbid changes, including cancer. So getting up and running around, which drives blood from your core to your periphery, to your arms and legs, relieves that congestion, and helps keep the prostate healthy.  So, wring out your prostate with a good workout, and do it regularly.

Weight control is also important. Get lean and stay lean. Obesity is a major risk factor for aggressive prostate cancer. But, if you are eating whole natural plant foods and exercising, obesity is probably not going to be a problem.

But, more specifically than that, avoid having a pendulous abdomen. Don’t carry extra weight there. That’s because the prostate is the low man on the totem pole. The weight of everything else is weighing on it. And when that happens, it results in poor vascular drainage. And that results in a chronic torpid state of the gland.  And that encourages cancer.

So, stay light, stay lean, and stay active, and you’ll be treating your prostate gland properly.

There are many good prostate formulas that are meant to be taken preventively. I take one. I take the one that we sell called Prostathera. It is a very good product, although there are similar ones from other companies that are just as good. They usually contain botanicals like saw palmetto, pygeum, stinging nettle, plus nutrients like lycopene. And these ingredients have been shown to help mitigate benign prostatic enlargement, which is even more common than prostate cancer.

I want to finish this by discussing the role of sex in prostate cancer. Some men fear that having sex and ejaculating too frequently may stimulate prostate cancer. Obviously, during sex, your prostate does become engorged.  But, it is just as likely that having sex and orgasms too infrequently is a culprit.  There is no doubt that staying sexually active, with a relatively high rate of frequency, is healthy for men and in numerous ways. But, there’s a caveat, and it is: DON’T ALLOW YOURSELF TO BECOME AROUSED IF THERE ISN’T GOING TO BE A RELEASE.  There is a prostatic congestion that happens, and that congestion dissipates after orgasm and ejaculation.  But, if you get aroused without climaxing, then the congestion does not go away.  Eventually, it will, but it happens much more slowly.

I’m sure you’ve heard that chronic inflammation is a progenitor of cancer; that it leads to cancer. Well, engorgement of the prostate gland during sexual arousal isn’t exactly the same as inflammation, but, it has features in common with it. And you definitely want that engorgement to go away when you’re finished having sex. So, only let yourself get sexually aroused when you know it is a situation in which completion is going to occur. Otherwise, hold off, and don’t even get started. That’s my best advice. Don’t toy with your prostate.  



You know about the Covid outbreak in the White House, with the number of cases currently at 34 people. It’s quite incredible, if you think about it because it’s been widely reported that they have strict protocols there, with masks available to anyone who needs it, and sanitizer stations all around. A big deal has been made about Trump not wearing a mask during the announcement of his Supreme Court nominee, but let’s keep it in perspective. Right now, for instance, my movie His Stretch of Texas Ground is being shot in Texas, the sequel to my first movie, My Stretch of Texas Ground, and strict Covid protocols are being followed on the set. It’s masks, social distancing, temperature taking, hand sanitizing, etc. But, when it’s time for the actors to act, the masks come off, and they do whatever they have to do, whether hugging, kissing, fighting, or whatever. Then, once the scene wraps, the masks go back on.

But, getting back to the White House, remember that Trump, he’s not like you or me. He lives in cloistered environment. He doesn’t have to go to the supermarket to buy food, and he doesn’t have to go to Walmart to buy household supplies. So, his exposure to social closeness to the public is zero. I presume the idea is that his luck ran out at that Rose Garden gathering because there was a lady there who tested positive. But, when you think about the mathematical odds; the fact that he lives in a highly protected and controlled environment compared to the rest of us,  HOW ARE ANY OF US AVOIDING GETTING COVID IF HE GOT IT?

So, am I suggesting that he never really had it? I think it’s possible. He only had mild symptoms. He was only hospitalized for 3 days, even though he is in a high-risk group. I just don’t know what really happened to him. I don’t think there is anything they report that can be taken without suspicion.

But, we need to think about the future. Currently, there are great expectations that a vaccine will be available by the Spring, although some are pushing it to late Spring, like June. Then, presumably, everybody takes the vaccine; the vaccine works; and life goes back to normal. I hope you don’t believe that because I sure don’t.

What reason is there to think that a Covid vaccine will be any more effective than the flu vaccine? And the flu vaccine is not very effective, which even the CDC admits.

They claim that last year, the flu vaccine was 37% effective against Influenza-A. That would mean that for every 3 unvaccinated persons who got the flu, 2 vaccinated ones also got it.  By their own admission, the flu vaccine works except when it doesn’t.  They could very easily do double-blind, placebo-controlled studies of the flu vaccine, but they refuse. What reason is there to think that the Covid vaccine is going to be any more effective than the flu vaccine?

And think about how the flu is still with us despite the vaccine. The last flu season was one of the worst on record. And that’s true even though compliance rate was high. About 60% of adults took the shot. That was a very good year. Often, it’s only 40%.

And there is already talk about the Covid virus mutating. So, does that mean that the Covid vaccine, like the flu vaccine, is going to have to be a yearly ritual?

And let us not rule out the possibility of disaster from the Covid vaccine, as was true of the swine flu vaccine in 1976. Safety cannot be established in short trials, not for drugs and not for vaccines.  Think about all the medical drugs that have been taken off the market because of disastrous side effects. All of them passed short-term safety trials. If they find out the hard way that the vaccine is harmful, then what? They’ll probably try another one. Meanwhile, as long as they keep relying on the PCR test, there are always going to be people who test positive for Covid. Inanimate objects have tested positive for Covid.

So, when is life going to return to normal? It’s not. That’s my prediction. I really think this could go on for years and probably will. So, better get used to the Covid world in which we live because it’s not going away any time soon, and in all likelihood, life is never going to get back to normal. We have crossed the Rubicon with this, and there is no going back. 

A federal judge in Pennsylvania has ruled that the governor’s lockdown measures are unconstitutional, that certain lines can’t be crossed, that people have the right to assemble, to move freely, and earn a living. In Ohio, a lawsuit against the governor is underway that is citing not only Constitutional arguments but medical, scientific ones, demonstrating that the Covid PCR test, on which the claims about case loads, deaths, and epidemiology are based, is flaky. It is arbitrary. It is fraught with windows for error. And, if you run enough cycles, ANYBODY will test positive for Covid.

Then I learned something that is really disturbing. Do you recall that a few months ago, we were hearing voluminous tales about Covid-induced extreme hypoxemia, also called Happy Hypoxia? That’s because the patient wasn’t in distress. Remember how we were told that shortness of breath is a cardinal sign of Covid? It turns out that that’s not true. Many patients have no shortness of breath at all. Quite a few have no respiratory symptoms at all. But, doctors were reporting frighteningly low oxygen levels, like in the 70s. Normal is 98 or 99. And yet, these people were moving around freely, talking normally, and showing no signs of distress. Yet, a doctor talked them into undergoing anesthesia; then being drugged to paralyze their muscles; and then having a ventilator installed to breathe for them. THAT’S IN A PERSON WHO WAS NOT IN DISTRESS. So, what was going on? It turns out that those pulse oximeters aren’t very accurate, that at low readings, they can go haywire and give bogus readings. They are admitting that now.

Fact: They killed untold thousands of people with those ventilators. It wasn’t Covid that killed those patients; it was Medicine.

The federal government announced that they would pay for Covid patients, even if they had no insurance. They set $13,000 as the payout for hospital treatment, but if you included ventilating the patient, you got $39,000. And this was at a time when hospitals were losing millions from the loss of elective procedures. Hence, the pressure to err on the side of ventilating.  In a doubtful state, ventilate.

We now know that the death rate from Covid is a tiny fraction of 1%, and that’s even when you include all the people who died not from Covid, but with Covid.  And remember that what Covid is, at its essence, is a positive Covid test and nothing more. It is also admitted now that 40 to 45 percent of Covid sufferers suffer no symptoms at all.  On what basis then can you declare that those people are sick? It’s just a test, for Goodness sake. A man-made test. Moses didn’t bring it down from Mt. Sinai.

And now for the big lie. The media has been saying that asymptomatic positives have lungs that look as bad as those with symptoms. THAT IS IMPOSSIBLE! They would have symptoms if their lungs were that bad. It’s not as though there is no association between symptoms and pathological tissue changes. The two go together.

Rising case numbers are due to increased testing. The vast majority of positive testers have either no symptoms or extremely mild symptoms. I heard a guy on television say that he had a mild sore throat for a couple days, but he still had to quarantine for 14 days. A relative of mine who is away at college had a fever for about 24 hours, and that’s it. But, her Covid test was positive, so she had to quarantine for 14 days too, which in her case meant being confined to her dorm room. When you consider everything, including the fact that the test they are relying on to declare these cases Covid is flaky as hell; the inventor of it even said it cannot be used for this purpose; and very simple steps can easily demonstrate how unreliable it is.  For instance, all you have to do is repeat it. If you get a positive Covid test, just have it repeated at another lab. It will probably come back negative.

What is going on is insane. Now, they are once again pushing the flu vaccine, even though its track record absolutely stinks. It will protect you--unless it doesn’t. They refuse to do double-blind/placebo controlled-testing of the flu vaccine- even though they very easily could. And there really is no excuse that they don’t.

They have already had to halt one of the Covid vaccine trials because of adverse effects. And be aware that it often takes longer than the test period for the deleterious effects of drugs to manifest. If you think about all the drugs that have been taken off the market because of adverse effects, including lethal ones, they all went through and passed drug trials in order to get on the market. The truth is that the public at large- the ones who start taking new drugs- are the real guinea pigs.

I am much more fearful of Medicine than I am of Covid.  And I’m 70 years old.

Wheat is certainly a food that people love to hate, especially on the internet. For sure, there are people with gluten-sensitive enteropathy or celiac disease who cannot eat wheat, period. They must avoid it. But what about others?

There’s a growing trend to adopt the view that wheat is bad for everyone, that it hurts some people more than others, but it hurts everyone.

Well, if that’s true, then there has either been a change in people or a change in the wheat because there have been cultures that relied on wheat heavily. For instance, the Roman legions conquered the world on a diet that centered on wheat and barley. Wheat was the mainstay of the diet of the slaves who built the Egyptian pyramids.

For sure, no one has to eat wheat. There is no nutrient in wheat that cannot be obtained from other foods.

Besides the gluten, there is concern about the phytic acid in wheat which binds minerals. But, that’s less of a problem when wheat is leavened, allowed to rise, as in leavened bread. But, not all the wheat people eat is leavened, for instance, there is pasta and also wheat cereals. And, eating Vitamin C-rich vegetables with wheat neutralizes the phytic acid to a great extent. 

If you consider the history of wheat, you know it’s a grass and it was originally grown to make grass for grazing animals. Yes, cows can graze on wheat grass, and they love it, and I have seen them do it. I used to live in a small Texas town that was agricultural, but mostly towards raising cattle. And in the winter, they would grow wheat and rye as winter grasses for the cows. It was quite a sight to be driving through dormant winter landscape and then come upon an emerald green field of lush winter wheatgrass, a green sea of it in the dead of winter. It was amazing. 

So, wheat was cultivated, at first, to feed animals, but then, perhaps at a time of deprivation, they figured out how to make the stuff consumable by humans, and bread was born.

So, wheat is certainly not a primordial food for humans, like fruits and nuts. It’s a makeshift food.

So, what should we do with it? Why are we even talking about it? Throw the damn stuff out. 

Well, the thing is: some of us do enjoy some good hearty whole grain bread, which is going to be made with wheat or mostly wheat. And I admit that I enjoy good whole grain bread. With some tasty avocado and some vine-ripened tomatoes and red pepper, those sandwiches are delicious. 

So, I sometimes do eat such bread. But, I’ll add that I went ahead and did the antibody test for gluten sensitivity, and it came back negative. And, I really wasn't surprised because eating wheat never seemed to bother me.

But, there is another consideration, and that is that some people gain weight very easily if they eat bread- even whole grain bread. So, I recommend no bread to those who are struggling to lose weight.

But, I think it’s important to keep one’s perspective about this because whole wheat is a whole, natural, plant food (assuming it’s non-GMO and preferably organic). And as a whole, natural plant food, it does contain a host of nutrients and a lot of accessory chemicals collectively called phytonutrients, including antioxidants, plus plenty of fiber.   

I have to believe that whole wheat is non-atherogenic, non-diabetogenic, and non-cancer causing. And heart disease, cancer, and diabetes are still the three biggest killers. Unless you get some unusual disease, heart disease, cancer, or diabetes are the most likely way you are going to die.  So, if whole wheat is on the right side of those 3 diseases, it’s worth noting.

So, the bottom line for me is that some people should avoid wheat completely, and nobody should eat it wily-nily. And basically, the less of it you eat, the better. However, so long as you aren’t allergic to it, and assuming you don’t have a weight problem, if a little whole wheat bread is the worst thing you ever eat, you are likely to live a long time. There are a lot worse things you could be eating.  



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